The Raccoon City Incident

Chapters 8-10

The Raccoon City Incident

This is a work of Fan Fiction. The original characters/story/pictures, copyright is held by Capcom International. There are some additional fictional characters added by me. This story has a mixture of everything. From the games to the comics and some scenes from the films, and of course from my own imagination. Many thanks to capcom for creating a fantastic franchise and thank you for the excellent remake of Resident Evil 2 & 3. If anyone wants to contact me please email me at [email protected]

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Chapter 8

September 25th

Dr. William Birkin opened his eyes. Its 7.00 am, the sun is halfway up in the sky. The lights to the city are just starting to switch off after the night of cleaning and maintenance. William slowly got out of bed. Annette Birkin opened her eyes as well as the sun gleamed in.

“Morning,” She said “Shall I get breakfast”

“No thank you” William replied “I’m not hungry”

William stood up, walking over to the window, looking out at the other houses. Every occupant is related to someone who works in the top department of the Umbrella Corporation. Surrounded by a fifteen-foot steel fence, Umbrella takes the security of its staff and its family to the highest level. William didn’t hesitate. He was already getting dressed before Annette got out of bed. He turned looking at the picture on the draws. It is a picture of him at age getting his doctorate as a fifteen-year-old teenager. One year after employed by the Umbrella Corporation. He worked alongside Dr. James Marcus and Albert Wesker. Now chief virologist of the Umbrella Pharmaceuticals he is protected by the corporation.

“I’m going to go and check on Sherry,” Annette said “Get her ready for school”

Annette left the bedroom walking across the landing. Sitting in her bedroom, looking out of the window, in her school uniform is Sherry.

“Morning Sherry”

Sherry turned her head looking at Annette.

“Morning,” She said in a monophonic voice

Sherry sits quietly looking onto the fields that surrounded the housing estate. The city skyline in the distance.

“Are you ready for school?” Annette asked

Sherry nods. William walked up the stairs towards Sherry’s bedroom. He has his case in his hands ready for the day’s work at the Umbrella lab NEST underneath of the city.

“Sherry,” He said

Sherry lifted her head looking at her dad as he stood in the doorway. He is holding on a small paper box.

“Here I got something for you,” He said “Little present to say how proud I am of you at school”

Sherry looked at her dad as he entered the bedroom, Annette standing by the doorway as well. William handed Sherry the small box. She sat down on the tip of the bed, her room is organized not a speck of dirt anywhere. Everything is in place.

“What’s this,” She asked

Sherry opened the small box. She looked to see a shiny heart necklace.

“Oh wow,” She said with a smile

“Do you like it?”

Sherry pulled the necklace out of the small box.

“Here let me help you,” Annette said

Annette sat down onto the tip of the bed. She helped Sherry attach the necklace around her neck.

“Thank you,” She said

“Present from mommy and daddy,” She said “For doing so well at school, the school principal phoned me and said you are top of the year again”

Sherry didn’t reply.

William sits in the automobile. He turns on the radio as it approached 7.50 He sits back into the seat planning the days work out in his head.

“This is the Raccoon Seven news” He heard “Raccoon City is in shock today after a truck carrying Liquid Hydrogen crashed yesterday in the Downtown Area. Two firefighters risked their own lives to avert the disaster”

William started the car.

“The Raccoon City Police Department is also in shock about the death of one of their senior officers yesterday”

Annette walked out of the house making sure the door locks. Sherry walks down the sidewalk.

“Officer Stella Westbrook was bitten by an individual,” The reporter said

William looks down at the radio.

“But died shortly after the incident took place in the Raccoon City hospital, what doctors believed to be a heart attack bought on by the stress of the attack, Michael Warren and police Chief Brian Irons are going to be holding a press conference later today”

William stares down at the radio as Annette steps into the car. William jumped out of his daydream.

“Are you ok?” She asked

William continued listening to the radio.

“Excuse me,” He said

“Are you ok?” Annette asked “You haven’t been right these last couple of days”

“What?” He said again “Oh yes I’m fine, just so much work these last couple of days”

William pulls off the driveway. Sherry is seen walking along the sidewalk towards the estate's exit.

