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All India Rank 2024 Movie Review: Average for Me

All India Rank Review

By Ayush VermaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
All India Rank Movie Review

Well-known writer Varun Grover as a director has made his debut with the movie All India Rank, which was originally released in cinemas in 2023. Unfortunately, I could not see this movie at that time, but salute to Netflix. Now you can enjoy this movie on Netflix, but I have already enjoyed it, so stay connected to know my reaction to it.

Well, in All India Rank, you get to see the story of a boy named Vivek, who is 17 years old and belongs to Lucknow. VIVEK's father is completely obsessed with the idea that his son should do IIT; hence, Vivek is preparing for IIT. Now, what happens after reaching Kota? This is the story of this movie, whose length is 1 hour, 38 minutes.

All India Rank Movie Review

If I review the All India Rank in one word, then it is average.

I mean, when Varun Grover is associated with a movie as a writer or as a director, we have an expectation that we will get to see some good stuff, but that was not the case here at all.

See, TVF has already come up with a show on this type of theme, Kota Factory, so somehow TVF has set the bar very high, and this movie is not able to touch that bar at any level.

First of all, the type of thinking that a 17-year-old child would have, what kind of emotions he would have, and the complexity of human nature have been explained here in a good manner with which we can relate to some extent.

For example, Vivek is not interested in studies; he is thinking about something else; studies are not on his mind; his parents are thinking about something else; and Vivek is also not explaining his situations, so we are able to relate to him. This is a good thing about the movie.

Let us tell you that the movie is set in the late 1900s, and to be honest, that era has been presented in a very amazing way, which means that the authenticity of the things of that time has definitely been seen.

The games of that time, the things of that time—everything was fitting well.

The actors have done a very good job, be it the character of Vivek, his friends, or Sarika. Everyone has presented their work well.

As a teacher, we get to see Sheeba Chaddha, whose work is also good.

Negative Points

The main problem with this movie is its emotional layer. If you are eating a sandwich, then there should be some stuff present in every layer of bread. Only then can there be some fun in eating.

To be very honest with you story was very good but emotions were missing somewhere due to which you would not feel that connection, that attachment.

And the climax is so poor that there is a limit to anything. I mean, Vivek got the motive of his life, but the problem is that what happened to the exam, what happened to his other friends—nothing was told; just finish the picture.

Now, this is not a web series, so part 2 also comes, for which the audience eagerly waits, and then the story is continued further. This is a movie, so it should have been presented like a movie.

Apart from this, the dialogues are very simple, so they attach but do not evoke emotions.

Throughout the picture, emotions were not evoked. We get to see the point of view of the parents, and somewhere you cannot even say that they are wrong.

Yes, every parent wants the best for their children, and they want that the problems they faced should not be faced by their children. That is why they want their child to study well so that his life gets settled in the future, but still, all the things are unclear in the picture.


Overall, All India Rank is an average movie; yes, its story is good, but it fails in execution.

In terms of parental guidance, although there is no nudity or vulgarity in the movie, there are one or two lip locks that are absolutely minimal.

So this was my review of Varun Grover's movie All India Rank. I hope you enjoyed this review ride. If you really enjoy it, then you must like it.

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