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The story of my one, and only acting role as the wicked witch of the west in a production of the Wizard of Oz

A wonderful memory preserved

By RIKKI LA ROUGEPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

when I was in Girl Scouts for a little bit, we did a makeshift production of the Wizard of Oz. Yours truly meaning me was cast as the wicked witch of the west. It was my one and only acting role. I enjoyed it immensely. It was very very very very fun.

There are no pictures from that production just a lot of memories and that’s pretty cool. I think perhaps the parents did come to the production if I’m not mistaken, but then again, I don’t remember. I just remember being cast of the wicked witch and giving it the role that they gave me my all to make my role really cool. I originally wanted to be cast as Dorothy but no such luck and I’m glad it didn’t work out like that. I’m glad I was casted as the wicked witch of the west because in fact, that was a role that was a heck of a lot more fun to play the baddie.

It was really fun saying things like I’ll get you my pretty in the tone of voice that would be closer to that of the wicked witch of the west, and also saying things like a melting melting at the end of the production. For that scene, the melting scene, I had to you know, do a really dramatic and funny way to convey to the audience that I was melting and then afterwards, when I hit the floor, I rolled off to the back of the stage and that was that was cool.

I don’t remember how we did the scene where the house crushes me but yes I do I had to be under some thing and it just showed my feet and when it the person took the shoes off my feet once again, I had to quickly run off stage and stuff because you know that’s what happened in the story where Dorothy takes the shoes off the dead chicks feet.

I tell you that was the most active time of doing anything memorable in Girl Scouts because we really didn’t do that much if anything at all in Girl Scouts. It was basically just a coffee clutch as a Girl Scout meeting and nothing happened. But anyway back to our production of the Wizard of Oz by our Girl Scout troop . Whoever had the idea for our troop to do a makeshift production of Wizard of Oz had a really really good idea and that’s the truth too.

We all had to bring our own costumes in order to do the production. Me, my costume, for the wicked witch of the west was wicked witch had I had lying around and the Elvira dress. As I’m doing this article, I’m remembering more details of the production. I have not really thought about it in years even though I have thought about it as a point of pride that that was my one and only acting role. doing that role was something I was proud of even though it was just a makeshift role in a makeshift play by rag tag Girl Scout troop.

Where we did, the production was at a dark church on a hill in the middle of nowhere with very few houses around, and that adds to the mystique of doing the Wizard of Oz in a church in in the middle of nowhere at night. I give my performance an A+. this has been the story of me being the wicked witch of the west in the production of the Wizard of Oz by a Girl Scout who was it. Thank you, the end.

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