Will Lady Deathstrike Join the Reavers In Logan?

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Will Lady Deathstrike—a cyborg with a deep grudge against Wolverine—take on the task of leading the Reavers?

Will Lady Deathstrike Join the Reavers In Logan?

As the announcements surrounding Logan keep pouring in, the one of most interest is that of the Reavers being confirmed for an appearance; this announcement comes shortly after both Donald Pierce and Caliban were confirmed for parts in the film as well. With these announcements, the central cast of Logan is becoming much more transparent. Regardless, there's still a lot we don't know about the film.

Reaver image from Logan.

All of these individual announcements don't mean anything to the plot of Logan when looked at separately, but when considering the main villain is Donald Pierce, the connection he shares with all these supporting characters in the comics adds some context to their unexplained roles.

In Marvel Comics, Pierce assembles the Reavers, a team of cyborgs on the hunt for Wolverine, including several mercenaries and a few individuals who had their grudge to settle with Wolverine. They were sent to kill him but wound up like most of Logan's past adversaries: torn to pieces.

After being reassembled by Pierce, he presented Lady Deathstrike — a cyborg with a deep grudge against Wolverine — the task of leading the Reavers. Lady Deathstrike gladly took Pierce's offer.

Lady Deathstrike and the Reavers.

Lady Deathstrike and the Reavers set out to make Wolverine pay, which she did in a manner that caused him an enormous amount of pain: bombarding him with militarized weapons and explosives, leaving him agonized and incapacitated.

Lady Deathstrike Could Make Another Cinematic Appearance

Aside from the Marvel Comics version of Lady Deathstrike, the character has also appeared in the animated X-Men television series from 1992 and a few other animated features, including the X2: X-Men United cinematic feature. Deathstrike's role in X2: X-Men United was quite limited and didn't explore the character at all, which disappointed fans who expected to see a loyal depiction.

With that in mind, a better depiction of Lady Deathstrike character might show up in Logan as a lieutenant to Donald Pierce's team of cyborgs, the Reavers.

When considering who Pierce might recruit as his lieutenant for the Reavers, it's very possible that he'd put Lady Deathstrike into the position. She has all the right weapons to use in a fight with Wolverine — her adamantium claws will match Wolverine's equally — but it'll be her undying hatred for Wolverine that'll make her a very dangerous foe for Wolverine to face off with. For a more in-detailed description of Lady Deathstrike, let's take a look at her Marvel comics' origins.

Lady Deathstrike's Comic Origins

In Marvel Comics, Lady Deathstrike was formerly known as Yuriko Oyama before the mutant Spiral used a special machine to attach cyborg components to Yuriko's body. At the same time, the procedure gave her adamantium claws to combat Wolverine's claws. Yuriko a.k.a. Lady Deathstrike held some very strong resentment for Wolverine, after he inadvertently ruined her life (of course that's never the whole story when it comes to love and war, which was the center of the conflict between the two).

After several failed attempts at killing Wolverine, Lady Deathstrike ditched Spiral and allied with Donald Pierce. She and the Reavers then went after Wolverine, but they never succeeded in killing him. Lady Deathstrike and her Reaver comrades did, however, manage to cause Wolverine a considerable amount of pain by bombarding him with enough explosives to leave his lower torso barren.

Will Wolverine's Biggest Foe in 'Logan' Turn out to Be Lady Deathstrike?

Considering that the Logan announcement that the Reavers would indeed have a part in the film, it substantially increases the possibility of Lady Deathstrike showing up alongside Donald Pierce. She plays a pivotal role on the Reaver team in the comics, which makes her the ideal candidate when considering a leader for the team in the Logan film.

Until more announcements for Logan are made, we'll just have to theorize on how Lady Deathstrike might be envisioned for the film. For all we know, Donald Pierce might be the one responsible for capturing Yuriko and turning her into a Reaver. That in itself would be difficult for Wolverine to emotionally come to grips with and handle if the situation arises. Having to witness yet another love interest become a weapon would even break the psyche of the indestructible Wolverine, especially after the countless losses he's already endured. Another loss just might break him completely.

Either way, a Wolverine story line with so many elements integrated from the comics, but without Lady Deathstrike, would surely disappoint fans in the scenario of a Reaver team being assembled.

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