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The Young and the Restless viewers are doubting that Kyle is a father

At this point, there are more questions than answers regarding his alleged love child.

Eagle-eyed viewers of The Young and the Restless are not yet ready to buy Theo's story that Kyle is a baby daddy. There are simply too many questions at this point for anyone to assume the tale is true. Theo was supposed to be working for Dina's boutiques in Paris and proving himself to his uncle Jack. Prior to leaving Genoa City, Mr. Vanderway had given Summer a warning about Sally Spectra being after her job as well as her fiance. It seemed as if Theo was trying to change but obviously he was not. Instead of minding the storeshe was intrusted with he is still attempting to undermine his cousin.

The fact that he took the time to give Sally ammunition to use against Kyle speaks volumes regarding Vanderway's true character. Jack keeps giving him chances and Theo seems unable to redeem himself. He now claims there is DNA evidence to prove Kyle is the father of a baby that belongs to his former married girlfriend Tara. If this woman became pregnant and her husband is the ruthless monster that everyone claims, she would not want him to know their son may not belong to him. The question then becomes whether or not a DNA test was conducted? If so, then how was Theo able to find out about it 3 years later?

Theo had been in Genoa City for a while and used his every trick to ruin Kyles life. How did he suddenly happen upon this information after leaving town? Did he go snooping or perhaps run into someone in Paris who knew the story? The Young and the Restless must develop this storyline with credible information before loyal Skyle fans will buy it.Even if it is true, why would Theo risk his position, his family connections and the memory of Dina to stick it to Kyle one more time? Viewers understand that there must be drama within the relationship of Kyle and Summer but this hit everyone from left field.

Those who did care for Theo Vanderway were happy that he was gone and believed he could do nomore damage to Summer and Kyle. It's not known where the writers are going with this but on social media Y&R fans are not quite convinced that Kyle is a father. In order for this situation to play out, Tara and her spouse would have to be introduced which means new characters. Many of those who enjoy the CBS daytime drama are already up in arms about legacy members of Genoa City who are not being utilized. Michael, Kevin, Chloe, Esther and Paul are practically non existant yet the powers that be ignore the pleas of the fans to have these individuals on screen.

Spoilers have already indicated that ELizabeth Leiner has been cast as Tara and her husband probably is not far behind. Kyle will more than likely demand a DNA test which will confirm whether he he is or is not the father of this child. Summer will naturally be threatned if Nick and Phyllis find out Kyle will be in the doghouse again. It's not clear why the writers decided upon this storyline but Skyle fans do not like it. They were hoping their favorite couple would marry and have a baby of their own.

Skyle fans also do not like the way Sally Spectra rode into town and made so much trouble for Kyle and Summer while Jack is eating out of her hand. Many viewers are waiting for Sally toget what is coming to her and leave Genoa City behind. Be sure to stay tuned to The Young and the Restless to find out how this baby drama plays out. Is Kyle the father or is it a hoax? Can Summer hand in there or will she head for the hills? Will Sally and Theo ever get what they truly deserve and will Y&R ever do right by longtime fan favorite characters? Time will tell all.

Cheryl E Preston
Cheryl E Preston
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