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Villainess Review: Kristin (Brutal Bridesmaids)

by Clyde E. Dawkins 7 months ago in review · updated 4 months ago

In this 2021 Lifetime film, a maniacal villainess hides in plain sight among a group of bridesmaids participating in an upcoming wedding.

Jamie Fritz as Kristin

Lifetime Movie Network gave us this film, Brutal Bridesmaids, in February 2021, which made me absolutely giddy because the title guarantees that a villainess will appear. But I'm getting ahead of myself, let's set the stage.

Jessica Curtis is set to marry her fiancee, Michael, and gives the good news to a number of her friends; one of them being Kristin, who is also her business partner. Kristin gave her congratulations to Jessica, expressing immense happiness due to the fact that she introduced Jessica to Michael, and it's after this point that the engagement party commences. Other than Kristin, the party consisted of Jessica's longtime best friend Melanie, her cousin Sloan, and fellow friends Holly and Binky.

The party starts out well, but mishaps suddenly befall the group, as while they were dress shopping, Holly and Binky suddenly developed a rash caused by a mysterious white powder, and later on, the group suddenly became ill after drinking Holly's homemade shakes. Such mishaps did not cause huge alarm, but things become dangerous when Michael is attacked by a cloaked figure at a parking lot, and during the bachelorette party, the same cloaked figure went after Binky, who screamed for help. After Binky told the others what happened, suspicion suddenly turned to Sloan as the attacker. Why? Because Sloan had spent a good bit of the film voicing her bitterness towards bridesmaids, due to the fact that her own wedding came to an abrupt halt due to her intended husband cheating on Sloan with a bridesmaid.

Melanie, Holly, and even Jessica joined Binky in the finger-pointing, resulting in Sloan being ejected from the party, with Kristin stating that some people simply had darkness in them. The climax sees the final details of the wedding being put into place, with Sloan now disinvited and Jessica assured that the mayhem is over. However, Jessica ended up attacked and abducted by the cloaked villainess, who later stands over a tied up Jessica and laughed evilly at her intended victim. She later reveals her plan to drown Jessica after lashing out at her, and afterwards, the villainess removes her cloak and reveals herself as Kristin, much to Jessica's shock.

Kristin stated that she would frame Sloan for her actions, using Sloan's bitterness to her advantage, before revealing her motive for her villainous plot: Michael. As it turned out, Kristin was in love with Michael and felt Jessica stole him from her, and she also accused Jessica of being selfish and not caring about their business. She even went as far as to blame Jessica for her actions, adding that she had no choice due to the wedding continuing to go as planned. Jessica attempted to convince Kristin (and probably herself) that she wasn't being herself, but in response, Kristin simply stated that she had darkness in her and that Jessica refused to see it, right before Sloan emerged and went after Kristin, who had Sloan pinned down before Jessica broke free and struck her with the champagne bottle.

I loved this movie and I definitely loved its main villainess, Kristin, played with vigor and venom by Jamie Fritz. Kristin was insane, lethal, and psychotic, and Fritz played Kristin's darkness wonderfully, as well as her feigned friendship with Jessica as well. Her villainous dialogue following her reveal was also amazing; I watched Kristin's reveal on Lifetime's site too many times to count after the film aired on TV--it was that good. I also can't help but note Kristin's lack of an excuse; she basically just flat out admitted that she was just simply evil when she said that she had darkness in her. One more thing: Kristin's villainous attire. Hoods are always used by villains in thrillers and mysteries--whether it's a hoodie or, in the case of Kristin, a cloak. Kristin's attire was perfect for her demeanor, and one of the small things I loved was that wind blowing her cape during her climactic reveal. In all, Fritz played a terrific villainess in Kristin--she really delivered big time.

According to her IMDB profile, Jamie Fritz's filmography isn't really extensive, only a few short films prior to Brutal Bridesmaids, meaning that this was Fritz's Lifetime film debut. I hope to see more of her on Lifetime; though she played a villainess very well, she also looks like she could play a main protagonist as well.

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