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'The Sims—The Movie' - Cancelled

Welp, guess no movie...

By Nathan MillerPublished 4 years ago 4 min read
The great franchise

Well, as you may know, The Walt Disney Company has acquired 21st century Fox and its assets, including 20th Century Fox, the studio that was meant to be making many upcoming films, including a film adaption of The Sims based on the popular game franchise. Being a fan, I was really excited to go see it, having loved the Sims for a long part of my life. I even wrote a separate thing about it here on Vocal, talking about the film's many possibilities, and how cool it could've been. If you would like to read it just click here. But, it has come to my attention recently that Disney, while making great films, still of course being a company, decided to take many upcoming Fox projects out of production, fearing they may not do well. This included films such as a Sandlot prequel, a Megaman film adaption, a Flash Gordon film held by Thor: Ragnarok (and the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder)'s own, Taika Waititi, and of course, the film adaption of The Sims. Well, all I can say is... that's a bummer.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I love Disney, I've loved them for my whole life. I love the movies they make, I love how they are as a company, I love a lot of video games that they have made. But, and I mean, maybe I'm the only one here, but I was really looking forward to The Sims—The Movie. I have been all excited to see all the possible stuff they could've done with it, as I've said before in my previous article. I just feel like, it could've potentially been something that people would've loved, and definitely would've paid to see. I mean, The Sims on its own has made a lot of money, with its four main games, and many expansion packs, game packs, etc. Though, it also could've been a loss of money if it wasn't made properly and in a way that would've respected the series.

But still, and I'm not hating on Disney here, they could've at least taken the chance. There was still that little possibility there where The Sims—The Movie makes tons of money, maybe even breaks the billion dollar mark and creates a popular film franchise of its own. That is a slight possibility, but still a possibility nonetheless. That would've been a very high payment made towards Disney, even with Marvel, Star Wars, their own films, other Fox properties, etc, this could've been another one of those. One of the best things about franchises is that they took a chance. The original Iron Man film, the first Star Wars, the original X-Men (I know this is Fox and way before Disney even owned them, but still, I'm trying to make a point), all of these and many more franchises all started out as just one film. All of them could've easily flopped and never been heard of again, but instead, they created billion dollar franchises that will be remembered for years to come. While a film adaption of The Sims likely wouldn't be a billion dollar masterpiece right away, it probably started something that became a lot more.

Now, you're probably thinking, "Nah, movies based off of video games never work." Well, what about Detective Pikachu? That certainly wasn't a bomb. True, it already had a large franchise beforehand, but still. It was a movie based off of a video game, and it worked out so successfully. And sure, it could just be a one-off thing where only one video game movie works, but wait, The Angry Birds Movie 2 is about to release in the US, and is already the highest-rated video game film adaption of all time. Now, what is my point? My point is, what if The Sims—The Movie did release, if it did well, maybe it could've followed in what could end up as a chain of video game film releases being successful and well-received. Sure, there was also a chance where it would've bombed completely and everyone hated the movie, but still, there was also a chance that it could've ended up as a success.

Overall, I am in the thought process that while, I completely understand why Disney chose not to go through with this movie, I still wish that they had. The Sims—The Movie could've potentially been a really good movie that I am sure I probably would've enjoyed, as would other Sims fans. But, I guess we'll just never know how it turns out, or maybe we will. Maybe another company will decide to do it, maybe Disney will change their mind; time will tell. But, even if it does, we may wait a long time to possibly, if we ever, get to see a scene where a bowl of cereal catches on fire, or people drown in a pool only because someone else got rid of a ladder, or any other interesting things that make us look back to The Sims. Thank you for reading, and I hope that one day, The Sims gets its own movie.


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