“Sherry” Annette called out the window “Do you want a ride to the bus stop”

“No thanks” She called “I need the walk”

Sherry continued walking towards the gates. William looked up as they arrived at the huge black gates.

“Doctor Birkin,” The guard said

William just looks at the gates. He turns his head.


“Morning” The guard replied

“Oh sorry” He replied “Have a good day”

William pulls out onto the main road. He turns to the left, he looked at the main roads that lead to the highway. Passing the many houses along the way. Annette looks out the front window seeing the city skyline come into view.

The Umbrella Headquarters come into view. The huge Red and White logo of the corporation stood out as they arrived at the entrance to the underground car park. A parking space reserved for him and Annette. Leads to the reception where they can head into the underground complex. William reached for his bag from the trunk. Anette grabbed hold of William.

“Listen to me,” She asked

“What,” William asked

Annette looks him in the eyes.

“What is wrong?” She asked “You have been on edge all day”

William didn’t reply looking over at the entrance to the underground lab.

“It’s the work,” He said “It has been so much lately”

William grasped to his bag. He held onto Annette has walked over to the entrance.

“Come on,” She said “Let's go to work”

William and Annette entered the elevator. He swiped his card through the reader hitting the unique four-digit PIN on the keypad. The elevator started a quick descent down into NEST. The underground lab belonging to the corporation. He reached into his pocket, he felt a small piece of paper inside of it. It has been in there for a couple of days. He has given it a few days ago. He felt his hand twitch.

“I’ve been thinking,” Annette said

“What’s that?” William said turning his head looking at her.

“We need to spend some time with Sherry,” She said “Maybe book a vacation, just the three of us”

“Yes,” William said in a monophonic tone

“It's not fair” She replied “The whole of the summer and spring break, we were working we hardly spent any time with her”

“Good idea,” William said

They reached the bottom floor of the lab. He walked out. The walls are gleaming white. Viral experiments are going on here daily. Some to be sold to the highest bidder in World Governments. William looked through the glass windows at the scientists studying the viruses, ready to be redesigned and used as a weapon. He continued to hold onto the small piece of paper in his pocket. He walked through the shiny corridor.

“Dr. Birkin to lab one zero one there is a call for you”

William turned to Annette clutching his briefcase.

“I’ll see you at lunchtime,” William said

“Remember what I said” Annette replied

“What’s that?”

Annette looks at William, seeing in his eyes he is eager to get to work.

“We need to spend some more time with Sherry”

“What?” He said again “Oh yes sorry, I will look at booking of some vacation time, maybe head away for Christmas, in Honolulu”

Annette doesn’t reply as William turned around heading to the main lab.


Len and Charlie sat at the conference room stage in City Hall. He in his tailored suit. Blue shirt and black tie. The Raccoon 7 news crew is there. Len looked seeing Marvin Branagh and a few of the other RPD officers who had connections with Officer Stella Westbrook. Alyssa Ashcroft arrived.

“Excuse me,” She demanded “Coming through, Racoon Press”

Michael Warren suddenly walked out from behind the curtain. Followed by Fire Commissioner Alonso Fletcher, Chief Brian Irons walked out as well slowly behind them. Wallace smiled looking at the picture of Stella Westbrook on the easel. Michael took a long deep breath, looking at the cameras as they flashed at him and the other members of the emergency department. Marvin looked at Rita as she sat next to him. He can see she is trying to hide her emotions.

“Hey,” He asked

Rita just looked at the picture of Stella.

“Hey,” He asked again

Rita turned her head looking at Marvin.

“You ok”

Rita gave a slow nod. A small tear ran down the front of her left cheek. Michael walked up to the microphone.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” He spoke “Many thanks for attending this conference”

Marvin looked at Police Chief Irons as he stood at the wooden stand next to Michael Warren.

“Yesterday” He spoke “The Raccoon City Police Department lost one of their longest-serving officers”

Rita grits her teeth wiping a few tears away from her face. Marvin handed her a tissue.

“Officer Stella Westbrook” He spoke “Was due to retire later on this year after twenty-five years in the department”

Brian took a glug of water from the glass on his wooden stand.

