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Thank you for everything Regis Philbin and Gilbert Godfrey

You are both missed.

By Rikki la rougePublished 5 months ago 3 min read

I was saddened to hear about the passing Regis Philbin, Regis had become a staple on television like you turn it on, and no matter what you were watching beat upset. Once Regis Filman showed up on your TV you knew everything was gonna be OK at least that’s a how I thought of the man. I always saw Regis Philbin as your televisions built-in grandfather. I love that the man had a sense of humor about himself and his projects and stuff. Why do I say this is because one time on mad TV which I didn’t like the early 2000s they always did a parody of who wants to be a millionaire that we just was the host of and from time to time Regis would come on mad TV and parody himself and I thought, that was a good sport of him all around.

There is one little thing to take away from this, regardless of any medium video or wherever Regis likes so many other great talents and entertainment, who have passed away, will always live on in those mediums. it is very cliché to say this, but it is very true. Nonetheless, that Regis Philbin never forgot where he came from. He was just a humble kid from Brooklyn, who made good as they used to say.

Regis turned hosting things into an art form which is what it was and also after Regis it’s a science. Live with Regis and whoever else was always a good talkshow and then after his passing the talk show still is good and fortunately Regis is presence in the show is still felt and so that’s all I wanted to say about that.

The passing of Gilbert Godfrey came as a shock to me, and I’m not going to deny it either. truly unexpected his passing was, and like I said, for Regis Philbin, Gilbert, Godfrey will always live on in his videos and his work, and anything else. Gilbert was truly something special to the comedic world. His talent was immense true honest child like an adulterated and awesome. Gilbert was a one of a kind comic.

He was loud, he was abrasive, he was in your face, and that’s what made him brilliant. He was a nice Jewish kid from Brooklyn, who never forgot where he came from and he never forgot his humble beginnings in Brooklyn either. Through my mother by accident I got into Gilbert Godfrey and his comedy. Being a big kid himself Gilbert play iconic roles in children’s programming and movies, such as he was the dentist in the fairly odd parents, and if memory serves correctly, he was Zhivago, the little red bird in Aladdin, and also he was the principal in problem, child one and two. It takes a special talentto be able to work with children and not have to change who you are and have it translate successfully and it does take a special talent to be able to do shows for adults and children. His last role on this plane was as a nightclub owner in the Amazon prime series, the marvelous, Mrs. Maisel.

When Lucille Ball died, they said that heaven needed to laugh, and the same is true of God needing another laugh so he called up Gilbert Godfrey and said Gilbert this is geez why I say that is because Gilbert Godfrey has a whole comedic bit about meeting Jesus and Jesus calling and Jesus telling Gilbert just to call him geez. Gilbert didn’t have to try he was. If I do say, so, Gilbert, this is just my opinion was the gold standard of what it meant to be a comedic genius.

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