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WandaVision Episode 6!

What Happens Next is Anyone's Guess

By Jason Ray Morton Published 3 years ago 4 min read

It finally happened! Spoiler alert time, so if you haven't seen the episode, be warned now.

Wanda in classic Scarlett Witch apparel

Taking off days after the last episode and giving us a feeling we've moved again into another decade, possibly the eighties, the Marvel series starring key players, Elizabeth Olson (Wanda Maximoff) and Paul Bettany (Vision) have definitely got their hands full. We get a little more out of the kids in this episode, which makes sense considering it's a Halloween themed episode. The kids have matured into fully functional adolescents and are enjoying hanging out with uncle Pietro.

Vision has not accepted that everything is what it seems in their perfect little suburbia. As he comes down for Halloween, wearing his classic, original, vision costume, he is preparing to sneak off and fully examine Westview. Vision's deception is not without merit, considering his suspicions that Wanda's keeping secrets from him about their lives and what they're doing in Westview. He goes as far as telling Wanda to "Be Good" as he sneaks off under the guise of being part of the neighborhood watch, thus leaving Wanda to take the kids trick or treating on her own. Although never fear, Pietro is here and volunteers for the surrogate father figure role for Halloween, donning what looks like an early Quicksilver costume.

Meanwhile, Captain Monica Rambeau continues to but heads with SWORD director Hayward as his decisions and actions become increasingly questionable. Monica, Darcy, and Jimmy are unceremoniously escorted out of the command center, just to do what hero types in movies do and go rogue in search of the truth. They leave Darcy in the dark as they take out two SWORD agents in full tactical gear, making it look easy.

Meanwhile, cool new uncle Pietro and Wanda trick or treat with the kids. Pietro uses his hyperspeed to turn the street into a prankster laden mess as the candy disappears, pumpkins are smashed and everything is covered in silly string. Aaron Taylor Johnson never had a chance to enjoy being Quicksilver this much.

While Pietro and Wanda get reacquainted and the kids get to know their new powers. It's obvious, when Pietro asks, where did you keep all the kids until now, that Pietro knows something is amiss and his twin is manipulating things. He tells her that it's all cool but the question becomes, did Wanda bring him to Westview, or has he been sent by someone else.

Vision continues to notice problems in the city. He strolls along, finding people stuck in place, on an almost inaudible loop. He continues his journey until he stumbles onto Agnes, the annoying next-door neighbor, dressed as a witch. The writers and producers obviously wanting us to see the possibility that this is Agnes from the comic books, thus giving her a greater part of the story than we have seen. Before it's all said and done, she calls Vision by his name, telling him, "You're one of the Avengers." Vision knows who he is but doesn't seem to remember being one of the Avengers. Vision, as we've learned, was brought back to life and his understanding of reality has been manipulated by Wanda.

As our heroes on the outside dig deeper and deeper into Director Haywards' true intentions, Vision finds the barrier and attempts to go through, not realizing his past and the effects it would have on him. We don't get an explanation of what the barrier does to Vision but since it was dead cells and hardware that went into Westview we are left to assume Vision can't leave the barrier. When he tries, it appears to us on screen and to the twins, that he's dying again and when they warn Wanda, the unthinkable happens. The barrier as we've come to know it, or the Hex, begins to expand outward. Swallowing everything in its path, the barrier turns soldiers into clowns and military vehicles to ice cream trucks as Wanda turns the circus that is SWORDS base, into a literal circus.

There you have it, folks. We are only three episodes away from the end of this sometimes crazy, sometimes funny, and always mysterious series from the MCU and we still don't know is Wanda doing this all alone? Is Vision doomed to have to face his death yet again? Is someone else, Hayward perhaps, behind it all, and what of Pietro? Where they go from here is anyone's guess.

Until next week-Excelsior!


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