“Do you think he has been on edge lately?” Elliot Edwards asked

“A bit” Rita spoke “Even before Westbrook”

Marvin stood up straight looking at the Chief as the end of the speech was given, commendation Officer Stella Westbrook. He then turned to talk about Len and Charlie for their bravery.

“Yesterday as well” Michael continued “There was an accident in the city centre, a container truck, transporting we believe to be liquid hydrogen through the city centre, crashed with another vehicle”

Len and Charlie both kept a straight face as they sat on the stage.

“If it wasn’t for the two brave fire department officers” Michael spoke “This truck would have exploded leading to a great loss of life, thanks to your actions you saved countless lives”

Charlie and Len stood up walking towards the mayor.

“Len Jackson” Michael Warren spoke “This is for your outstanding bravery yesterday”

Marvin watched as Len and Charlie were awarded their trophies. Len and Charlie stood next to one another, the cameras started to flash one after the other.


Marvin walked out of the conference room. He looked at Rita. Chief Irons walked out as well.

“Hey Chief,” He spoke

Brian is in a world of his own.

“Chief,” He asked again

“What?” He replied abruptly

Marvin just looks at the chief

“I” He spoke “I’m sorry, sorry it has got to be a bit Stella”

“Not a problem” He replied “Any news on the people going missing”

Brian just looks at Marvin.

“No,” He said “No new leads, I think two more people went missing yesterday”

“Jesus” Marvin spoke

Marvin watched as Chief Irons pulled his cell phone out of his pocket.

“Excuse me”

Chief Irons walked down the corridor of the City Hall. He glanced around an over his shoulder making sure no one is listening.

“Yes” He goes

There is a pause.

“How are you doing,” A slow monophonic voice asked

“Fine,” He said “The autopsy of Stella Westbrook showed no signs of anything in her blood, she died of a heart attack because of the stress of the attack is what it has been finalized as”

“Good” They heard “We have just sent sixty thousand dollars as a gesture of goodwill into your bank account”

Brian snapped the phone shut. He slid the aerial down walking away from the hallway.

Chapter 9

Ben Bertolucci held onto his bag walking through the Raccoon City Shopping Mall. He looked up at the escalators that lead up to the next level. All of the fast food and restaurant are there. The red and white Umbrella logo is drawn into the wall. He stepped onto the escalator. It seemed to take forever to reach the top floor. Ben arrived at the next floor. He looked to see the Raccoon Café. Sitting outside of it, is Alyssa Ashcroft, the Raccoon Press Reporter. She lifted her head looking to see ben as he walked towards her.

“Ben,” She said

Ben walked towards Alyssa.

“Ms. Ashcroft,” He said “How nice to see you again”

Alyssa closed her laptop and sealing the notebook of notes taken from the press conference.

“How are the investigations of the missing people going?”

Alyssa lowered her head letting her breath out.

“Around,” She said “Three a day are going missing”

“Three” Ben gasped “Why isn’t anyone doing something about this”

Alyssa looks at Ben

“No one knows” She replied “Many people are asking for answers from the R P D”

“What is the Chief Of Police saying?”

Alyssa looked at Ben.

“Not much” She replied “Just the usual bull crap, he is or they are undoing their utmost best for the people of Raccoon City and they are following up on all leads”

Ben looks at Alyssa.

“Where are people going missing?” He asked, “What part of the forest area?”

Alyssa pulled out a small map from the inside of her pocket.

“This is the Raccoon Forest Area,” Alyssa said

Alyssa drew a ring around the forest.

“It leads out to the Arklay Mountains,” She said “Here”

Ben looked in the corner of the forest.

“What’s that?” He asked

“That’s a streetcar line,” She said “That goes about a mile into the forest, it’s a start point for hikers”

Ben looked at the streetcar station. His hand gave a gentle shimmer.


Ben stepped down of the Raccoon City streetcar. It’s the last stop. It has been about a forty-five-minute ride into the Racoon Forest. He reached into his pocket making sure his notebook and pen are still safe. He looked over at the tourist hut. A café is inside of it. He walked up the wooden steps into it. A small jingle from the bell is heard. Only a few people are there. A middle-aged man stands behind the counter. Ben turned his head looking out of the window. A plyboard has been setup. Pictures of missing people are being put onto it.

