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The Way Of Google Maps

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By umer aliPublished about a year ago 3 min read
The Way Of Google Maps
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Google Maps.

Earlier this year, Google showed off its new Maps app at the Google I/O developer conference. One notable aspect is the Maps app will now provide layers of information and personalization. This particular feature will work differently than most other personalization experiences you’ve seen before because the features will be for both professionals and consumers.

While presenting this feature, Google introduced two new design elements – tabs and cards. The first tab shows an overall map of the area and is filled with several options for business owners. The business owner can choose what types of options they want to present, like the options of open hours, cars parked outside, transit route information or map customization. The tab also features a category of businesses such as barbershops, banks, car shops, etc.

The second tab is for consumers. This is where the comparison is more likely to occur and where you can compare personal services in the area. The map shows the features of both the consumer and business owner. Consumers can click and learn more about the service such as the conditions of the carport, how often it has been updated, reviews of the business, hours, directions to the location and more. Consumers can use the tab to compare the quality of the experience of the carport or decide if they want to give the business a lower rating.

Why We need Google Maps

I’m not a developer. I’ve never worked on a big game, app or online project. And I certainly don’t think it’s easy to code apps or websites.

But what I do know is that I’ve had some very important business experiences in the past. And if I would have had Google Maps before those, I would have been able to make all the right decisions and work with the tools I needed in a way that I couldn’t have without that tool.

Having Google Maps open up before me, I would have easily seen the street layout of the area and been able to easily make a better decision for my future business.

Here’s why:

I would have gotten a better idea of what traffic to expect at a certain time.

I would have seen how many cars are actually parked on the street and how many customers are coming in.

I would have seen which businesses are closed and what time they close.

I would have determined the best hours to offer different services to my customers.

Later, I would have been able to learn about Google’s new features for this app such as personalization and directions.

I would have learned about the types of tools I can use to make the most of my business.

I would have used these tools and customized my carport the best way I know how.

I would have found a better carport – one that I could move in a few days, with a bit of risk, that would be set up in a way that I could improve and alter as my business grows.

I would have saved money when I couldn’t move my car in and had the work to be done – time and money in my pocket.

I would have saved time as I wouldn’t need to make other plans or get stuck in traffic.

And ultimately, the tools that we use every day will impact our success. Business owners need to get tools that are going to help them run their business. At Google, Those People been working for a long time to bring tools to the people. These tools are important for people all around the world – it is important to give these tools to people all around the world.

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