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Summer is marking her territory while Lola is taking the high road on 'Y&R'

Kyle's current and former wife are on a collision course and Theo might be the one who intervenes.

By Cheryl E PrestonPublished 4 years ago 5 min read
Summer and Lola via for Kyle’s affections

On Wednesday's episode of The Young and the Restless, Jack, Lola, and Summer celebrated Kyle's birthday at Jabot. Summer presents her ex husband with a photo of the two of them when they were children. Lola says the duo are really cute as "Skyle" goes down memory lane, discussing how they were pretending they were Cinderella and the prince. Lola thanks Summer for the gift and then Theo shows up. He says he is not upset about not being invited to the party and says he has a gift for the birthday boy. He then presents Kyle with proof that his latest project is a success. Kyle is clearly annoyed with his cousin and Lola asks him to walk her to the elevator.

Lola tells her husband he is allowing his cousin to push his buttons. She adds that she did not like the fact that his first wife gave him such a personal gift. Kyle responds that she did not seem as if it upset her. Lola says that's because she chose not to allow Summer to get to her and suggests he do the same with Theo. When Lola leaves, Kyle goes back into the office an shakes his cousin's hand. "Kola" fans will be elated that Lola took the high road and did not allow Summer to get under her skin, but the fact that she addresses the situation speaks volumes. This lets the viewers know that Mrs. Abbott is not ignorant of what is going on. Summer giving her ex husband a reminder of their childhood was inappropriate, considering he has a new wife. What woman wants to have a photo of her husband's former spouse in their home?

Summer was pretty bold when she tried to stop Kyle and Lola from getting married, but she has changed. The picture was not an over attempt to mark her territory, but that is what it will turn out to be. This will be a reminder to Lola that Summer has history with her husband from childhood. "Skyle" grew up like brother and sister and later became lovers, then spouses. Their history cannot be erased and now they are working together on the future of Jabot. Lola could put her foot down and tell her spouse that she does not want him in such close proximity to his ex-wife, but that's not her style. Lola will continue taking the high road because she trusts her husband and won't see that Theo is the one she needs to worry about.

Mr. Vanderway recently asked Summer why she did not tell Kyle that he was interested in Lola. He accused her of remaining silent because she wants him to succeed so that she can be with his cousin. This is a difficult situation for Summer because she knows that Jack has faith in his nephew. She likes Lola and also does not want to hurt Kyle. By giving him their photo she is signaling that she believes the two of them will always be a team, but she may be doing so unwittingly. Theo on the other hand is a man on a mission and he might just succeed. Lola is vulnerable and Kyle is the only man she has ever been with. She had to notice that it was her husband who initiated the conversation regarding what he and Summer were doing when the photo was taken. The two of them were talking as if Jack and Lola were not even in the room.

Lola might just confide in Theo who would play her like a fiddle. He might even say that if he were married to her he would not give Summer a second glance. He also might point out to his cousins wife that she would be fighting a losing battle to try to keep "Skyle" apart. Lola is not the type to resort to tricks or threats, so Theo might wear her down and she decide that Summer and Kyle belong together. Spoiler alerts have suggested that Kyle and Summer will eventually get back together but no one knows how this situation will play out. Lola was strong and independent when Kyle met her and stood her ground regarding her virginity. She has gone through so much withe the transplant, Summer's meddling, her father showing up and her job at society.

The new Mrs. Abbott got more than she bargained for when she married into the Abbott family and now there is cousin Theo. She might end up crying on his shoulder and fall into his arms. While everyone is expecting Kyle to cheat with Summer, his wife might decide she is tired of sharing him with his ex and choose the man who only has eyes for her. Little by little Theo may chip away at her resolve so that Lola may not find it so easy to remain on the high road. “Kola” fans won’t like it but it’s probably inevitable.

Viewers will recall that Lola kept her virginity intact until Kyle was married to Summer and she changed her mind and gave in. It may seem unlikely but it’s within the realm of possibility that she could give in to Theo. Kyle going on and on with Summer about their childhood without realizing how this would make his wife feel indicates that he is not as protective of Lola as he once was. In the beginning of “Kola’s” relationship he was tough on Summer and put her in her place. Not long ago, when Lola wanted to celebrate Kyle’s first promotion to COO, with champagne, he told her he already had done that with Summer.

Because she is trying not actively trying to interfere in the “Kola” marriage, Kyle believes he can trust Summer and that they love each other like friends. In truth, she is now inadvertently and unwittingly staking her claim, and it may be the actions of Theo and Lola that put “Skyle” back together.


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