“It’s very bad,” The barista said

Ben turned to the barista.

“Excuse me,” He asked

Ben strolled up to the counter.

“That” He replied “For the last couple of months, more and more people are going missing out here in the Raccoon Forest”

Ben looked at the civilians of the city as the stared at the pictures of the missing people.

“Where are people going missing” Ben enquired

The café owner looks at Ben.

“In the forest,” He said “We have had people go missing before, but never to this extent”

“Badman,” He said

“Yes” He replied “My takings have gone down, big time, I used to makeover a thousand dollars a day, yesterday I only took two hundred”

Ben shook his head looking down.

“I’ll take a café latte please”

Ben looked to see in the corner of the café some binoculars for sale. They are only small, paper glossy box.

“I’ll have them as well”

Ben walked out of the café holding onto the coffee cup, a carrier bag in his left hand. He turned his head to the left seeing the mountain bike hire company. He looked at the worker as walked out of the building.

“Hi!” Ben goes

The owner looks at Ben.

“Yes,” He replied, “Can I help you?”

“I want to hire a bike”

“Sorry,” He said “The company has just gone bust”

Ben reached into his pocket. He opened his wallet.

“I'll give you sixty dollars,” He said “For that bike”

“I can’t sell them sorry”

“A hundred and fifty fucks”

The owner looks at Ben as he holds the dollar bills in his hands.

Ben jumped onto the bike he has just purchased from the bankrupt company. He rode off. No one is about. It took about thirty-five minutes to ride away from the streetcar station. Soon it is going to be getting dark. Being September, it is starting to get dark earlier due to the season change. Ben stopped after the forty-minute ride into the forest. Ben turned his head looking into the west of the forest. The sun is well and truly into its decent, he looks up at the sky, not a cloud can be seen. He swiped the binoculars looking over his shoulder into the forest. The trees slowly swayed from left to right in the evening breeze. He scanned the Racoon Forest. He continued looking around the forest, he wants to get done before the sun goes down completely and then it is left in the dark. He suddenly looked to see an open area of land. It looks like a bomb site. Bits of rubble and muck and everywhere.

“The hell” He uttered

Ben turned the zoom function in looking at the site. He zoomed in further looking to see the remains of a building. He summoned up the courage. He picked the bike up taking one last look at the sun as it continued to descend into the western horizon. He can just about see Raccoon City in the distance. Lights in the skyscrapers started to switch on ready for the night-time cleaners. Advertisement logos for the business soon to be gleaming. Ben jumped onto the bike riding down towards the destroyed building.

“Huh,” He said

Ben continued riding further into the forest and towards the Arklay Mountains.


Ben put the mountain bike onto the ground. Ready to use when he needs to leave the area. He pulled the binoculars out again looking over the top of the grass into the distance. A destroyed building suddenly grabbed his attention. He zoomed in looking to see it’s the remains of a house. Maybe a mansion. The bits of the building is still standing.

“The hell,” He said “This house wasn’t on the map”

A snap is heard from behind. Ben swung his head around looking into the forest. Nothing is seen. He pulled the bike along slowly still looking over his shoulder into the forest. He suddenly walked on something. He frowned looking down. He looked to see a handgun. It had the imprint of the STARS logo on it.

“So they were out here,” He said “They were telling the truth”

Ben held onto the handgun. Some dried blood is still on it. It has a full round of rounds in the magazine. He slipped it into his pocket.

“Let’s see what we got”

Oswell entered the conference room in Tokyo. He rolled up to the desk in his mobility chair.

“What is going on” He demanded

“Sir,” He said “Someone has arrived at the Spencer Mansion”

The satellite zoomed in on Ben as he walked towards the ruined Spencer mansion.

“Who is that”

The operator typed into the keyboard on the desk.

