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The Young and the Restless: Official Spoilers Through the Week of Thanksgiving

The twists and turns continue in Genoa City

By Cheryl E PrestonPublished 5 years ago 3 min read
Changes are coming

Soaps She Knows at indicates that their spoiler alerts for The Young and the Restless are accurate and do not change because they come directly from the CBS studio.

During the next two weeks there will be a lot of twists, turns, and changes in Genoa City leading up to Thanksgiving. Nick thought he would be starting his political career but instead it may be derailed by Chelsea's involvement with Simon Black. Nicholas mentioned dropping out this past week after the hostage situation but has not yet made a final decision. Ms. Lawson is over her head with the Simon Black situation and also money laundering. She can't seem to get away from her past which is pretty shady for a would be politician's wife.

Devon will sense that something is wrong and later receive a distressing call from Jill who will have made a startling discovery. Cane's dad Colin will surface in the Maldives and have to answer to his former wife. Everything that has happened relating to Katherine's will seems to indicate that Mr. Atkinson is behind Amanda coming to Genoa City.

Colin will show up around November 21 but that date may be off a few days due to the impeachment hearings. Cane's dad will only be around for a couple of episodes. When his ex locates him, he will say he has been expecting her. Jill will seek answers from him but end up with more questions. Viewers are hoping this will be the time when the mystery surrounding Katherine's fortune and this crazy storyline will be over and done. Cane is going to be cornered and eventually The Young and the Restless will reveal whether or not he is in cahoots with his dear old dad. Viewers are divided on this issue, with Daniel Goddard fans hoping he will not leave Genoa City in disgrace. Amanda will finally come clean and the truth about her past will finally come to light.

Speaking of Ms. Sinclair, she has been getting cozy with Nate who may lose his medical license because of his role in Victor's fake death scheme. has a photo of Amanda, Nate, Mariah, Elena, Kyle, Lola, Rey are Maria helping Sharon serve Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless. Jack is going to be surprised at Billy so perhaps he comes into contact with his sibling's alter ego. Meanwhile Victor and Nikki will host a Thanksgiving dinner at the ranch. It's not yet known, which family members and Genoa City residents will be in attendance, but spoilers say the event will take an unexpected turn.

Phyllis is on the prowl and like a dog with a bone she is not letting up until she gets the answers she is looking for. Ms. Summers suspects something regarding Chance and Adam but neither man is talking. The body language between the two is suggestive as if they have a deep dark secret or their relationship has been more intimate than anyone realizes. It will be fun watching Phyllis show up at every turn and grilling Chance and Adam trying to force them to talk.

Adam and Chelsea will be dealing with Conner who has been traumatized by the hostage crisis. Spoilers say Ms. Lawson will decide to move in with her son and his father. This will excite all The Young and the Restless viewers who are Chaddam fans but will probably lead to the end of her relationship with Nick. Nothing has been revealed yet regarding how the Abbott family will spend the holiday. Jack is furious that Ashley wants to take their new nephew to Paris when they have only just met him so this may factor in.

Theo could accompany Summer to the Newman feast, but if she is still angry about not being told her grandfather was not dead they may make other plans. The duo could show up at the Abbott mansion or make their own private plans. Be sure to keep up with The Young and the Restless during the next two weeks. There will be some exciting episodes coming up and you don't want to miss even one.


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