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Top 5 Animes to Watch on Netflix

Anime Series Voted by the Audience

By G.BPublished 5 years ago 4 min read

Netflix, being one of the most successful streaming services around the world, has added some of the best anime series. Sure, classics like Naruto, Death Note, Bleach, and Fairy Tail can be found on Netflix, but those are everyone's "classic" favorites. But if you are looking to watch something a little different than the Shonen classics, there are a couple of awesome anime series on Netflix. The top five animes of Netflix that are mentioned here are not from a personal point of view, but rather from majority vote. Hence, this is what other Netflix viewers think are the top five animes on Netflix.

1. 'Violet Evergarden'

Violet Evergarden is not your average anime series, rather it is a beautiful heartfelt anime that could possibly cause you to shed a tear once or twice (or more than that). The main protagonist, Violet, was raised and used as a war tool, and now that the war is over, she struggles to find a purpose in her life. Being socially crippled by her experience, she must find her way into society and learn what it is to "love." Having lost her arms in the war, and having to lose her beloved Major Gilbert (he treated Violet with respect, love, and kindness), she sets out to understands her feelings by becoming a member of the Auto Memories Doll—the service requires typewriter women to be able to provide any type of writing service to the client. As Violet embarks on her journey to become a "doll," she begins to realize what having emotions is all about.

2. 'One Punch Man'

If you haven't watched One Punch Man, you are missing out on a fantastic superhero comedy series. Having started out as a webcomic, One Punch Man made it into the manga business and moved on to the anime series not shortly after. Saitama is a superhero for fun that resides in the city known as City-Z. Powerful monsters, aliens, and countless of other villains attack the city, and thus, a Hero Association has been formed by powerful beings to protect the citizens. Having to walk the path of a hero for entertainment, Saitama worked hard to become powerful to the point he can defeat any opponent with one punch! Also, adding to the side effect of losing his hair and becoming bald. Having to gain public attention, he quickly gains a pupil by the name of Genos. Genos is a cyborg looking to avenge his family and friends that were murdered by another cyborg. Together Saitama and Genos join the Hero Association and commence their hero life together.

3. 'Your Lie in April'

Your Lie in April is another heartfelt, emotional drama that has touched the hearts of many viewers. This romance drama and slice of life is about a brilliant pianist prodigy. Kosei Arima lost his mother at a tender age and caused him to lose his love for piano, as well as the his attachment to the world. Four years later, he meets a free-spirited violist, Kaori Miyazono. Soon after, both Kosei and Kaori perform together and Kaori collapses in the middle of the performance. She is hospitalized after the incident, and quickly brushes off illness as minimal as anemia. However, her condition worsen and as time passes the love between Kosei and Kaori deepens.

4. 'Berserk'

Berserk is a dark fantasy anime that makes the perfect go-to for blood, gore, and an epic story. If you are a fan of Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit, this is the anime for you! Berserk takes place in medieval times, with the main character being Guts, a gruesome young soldier that had a rough childhood but is gifted with the sword. He is taken in by the Band of the Hawk, a mercenary group led by young leader by the name of Griffith. His second in command, Casca, becomes indifferent to Guts at the beginning, but as time passes, she begins to develop feelings for him. As time passes, Griffith and Guts come to respect each other and become close, however, it all changes when Griffith becomes consumed by his own ambition to become the God Hand. This causes Griffith to sacrifice his own men of the Band of Hawk and also going as far as hurting and abusing Casca. Angered by Griffith's action, Guts swears to take down Griffith with his own sword and hands.

5. 'Aggretsuko'

Don't let the cute red panda image fool you... this anime series is seriously for adults. Retsuko, the single 25-year-old panda, is an overworked, frustrated female working in a Japanese trading firm. Though she has landed an accountant job, she is constantly being pushed over by her boss and annoyed by her incompetent coworkers. To relieve stress, she visits her local karaoke bar everything to cool off and sing to heavy metal songs. What makes this anime series funny? Well, the outlook of the protagonists and the adorable graphics that can be, not-so-cute when it comes to serious work drama, and life disasters.


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