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Legend of Lake Toba and Samosir Island, Indonesian North Sumatra Folklore

Indonesian North Sumatra Folklore

By mr.XPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

The legend of Lake Toba is a story passed down from generation to generation that is believed by the Indonesian people, the Batak tribe who live in the area around Lake Toba. As is known, Lake Toba is located in the North Sumatra province of Indonesia. History records that this lake was formed from a super volcanic eruption.

Lake Toba is the largest lake in North Sumatra, even in Indonesia. This lake is quite unique because in the middle there is an island called Samosir Island. The beauty of Lake Toba makes it a favorite tourist destination in Indonesia today. Of course it is interesting to know the legend about the origin of Lake Toba.

The legend of Lake Toba tells the story of a young man named Toba who lived with his wife and child. His wife was a beautiful woman who was the incarnation of a large gold fish with beautiful and shiny scales.

Legend of Lake Toba Indonesia (Pixabay)

The legend of Lake Toba tells the story of an orphaned young man named Toba. Toba is a field farmer, who sometimes fishes in the river near his house to sell at the market. One day, he fished in the river and not long after, the hook of his fishing rod was eaten by a fish. He lifted it and sure enough, Toba caught a large gold fish. Toba took him home.

When he got home, suddenly the fish he brought turned into a beautiful woman and said, "Sir, I am someone who has been cursed by God for breaking the rules. I will change into anything when someone touches me. Please sir, give me a place to stay.”

Toba, who was still stunned, agreed to the beautiful woman's request for help. They got to know each other and finally Toba fell in love with her. Toba married this beautiful woman and she officially became Toba's wife.

Legend of Lake Toba Indonesia (Photo by leo Sagala Unsplash)

They spent their days happily. One day, the wife became pregnant. She also conveyed her pregnancy to Toba, her husband. The wife also put forward conditions to Toba and Toba had to comply with these conditions.

This condition is that whatever happens when their child is born, Toba must not even call their child a fish child. No matter how angry Toba is with his child, he cannot scold his child by mentioning his mother's origins.

Toba agreed to these terms. One day, the child was born. It turned out that the wife gave birth to a boy. Toba was very happy with the birth of his first child. Toba also gave his son the name Samosir.

Samosir grew up to be a healthy child. It's just that unfortunately, Samosir is a little lazy. Even when asked by his mother to deliver food to his father's field, Samosir often refused.

Until one day, Samosir was forced by his mother to deliver lunch to his father. With a lazy face and walking reluctantly, he went to the fields. It's just that on the way, Samosir felt very hungry and he decided to stop for a moment to eat the provisions he had brought. In fact, the provisions were for the father.

Samosir did not finish the provisions. He still left a little for his father. Then when he arrived at the field, Samosir gave the remaining provisions to his father.

Legend of Lake Toba Indonesia (Photo by leo Sagala Unsplash)

Toba, who was tired from working since morning and felt very hungry, finally opened the provisions that Samosir had brought. How shocked and angry Toba was when he saw that his lunch was just leftovers and little food.

Samosir also explained that on the way to the fields, he felt very hungry so he decided to eat his father's provisions. Toba, who was hungry and couldn't control his emotions, finally got angry at Samosir and said, "You little fish!"

Samosir, who heard Toba's words, was very surprised by his father's words. He ran home crying. When he got home, Samosir told him about what his father had said to him.

Knowing that her husband had violated his wife's rules or conditions before her child was born, Toba's wife felt very, very sad and disappointed. A few moments later, Samosir and his mother disappeared. Not long after, heavy rain poured down on their village until the entire area was submerged in terrible floods, forming a lake which is now known as Lake Toba.

In the middle of the lake there is a large island called Samosir Island, which is believed to be the place where Samosir and his mother disappeared. In this lake it is also believed that the miraculous gold fish lives, which is the incarnation of Toba's wife.

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