We hardly hear about them

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Other comic book characters that should be used

We hardly hear about them

TheI know that you are aware of all the characters here on both the Marvel and DC side of the comic book universe. But what about characters that have not been used in a while? Why have they yet to make an appearance in their respective comics? These are the questions I pose here on this post.

Silver Sable


The hot mercenary and leader of the Wild Pack had a 35-issue run until it was canceled in 1995 along with many other Marvel series. She made several guest appearances, as well as a limited series with Dominic Fortune titled Sable and Fortune. She recently appeared in 2018 Spider-Man video game that is now available.

Aside from being the Wall Crawler's ally, she has only made guest appearances in other video games, cartoons and the possibility of a stand-alone film featuring the silver-haired mercenary chick.



He first appeared in Avengers #69 and had died off in Defenders #106 and Nighthawk #1. The more recent one featured was Kyle Richmond who was machine-gunned to death at the end of the six-issue series named after the hero.

After that, there were few attempts to keep the character with Ultimate Marvel and Jack Norris, but have utterly fallen short.

So why not give this hero another chance? They already had him as an African-American, so why not a Latino, combating the racism in today's society? or even an Asian-American?



First appearing in Marvel Annual Report #1, Chris Powell has been Darkhawk from the very beginning.

Having found a Shi'ar artifact that gave him his powers, Darkhawk protected his family from organized crime and the Marvel universe from its evil's.

The fact that he made only a cameo in the Fantastic Four episodes "To Battle a Living Planet" and "Doomsday" shows that he needs more of an appearance in TV and Movies, plus the only time he is mentioned in video games, is in the Ultimate Spider-man video game, where Spider-Man mocks Johnny Storm during a race saying "Darkhawk is faster than you!"(1)

Red Tornado


The DC equivalent of Vision created by T.O. Morrow has had many appearances in comics and animated shows, but very few comics that he can call his own.

Fire and Ice


Fire (Beatriz da Costa) and Ice (Tora Olafsdotter) have made appearances in cartoons like the one seen above and some of the original Justice League International comics.

But they don't have their own comics. Not even Icemaiden (Sigrid Nansen) the gal who replaced Ice after her death by the hands of Overmaster, has had her own comic.

Metal Men


The six metallic heroes created by William H. Magnus based on their namesakes had a reboot in 2011, then a mini-series this past year (2019) and since then there has been the five metallic men and the foxy female Platinum in their own comics.

Rocket Red


The Cold War may be over, but that doesn't mean this character is not relevant, if anything Rocket Red is the defender of the Russian Motherland and also has a German equivalent.

Yet, despite the appearances in comics, members of the Rocket Red group from both Russia and Germany have never had their own comic books featuring just them.

What's up with that? I know that there is a lot of crap going on with Russia today, but with if the plot of the new Rocket Red series involves defying Putin?

Either way, I am just putting the character out here.



While the Buddy Blanks version has had his moments, Kevin Kho could use some more of his appearance as the One-Man Army Corp.

The series seen above was cancelled after eight issues, but the Kevin Kho version still managed to appear in six issues of the Suicide Squad and later became friends with Jaime Reyes.

More ideas to come later.

Johann Hollar
Johann Hollar
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