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To The Victor, The Spoils: Breaking Down The Promo For 'The Spoils Of War' On 'Game Of Thrones'

Let's unroll the scrolls and take a closer at the promo for Game of Thrones' fourth episode of Season 7.

By Tom ChapmanPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you will surely know that old Greyjoy motto of "What is dead may never die." However, as we reach the halfway point of Season 7, it looks like our favorite fantasy epic is heading toward a snowy grave and a rather long cold snap. So far this season we have seen big meetings, big deaths, and even bigger dragons, but who knows what it just on the horizon?

Things are looking pretty good for Cersei Lannister at the moment, and after exacting revenge on the remaining Dornish devils and Ellaria Sand, she enjoyed some incestuous nooky, and seems to be sitting pretty on her pointy chair. But, with Tycho Nestoris and the Iron Bank snapping at her heels, how much longer can her shaky grip last? So, let's unroll the scrolls and take a closer at the promo for the fourth episode of Season 7, "The Spoils of War."

Don't bank on it.

With Cersei shoring up her alliance with the Iron Bank of Braavos, "The Spoils of War" may not show her laughing all the way to it. We see a victorious Jaime Lannister unloading the gold from the recent sacking of Highgarden to save the day, but he could be counting his coin a little too early.

As the Lannisters solidify their hold over the Seven Kingdoms and solve their money woes, things don't look quite as good for Team Dany. As the Mother of Dragons reminds us, "All my allies are gone, I'm losing," so now would be the perfect time for Daenerys and her forces to strikes. The promo closes with Drogon swooping down somewhere, so could that money be about to slip through Jaime's golden fingers?

We are family.

We also see another establishing shot of the wintery wilds outside Winterfell. "The Queen's Justice" brought the crippled Bran Stark back to his family homestead, but it looks like next week sees two become three as Arya rejoins the litter of pups.

Let's just hope that "The Spoils of War" really does herald Ayra's return and we don't have another Season 5 debacle like Brienne just looking at Winterfell from afar. However, with three Starks under the stone-clad bosom of Winterfell, it could nicely take the three remaining children out of that gloomy "lone wolf" prophecy.

Water Way To Go

Speaking of family, what's next for those poor Greyjoy kids? Yara finds herself at the mercy of Cersei and Uncle "Give Us A Kiss" Euron, while Theon has been dragged from the briny deep to live another day. The promo shows Theon and his Ironborn setting foot on dry land, but where are they going?

It probably shows Theon taking his scattered forces back under the wing of Daenerys and her dragons, but remember that this would also lead to the uncomfortable reunion of Jon and Theon. Let's prepare for some cringeworthy scenes between the eunuch and the bastard.

You have to fight, for the right.

Elsewhere, we see the aforementioned Tarth finally getting something to do. The Amazonian-esque warrior woman can be seen pulling out her sword as poor squire Podrick is thrown to the floor. We still don't know who Brienne is fighting/protecting, but sworn to protect Lady Sansa, is trouble coming to Winterfell?

Away from outside forces, the danger could be within and may have something to do with that brooding shot of Petyr Baelish doing his usual scheming. Whatever happens in the North, there can't be much longer left for Littlefinger before he crumbles under the weight of his own dastardly plans!

Lights, Camera, Action

Either way, "The Spoils of War" looks to be upping the action from the political game of chess that was "The Queen's Justice." It was all well and good watching an extended feature of When Jon Met Dany, but we can't wait to sink our dragon teeth into some more flesh. We should also bear in mind that #GameofThrones cinematographer Robert McLachlan promised Radio Times that the next two episodes were sure to pique our interest:

“I’m extremely pleased with them. Four is definitely going to impress people and five I especially like too – there are some lovely crowd-pleasing scenes in it.”

While the promo for "The Spoils of War" looks dramatic enough, McLachlan went on to say the next episode in particular was a challenge for all involved:

“It was really hard work – uncommonly hard work. It was the toughest one I’ve done of the eight episodes I’ve worked on."

Doing our best Samwell Tarly impression and putting all the pieces together, it looks like we are heading toward some big battle or perhaps the departure of another major player. No matter what, we are more than hyped to watch a midseason winner for our frost and fire favorite.

(Source: Radio Times)


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