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‘The Young and the Restless’ fans demand justice for the legacy of Kristoff St John and Jeannie Cooper

The current storyline would have Neil and Katherine turning in their graves if possible,

By Cheryl E PrestonPublished 4 years ago 4 min read
Neil and Katherine.

What were the writers thinking?

A number of viewers of The Young and the Restless are currently expressing the same sentiment on various social media platforms. On Twitter, Facebook, and in comments on spoiler alerts, the fans in one accord are demanding justice. The outrage is over the fact that Katherine Chancellor’s billions are now in the hands of Colin Atkinson. Those who enjoy the CBS daytime drama are also troubled that this unpopular storyline led to the firing of Daniel Goddard and had been carried into 2020. Quite a few Y&R devotees have said they wonder what the writers were thinking to do such a thing to Devon, who is Neil’s son as well as Katherine’s grandson. No one can figure out what the purpose was supposed to he in having Cane’s dad end up with billions of dollars.

Neil and Katherine were beloved characters

Katherine Chancellor and Neil Winters we’re beloved characters as well as friends on The Young and the Restless. The man and woman who portrayed these soap icons were also highly regarded. Head writer Josh Griffith has not commented on this particular storyline so Y&R fans have no idea where his head is in this situation. To paraphrase using the words from a Jim Croce dong: “ You don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit in the wind, you don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger and you don’t mess around soap fans and legacy characters.

Jeannie Cooper‘s character is still sorely missed

Actress Jeannie Cooper passed away on May 8th 2013. Her character Katherine Chancellor was put to rest a number of months later. When the Will was read, Kay had left the bulk of her estate to her grandson Devon. Mrs. C as she was affectionately referred to was honored with a memorial and Chancellor Park was named for her. Both Katherine and Jeannie are sorely missed by cast mates as well as friends and family in Genoa City and continued to be mentioned seven years after passing away. Devon was doing a great job with his grandmother’s billions and it’s a travesty that all that money fell into the wrong hands.

Kristoff St John one year anniversary is coming soon

Kristoff St John was found dead on February 1st 2019. His death is still fresh in the minds of his cast mates as well as his fans. Just before New Year the day ahead episode of The Young and the Restless was a tribute to St. John but it did not air the following day. This may have been because the shows were running behind as a result of the impeachment inquiries. It’s posssiblr the tribute episode may air around or on February 1st, Many viewers were hoping Devon would get a Christmas miracle and his money would be returned. Now that Colin’s scam has crossed over into the New Year, many fans are angry.

Y&R fans want swift justice for Devon

A number of those who watch The Young and the Restless are upset that Colin outsmarted both Jill and Devon. Viewers want Mr. Atkinson brought yo justice and what’s left of Devon’s inherits returned. This is a storyline where the writers dropped the ball, because it involves two beloved , zcast members who have passed away. Love for Kristoff, Jeannr, Katherine, and Neil is causing some viewers to say they will stop watching the CBS daytime drama. Perhaps a reprieve is coming because Chance recently announced that he was going to open his own private business and Devon told Elena that he may have to hire him. With all the resources between Devon and Victor there is no reason Colin should not have already been tracked down.

Will justice prevail?

Colin is wreckless so it’s possible he may have already gone through a considerable sum of Devon’s money. Mr. Atkinson is not as bright as he believes, so he probably has left a paper trail. However this turns out, the viewers may never get over the fact that this crazy storyline was even considered. Perhaps by the time the anniversary of Kristoff St John arrives, Devon might have received his miracle. Let’s hope justice prevails, for the sake of concerned viewers who feel this is a slap in the face to both Neil and Katherine.

Neil and Katherine deserve better

At the time she passed away, Jeanne Cooper had been on The Young and the Restless close to 40 years. Her character was on the show the longest of anyone to date. What’s the use of a memorial in Chancellor Park, if everything Kay Chancellor worked so hard got ends up in the hands of a con artist. If the writers truly want to honor Jeanne Cooper and Krostoff St John they need to do the right thing by the man who is their son and grandson. If it were possible, Neil, Katherine, Kristoff, and Jeannie would all be turning flips in their graves. If they were able to return from the great beyond, I imagine they would have done so and smacked a few people by now.


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