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Zende should be held accountable for his actions on The Bold and the Beautiful

Rj's cousin did not do right by him and this needs to be addresssed.

By Cheryl E PrestonPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

The B&B elephant in the room must be addressed

On The Bold and the Beautiful, the focus on Poppy's Nozawa ( Romy Parks) mints leading to Luna Nozawa ( Lisa Yamada) sleeping with Zende Dominguez Forrester (Delon de Metz) is taking center stage. In the process, it has been overshadowing a very important piece to this puzzle. Luna is outraged that her mother is doing drugs and shocked that she cheated on RJ Forrester (Joshua Hoffman) because of Poppy's mints.

Zende had been dating Paris Buckingham (Diamond White) who disappeared without a trace. No one mentions her and the status of their relationship was never addressed. de Metz's character began lusting after Luna as if Paris meant nothing to him and now he has slept with her.

Zende keeps insisting that the sex was consensual and Luna agrees but there is a problem. Poppy's drugs and Luna's shame are keeping an important factor from coming to light. While Luna was not fully aware of her actions and was hallucinating Zende was not. He knew that Luna and his RJ were dating and were in love and slept with his cousin's girlfriend anyway.

Zende should be called out for his behavior

No one has called him on his actions but if Luna tells RJ the truth he will probably punch his adopted relative in the face. Zende willingly and knowingly was intimate with a woman that he knew loved someone else. He mentioned to Luna that he had envisioned theri first time as if RJ was not a factor. Zende could have told Luna to get out of his bed or said he would not betray RJ. but he did neither and now he must face the consequences.

Instead, his desire to one-up his cuz kicked into high gear. It's clear that he does truly care for Luna but she is not in love with him. It's got to hurt to hear her say over and over that she was seeing RJ's face so Zende has mixed emotions at this time. It's not clear yet how this will work out but there is a possibility that RJ will distance himself from the woman he loves. If he does Zende might be the shoulder she leans on.

Could Luna eventually choose RJ's cousin?

Soaps have a way of using flashbacks and Luna might recall her passionate night with Zende. She might even remember that at some point during their time together she knew it was him. However, this works out, Zende was wrong because he was thinking with a clear head. He was naive, however, to believe Luna would leave RJ at the party and turn to him so quickly.

Zende could have suspected something was not right with Luna and even if he didn't he should not have disrespected RJ this way. There is going to be trouble between the cousins once the truth is made known and other family members will weigh in as well. This situation will get a lot worse before it gets better and Luna will be a mess.

She was a virgin and waited for RJ to be her first and now after only one night or perhaps a few with him, she has given her body to someone else. Zende said she was free and uninhibited and he thought she was expressing her desire to be with him. At some point, Eric Forrester (John McCook) and others will find out what happened and someone should call Zende on his bad behavior. Keep tuning in to The Bold and the Beautiful to find out what happens next.


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