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Which Never Have I Ever Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac?

by Svetlana Sterlin 3 months ago in list
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Season 3 of Netflix's Never Have I Ever is coming in August 2022. Season 2 introduced a few new characters to the core group. Even as they evolve, their key traits remain consistent with the zodiac signs.

The second season of Netflix's teen comedy Never Have I Ever introduces a few new characters to the cast. The quirky group becomes even more fun with the addition of these new personalities, and the fresh drama helps Devi and her friends grow. However, it seems that Devi is the one character who is reluctant to change.

Even as the other characters evolve, their personalities remain constant. They're old enough that their traits are consistent. Rather than determine who they are, these markers guide their decisions. Even so, Devi's personality is well-formed and easy to distinguish, just like the other characters'.

12. Aries - Ben

Like a true Aries, Ben loves being number one. He's always striving for success, whether it be in an academic setting or a social one. For all his passive-aggressive scheming, Ben has a cheerful disposition and a relatively positive outlook on life, which is typical of this zodiac sign.

Even though he and Devi seem similar in many ways, Ben doesn't often get angry or aggressive, unless he's doing it as a joke - or to make Devi feel bad. His passion and motivation set him apart from the rest of his peers, and he's usually the first to dive head-first into a challenge. Like Devi, he's relentless and selfish, but as an Aries, he has a more upbeat, playful temperament.

11. Taurus - Devi

When something needs doing, Devi is sure to be the one to do it. There's no line Devi won't cross when she wants something, even if it means sneaking onto the roof of her mom's colleague and possible love interest to spy on them. No challenge is too big for a Taurus, and Devi has lived up to this zodiac's reputation on many occasions, beginning with her coyote encounter.

Despite the constant setbacks Devi faces, she never gives up. While tenacity and resilience are admirable Taurus qualities, Devi's stubbornness can be a weakness, especially in her romantic relationships. In season 2, she gets greedy and tries to be with Ben and Paxton simultaneously, without telling them about each other.

10. Gemini - Eleanor

As an actress, Eleanor is one of the most adaptable characters in the series. Sometimes she takes this too far, like when she starts dating a celebrity in season 2. She's quick to blow off her friends and stick by his side as if he's just another trend she's into at that moment. Eleanor is quick to learn from her mistakes, though, and it's typical of a Gemini to be a little irresponsible sometimes.

Eleanor also displays Gemini's adventurousness with her fun-loving and outgoing nature. She's also talkative, impulsive, and sometimes a little unreliable - all because she's a Gemini.

9. Cancer - Mohan

As one of the most likable characters in Never Have I Ever, Mohan displays many admirable Cancer traits. Even with his limited time onscreen through Devi's flashbacks and dream sequences, he demonstrates a strong sense of loyalty, care, and intuition. Regardless of whether or not he's a figment of Devi's imagination, he provides her with comfort and reassurance.

On the other hand, Cancers are known to be sensitive and moody. Often, their vindictiveness only comes out when they're feeling particularly protective and loyal. When a Cancer makes a commitment, they'll likely stick to it. Mohan certainly stands by his choices when it comes to life in America, his marriage to Nalini, and providing his daughter with the best life he can.

8. Leo - Kamala

Kamala displays Leo's fiery personality, often when her peers least expect it. In season 2, she gets the chance to shine and prove to her employers that she's worthy and even more deserving of her position than they are. Though she never argues with Prashant, her passion leads her to make her own choices independent of his opinions. One of the biggest questions for season 3 will be whether she remains with him or pursues a relationship with Devi's teacher, Mr. Kularni.

Kamala has always been consistent about her beliefs, even if she isn't quite so open about them in season 1. Her constancy is a trademark Leo quality, along with her warmth, charisma, desire for success, and bravery. Speaking out against her superiors in season 2 is certainly a brave - and very Leo - thing to do, and proves that sometimes being stubborn isn't a bad thing.

