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Fire, I Want You To Burn: 'Game Of Thrones' Has A Terrifying Theory On How Jon Snow Will Prove He Is A Targaryen

With Jon currently heading to meet with Dany at Dragonstone, and Bran heading for Winterfell, it is unlikely that that family tree will be unveiled anytime soon — or will it?

By Tom ChapmanPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO/Movie Pilot]

As Game of Thrones winds its epic Ice and Fire saga to a close, fans of HBO's fantasy frolic are sure it will be a case of "burn baby burn" before the show bows out. We have already seen Queen Daenerys Targaryen embrace her ever-growing dragons and rise to the top of the Westerosi food chain, but it looks like the floppy-haired Jon Snow is hot on her heels.

Going from a man of the Night's Watch to the King in the North, it looks like there is still one more career move that Jon needs to make, and it all has to do with his hidden Targaryen heritage. Unfortunately, the only people left alive in the Seven Kingdoms that know Jon's secret are the MIA Howland Reed and that meddling Bran Stark. With Jon currently heading to meet with Dany at Dragonstone, and Bran heading for Winterfell, it is unlikely that that family tree will be unveiled anytime soon — or will it?

Blood and Fire

Sticking with the usual tragedy and torment that comes with every Thrones theory, Uproxx has an interesting plan that would also be one surefire way to prove that Jon is part of the dragon-loving lineage. The answer? Burn Jon alive. What, really? Bear with us on this one!

Not only could the "melting" of Snow send Season 7 rocketing to a shocking conclusion, but it could cement itself as one of the most memorable scenes to grace the world of Westeros. If you cast your minds back to the Season 1 finale, remember when Daenerys put herself on Khal Drogo's funeral pyre and emerged from the ashes with her brood of hatchlings? Dany literally became the Mother of Dragons, but is Jon set for a similar fate?

The Dragon Lady

Episode 3, "The Queen's Justice," will see a meeting that has been seven seasons in the making. Accompanied by Ser Davos, Jon will find himself meeting Daenerys at Dragonstone and will be presumably asked to bend the knee. Eagle-eyed fans already noticed that Tyrion Lannister's letter sent to Jon omitted that teensy bit about swearing allegiance to Daenerys, and I can't see Jon being impressed with the request. I am no expert, but you'd imagine that the battered bastard wouldn't be quite so quick to oblige the Targaryen heiress.

We have all seen Dany get a little hot under the collar and roast slave masters or Sons of the Harpy, so what difference does it make if her next BBQ victim is some gruff northerner with a man bun and some furs? Interestingly, if Daenerys did decide to toast Jon like a marshmallow, it would also propel that "Mad Queen" theory forward. The Stormborn heroine is a force to reckoned with and we haven't seen Daenerys show her wicked side in quite some time. Everyone knows that "Mad King" Aerys torched those who stood in his way, while only this week, we heard Olenna Tyrell somberly advise Dany to "be a dragon."

You're fired!

There are of course several problems, and it is hard to imagine that Thrones would turn Daenerys into such a cruel woman. Sure, there have been some acts of tyranny, but Daenerys has always been vengeful toward those who are stereotypically cast as villains. Secondly, apart from some tinfoil hat theorists, who is to say that Jon is fireproof? If you remember, we saw Jon injure his hand by fire when protecting Jeor Mormont from a wight at Castle Black. However, also remember that things have changed since then.

Resurrection can do strange things to a man, and seeing Jon murdered by the Night's Watch, then brought back by Lady Melisandre, Jon 2.0 may have been awoken with that Targaryen blood flowing properly through his veins. Also, the pages of Westerosi history are littered with Targaryens who aren't completely immune to fire (Viserys), or maybe, just maybe, Jon can only escape injury from dragon fire.

Admittedly it would be tough to see Kit Harington's lovable bastard burned alive in front of us, but it wouldn't be all bad. As well as another nude shot of Harington, Jon's survival would likely forge an alliance between himself and Daenerys. With the two favorites united, they could spend the rest of Seasons 7 and 8 heading on the right course to take down Cersei Lannister AND those White Walkers. However, will Daenerys really flambé Jon? That is the burning question!

(Source: Uproxx)


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