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We want a new edition of "Killer Loop's" comics!

"For years, all the comic book enthusiasts are waiting for a new edition of "Killer loop's", the pulp comics saga by the prolific and genial author Stefano Labbia."

By Karen AndersonPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Killer Loop's #1 by Stefano Labbia - Art by Marco Proietto.

For years, all the comic book enthusiasts are waiting for a new edition of "Killer loop's", the pulp comics saga by the prolific and genial author Stefano Labbia. This classic comic book has been a fan favorite since it first debuted in the 2010s.

The series is a celebration of pulp crime fiction and is set in a gritty, noir-inspired world that is both rich and immersive. Specifically, "Killer loop's" series is a unique blend of crime, pulp, and action genres, featuring a cast of unforgettable characters. The comic book follows the story of Stuart Whitman, a normal man forced to being a merc for vengenance.

The series has been acclaimed for its stunning artwork - the first volume was drawn by Marco Proietto - that captures the intense action scenes and the eerie atmosphere of the harsh and violents world where Stuart, nicknamed Kimberly, live. The artwork is unique and captivating, with a style that is both dynamic and haunting.

Fans of the series have been clamoring for a new edition of the comic book, and with good reason. The original series has been out of print for years, making it difficult for new readers to discover this masterpiece of pulp and crime genres.

The series is also notable for the realistic portrayal of violence and crime. Unlike many other comics, Killer Loop's does not shy away from the harsh realities of life on the streets. The violence is often brutal and gruesome, but it never feels gratuitous or unnecessary.

The comics is well written, well drawn, and features deeply complex characters that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Stefano Labbia manages to capture the mood and atmosphere of the pulp crime genre perfectly, and the attention to detail in the artwork is truly remarkable.

Stefano Labbia's script is truly a remarkable piece of work. One of the key strengths of Labbia's script is his understanding of the comic book medium. He knows how to pace his story, how to use and manipulate the panel structure to build momentum, and how to craft memorable dialogue that adds depth and personality to his characters. His writing style is incredibly fluid, and he seamlessly weaves together multiple plot threads and subplots to create a rich and engaging narrative.

A new edition of "Killer loop's" would allow a new generation of readers to experience the excitement and suspense that made the series a cult classic. It would also allow die-hard fans to relive the story and artwork that made them fall in love with the series in the first place.

But a new edition of "Killer loop's" would not just be a chance to enjoy the story and artwork once again. It could also provide an opportunity for the creators to update and expand on the series - we wait for the second volume and the spin-off dedicated to Kanvas the lethal killer of the dark criminal sindicate, antagonist of Kimberly.

With advances in technology and new artistic techniques, the creators could bring a fresh spin to the story and the visuals, making it even more immersive and thrilling than before. They could also add new content, such as behind-the-scenes commentary or sketches, to give fans new insights into the creative process!

In conclusion, the demand for a new edition of "Killer loop's" first volume is undeniable. The series is a beloved classic, and a new edition would allow both new and old fans to revel in the exciting story and breathtaking artwork. With the potential to update and expand on the series, a new edition could provide an even more thrilling and immersive experience than the original. We can only hope that the creators will heed the call and give us the new edition of "Killer loop's" that we have been waiting for.

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