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By umer aliPublished about a year ago 4 min read
The Way Of NBA
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For teams, most of the financial upside comes during the NBA playoffs. Every game a team wins during the playoffs brings in about $930,000 in revenue, and the Spurs won 60 last season. The Jazz earned about $1.3 million by winning 57 games, and the Clippers won a league-best 52.

Teams also get a share from TV contracts and corporate partnerships.

ESPN pays about $1.9 billion annually for the rights to NBA games, and the league gets about 50 per cent of the network’s revenue from television, radio and sponsors. ESPN pays the NBA about $700 million per year.


Wizards owner Ted Leonsis said the most-likely scenario is that Trump will be out of office before the Wizards host the Knicks or Rockets next season, but isn’t so sure it will happen that fast.

“But remember this: Trump being out of office is less likely than Wizards being in playoffs,” he said. “So we’ll throw it out there: The Wizards will be in the playoffs next year.”

The general belief out there right now is that the 2021 offseason will be a monster. Teams like the Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, Oklahoma City Thunder, New York Knicks and many others will have massive cap space entering the summer.

Are they poised to make a run at LeBron James? Possibly, but we will have to wait and see what the other teams like the Los Angeles Clippers will do. The 2023 free agency class will be a very interesting group to watch as well.

Like the 2019 free agency class, we are going to take a look at some potential options for the 2023 free agency class.

We will look at who they are and what they will be expected to do.

Terry Rozier proved to be a legitimate starting point guard at the end of the season with an impressive playoff run.

Free Agency: Terry Rozier (2yrs avg $7.5m)

Whats For Lebron?: Probably more on his money then anything else.

What this means for the Celtics: Rozier will have become an important part of the Celtics team. when he will have hit free agency, he will still be a young starting point guard on a team looking to be contenders in the NBA. The Celtics have shown that they will pay guys more than the market is willing to pay. At least with Rozier, the team can be certain that if they don't re-sign him, they will have another good player around for the next 2-3 years.

5 players on the rise in NBA fantasy value in 2023. The Warriors become the #1 team on this list, the Rockets have a lineup upgrade in Harden.

PG – RJ Hunter (24 yrs old)

Hunter will probably still be a member of the Hawks organization when he is on the free agent market in 2023

Whats For Lebron?: He will be 38 years old when the 2023 NBA free agency class is starting to take shape. The Nuggets are not going to spend $25 million a year on Chandler and will want to bring him back. Any potential free agent can see that the Nuggets are going to be in rebuilding mode for the next 2 years and will most likely be looking to see if the Nuggets can bring back guys that they can build around.

PG – Shelvin Mack (27 yrs old)

Mack will probably be a starter for the Heat at the start of the 2023 free agency class.

Whats For Lebron: He will still be at the prime of his career when he hits free agency in 2023. The Pacers will probably see if they can keep George for the future, but this might be the last chance that he sees with a team in the East.

PG – Tyler Ennis (26 yrs old)

The Bucks are probably going to be a team looking to be good in 2-3 years. Ennis will probably be looking to be the starting point guard for them.

Whats For Lebron: He will still be a very good player in 2-3 years, but will be at the tail end of his career. The Pistons might see if they can keep Drummond through the 2020-2021 season, and Ennis could be playing under Drummond's contract at that point.

PG – John Wall (29 yrs old)

Wall is probably going to be a Rocket or might sign with the Celtics in the coming years. Regardless of where Wall will end up, he is one of the top players in this 2023 free agent class.

Whats For Lebron: He will still be a good player. The Suns would be crazy not to try and bring Wall in for the 2020 season. The Rockets could lose Capela or make a run at the Warriors. The Raptors might see if they can sign Wall and DeRozan. Either way, Wall is going to be an impact player.

What this means for the Nuggets: the Nuggets will be going up against LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Paul George for the rights to Chandler's services. This will be one of the toughest decisions in free agency for the Nuggets and could take them out of the running for any of these guys.



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