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The REAL Hero of the 'Breaking Bad' Franchise

Yeah, f&ck Walter White.

By Mae McCreeryPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
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Walter White deserved to die, Saul Goodman is a victim of circumstance, and Mike Ehrmantraut IS THE HERO THAT DESERVED A HAPPY ENDING. Also Spoiler Alert for 'Breaking Bad' and 'Better Call Saul' below.

Fight Me. Walter White was never a hero in his story. He was a selfish asshole who just got lucky and screwed over everyone in his life every chance he got. Maybe his intentions were good in the first episode, but the second he tried to RAPE HIS PREGNANT WIFE AND THREW HER AGAINST THE SOLID METAL FRIDGE I WANTED HIM DEAD. He deserved every horrible thing he got, including the cancer.

When I say I hate the character of Walter White, I cheered every single time he got the shit beat out of him or got a gun shoved in his face. I love Bryan Cranston, he's a phenomenal actor, but the character of Walter White should not have been made as popular as he was.

I watched the showed with my roommates and yeah, I was playing my own drinking game during it to get through it. I felt that Jesse deserved better, that Skylar should've divorced him, and that Mike should not have died.

The characters of Mike and Saul made me want to finish 'Breaking Bad' because I felt like these were two characters who were truly doing bad things for the right reasons. Not just reasons they thought were justified, but they were truly trying to help others, not themselves.

When Saul managed to get away with a new identity, I thought that Mike could get away too.

I openly sobbed when Walter shot Mike, and while Mike was dying Walter just HAD to follow him and just HAD to start talking about how he just realized that he didn't have to kill Mike. Walter could've gone to that woman or Fring or anyone else to get the information he wanted and that he regretted wasting his own time, not the fact that he basically just admitted to shooting an innocent man.

Mike just wanted to provide for his granddaughter.

And he just got fucked over, because Walter wasn't smart enough to think of another option.

So, when I found out they were making 'Better Call Saul' and that Mike was coming back, I was so happy. This show just makes me love these characters even more.

Finally, an AMC show where they give us characters to actually feel moral turmoil with.

Saul Goodman, who in the show is actually Jimmy McGill, starts off as a public defender in Albuquerque NM and is struggling to get by. It's revealed later that his brother is suffering from a psychotic break that makes him believe he's allergic to electricity, when in truth he's just suffering from stress and anxiety and the rejection of his ex wife.

Jimmy is taking care of his brother, his clients, and living in the back room of a nail salon making cold calls to potential clients pretending to be an old English Woman. He's having a hard time and that's before he gets roped into the cartel.

Meanwhile, Mike moves to Albuquerque from Philly after retiring as a cop to come and help his Daughter in Law raise his granddaughter. It's explained in flashbacks that his son passed away while working as a cop and Mike's daughter in law is convinced that something bigger was going on in her husbands life but Mike repeatedly tells her to drop it. But they both go to grief counseling and help each other through their loss.

Honestly, I don't know of many men who would do half the things Mike does in this show, and I'm not talking about being a security guard for Gustavo Fring, a distributer for the cartel. He takes good care of his granddaughter, teaching her how to build things, how to garden, letting her be a kid, helping her with her homework; and on top of that he helps his daughter in law keep up her house, helps pay the bills, make sure they feel safe at home by literally sitting outside in his car to watch to see if a burgler comes by. If she volunteers for a local church, he goes to. They go to grief counseling together, he doesn't drop her off and pick her off, he goes to the meetings with her and talks.

He's a good man. Jimmy is a good man. They both deserved more than what they got.


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