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Turkey Drop - A Movie Review

by Marielle Sabbag 8 days ago in review

'Turkey Drop' felt like it had too little story in a film that had too many subplots.

Okay, nobody move as the turkey is being brought out to the table.

Turkey Drop aired in 2019. Fearing that she is going to be ‘turkey dropped’ by her boyfriend, Lucy attempts to do everything necessary to keep them together. On one of the craziest Thanksgiving’s, the entire family learns a substantial lesson.

My friend has been requesting me for the longest time to watch Turkey Drop for Thanksgiving. Everyone loves a good Thanksgiving film where the family is in utter chaos. Although the film contained all the elements and cliches, Turkey Drop felt like it had too little story in a film that had too many subplots.

The cast of Turkey Drop did a fantastic job acting out the chaos of the story. It was hard to keep track of the subplots with all the characters. Another issue that I had was that the story didn’t focus on certain characters enough which would have been more entertaining with all the subplots.

Lucy is someone who most people her age can relate to. Starting college is an exciting and yet scary time for anyone. We’re adults. Most of Lucy’s decisions got on my nerves but it’s all about the lesson she learns. Olivia Holt did a great job in her performance. Overall, she was the standout among the cast.

Other credits include Cheryl Hines, Genelle Williams, David Hewlett, Ben Levin, Joelle Farrow, Karen Cliche, Tyler Perez, and many more.

With all these characters, they’re given a chance in the limelight for a couple of segments, or just one scene. Why couldn’t the grandmother have been in it more? She was a hilarious character and deserved to be in the story more.

I like how the film tested you with the characters. I couldn’t stand Jordan (Perez) along with the annoying remarks he made. Levin (Dean) was wonderful in the interpretation of his character. One element that the film makes a profound point about is growth.

Aside from Lucy, none of the characters were fully fleshed out. For example, why wasn’t Lucy’s sister’s given more screentime when she has a very important announcement to make to the family? Despite character flaws, the cast managed to sell their chemistry, feeling like a real family.

Most of the segments studied love. The story could have just focused on Lucy and her love triangles. I adored scenes between Lucy and Dean. Dean was a sweetheart how looked out for her. Find love that makes sense.

We didn’t need the subplot with the parents. Unless it was trying to make a statement about love, it made better sense to just focus on Lucy and her love stories.

Turkey Drop fell flat. I really wanted to enjoy this film but there was too much story mixed with not enough story. I was bored at some moments. It got too redundant. We’ve already seen Jordan trying to talk to Lucy, scenes where they spy on the mom and is there a reason why we had to see the marathon?

I was looking forward to the signature table-hopping Thanksgiving dinner, but even that fell flat. Not enough happened. Jerry Ciccoritti should have gone through the script a second time and deleted segments that were not important to the story. All the subplots slowed down the film taking too long to get to the turkey dinner.

Despite its flaws, Turkey Drop is still a Thanksgiving film that deserves to be watched. We don’t have a lot of Thanksgiving films. I recommend that you find Turkey Drop this Thanksgiving. It’s fun for the entire family to enjoy.


Marielle Sabbag

Writing has been my passion since I was 11 years old. I love creating stories from fiction, poetry, fanfiction. I enjoy writing movie reviews. I would love to become a creative writing teacher and leave the world inspiring minds.

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Marielle Sabbag
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