7. Virgo - Fabiola

Fabiola's logic, sensibility, and practicality make her an obvious Virgo. In most areas of her life, she lets her pragmatism and systematic processing guide her. Still, she does display Virgo's proclivity for the material - she has a very clear aesthetic, even if Eve's friends don't approve of it.

Fabiola pays close attention to details in matters that interest her - one of which is robotics. While she may be a perfectionist, Fabiola is also kind, caring, and attentive. She listens to her friends' troubles and actively tries to help them. Even when she can't do anything, she tries to gently console them, as a Virgo would.

6. Libra - Aneesa

Though Devi believes otherwise, Aneesa isn't perfect. She does, however, have the air of a Libra - confident, liberated, and carefree. She displays her appreciation of art through her wardrobe, but also in her understanding of Daisy's character in The Great Gatsby. On the other hand, Aneesa can seem superficial when it comes to developing meaningful relationships.

Then, Aneesa and Ben become a couple almost instantly, which suggests that Aneesa simply wants to be in a relationship - not necessarily with Ben. She admits as much when she complains to Devi about her mother's attitude to her dating. Aneesa is also very clearly a people pleaser; she's socially adept, charming, and can solve conflicts without even trying - just like a Libra.

5. Scorpio - Chris

One of the newest characters in the series, Dr. Chris Jackson is Nalini's co-worker-turned-love-interest. Devi is unhappy about this new relationship even though she knows nothing about Chris - for that matter, neither does Nalini. Chris is enigmatic, just like a Scorpio, but his presence is powerful.

He's a natural leader and can handle any situation with ease, even under great pressure. He saves Nalini from a painful interaction at a medical convention, doesn't mind Devi's intrusion, and is willing to be vulnerable with a woman he hardly knows. Like a Scorpio, his actions show that he's brave, intimate, honest, and emotional - if a little intense.

4. Sagittarius - Paxton

Paxton develops a lot during the two seasons, but his core characteristics remain consistent. Like a Sagittarius, he's rebellious, restless, bluntly honest, sometimes naive, and tends to be unreliable. In season 1, Paxton is defined by his athleticism, which is something this zodiac sign is known for, but it's all that Paxton is.

In season 2, he shows his classmates that he's ambitious and desires freedom - in this case, from the expectations that others have placed upon him. As a Sagittarius, he can't be told what to do; he forges his own path, and nobody can stop him.

3. Capricorn - Nalini

Nalini struggles to deal with the loss of her husband while also trying to maintain a stable household for her daughter. However, one of the saddest things about Devi might be that Nalini is so busy juggling her grief, her work, and trying to be a mother that she sometimes ends up neglecting her.

It's clear that she loves her daughter, but she's so ambitious in every aspect of her life that sometimes she has too much to deal with. Still, she remains persistent as any Capricorn would. Sometimes she comes across as moody, dry, and uptight, but the truth is that she's trying to be practical, which is one of Capricorn's key values.

2. Aquarius - Dr. Ryan

Devi's therapist Dr. Ryan is something of a visionary. She sees things in ways that others may not, and even though her skills as a therapist have been criticized, she reaches a key turning point with Devi at the end of season 2. Like an Aquarius, Dr. Ryan is intelligent and uses logic to guide her treatment of Devi.

She remains compassionate and patient, even if it means putting things into cold perspective. A true Aquarius, she thinks outside of the box to solve problems, and through her work, she tries to enact positive change.

1. Pisces - Trent

Trent is as laidback as they come. Throughout his time on the show, he's almost always doing whatever Paxton suggests. He is agreeable and rarely stands up and gives his own opinion on things. However, when he does, he's surprisingly empathetic, like a true Pisces.

This means that he's easily swayed, usually by whatever Paxton says, but he's always willing to listen. Trent doesn't usually give the best advice, but it's true that Pisces are known for acting as therapists for their friends. He's a loyal team player and likes being around others, as many Pisces do.

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