“Well,” He asked again “Who is it”

“We can’t get facial recognition,” He said “As it is getting dark over the city”

Oswell just looks at the screen. Ben held onto the handgun walking closer to the house. The sun has finished going down, it is now starting to get darker. He pulled out the head torch he purchased from the café as well. He clicked it on edging towards the house. Lingering smells of the destroyed building still linger. Ben arrived at the house. He walked around the side of the door. The stairs are still half-standing after the explosion.

“Look at this place,” He said

Ben turned his head shining the torch around the house. Small bits of brick continued to fall from the house. It has been destroyed, nothing is salvageable. He felt the tiles on the floor crunching beneath his feet as he walked into the house. He turned to the left, trekking over the tiles. He heard a crunch one after the other. He shone the torch onto the ground. A plastic object is seen in the middle of the ground. He kneeled looking around the courtyard. It’s a plastic ID Card. He looked to see the Name “Dr. Liu Cheng” It has the umbrella logo on the front of it. Umbrella has got something to do with the people going missing from the Raccoon Forest. He slipped the ID card into his inside pocket doing up the zip. He heard a shuffle coming from the shrubs ahead of him. He heard some clocking on the tiled grounds. Ben raised his head looking to see some Doberman dogs running through the destroyed house towards him. They just kept running towards him. Blood has dried onto their teeth. Snarling with no mercy.

“Ok I’m out”

Ben ran back through into the house. He heard the creature yelping as it ran towards him.

“There’s no place like home,” He said “No place like home”

Ben ran through the house. He looked up into the clear night sky. As a fan of astronomy himself he looked up at the stars as they glistened down onto the city. He looked to see two small lights close together. He has never seen them before. It’s a satellite. The Umbrella corporation is watching him. He kept his head down heading back in the direction of the bike. He looked up seeing some of the infected Doberman. They ran in from the outside,

“Oh fuck”

Ben froze. The dogs started to surround him. Snarling, they haven’t had a meal for a long time. Oswell stared up at the screen as the Doberman surrounded Ben. No one spoke as they have their eyes locked onto the screen. The dogs snarled at Ben as he reached for the handgun, he doesn’t know which one to shoot first. The dogs suddenly stopped. They snarled howling into the air. They span around running away into the darkness of the forest.

“The hell”

“Where did they go?” Asked Oswell

Ben looked around the house. Some thumping is heard on the ground. The tiny bits of concrete let on the steps that lead to the next floor started to crumble away. Ben looked back towards the direction has just come from. Slowly appearing from the rear of the house is another one of Umbrella's creations. Its green, shaped like a gorilla, long sharp claws on its fingers. Thud, thud as it walked towards him at a slow pace.

“Oh, shit” Ben yelped “Fuck no, no, no.”

Ben lifted the handgun, he rapidly opened fire onto the creature, the bullets just penetrated his body. The creature snarled, Ben span around running back towards the mountain bike.

“No place like home,” He said “There is no place like home”

Ben threw the gun at the creature. He jumped onto the mountain bike and began to peddle. The creature chased after him as he biked away from the mansion. He rode back onto the path that leads back in the direction of the city. He continued to look into the sky as the two dots. Ben knows that the Umbrella Corporation is following him. Ben didn’t look back, he just kept biking away from the chasing monster. He reached up chucking the torch away. The light distracted the monster away from him.

“Thank god”

Ben rode away. Oswell looked up at the screen.

“Find out who he is” He demanded “He cannot speak a word of what he has just seen”

No one spoke.


Ben arrived back at the café. It is pitch black. He took one last look over his shoulder into the Raccoon Forest.

“Jesus” He mumbled

He reached down into his pocket grabbing hold of the plastic ID card. He didn’t want to take the chance in looking up in the sky encase the corporation is still watching him. He kept his head down. One of the streetcars is waiting ready to head back into the city centre. He kept his head down climbing onto the streetcar. He sat down quickly wiping his head. Trembling with fear after just experiencing what he has just seen out in the forest. Dogs are infected with some kind of virus. That green thing he cannot even describe. Ben jumped out of his daydream as the doors to the streetcar hissed closed. He felt his hand and arm trembling again as the streetcar pulled away from the Racoon Forest stop. He kept his head down. He knows he has to evade that space satellite, encase the corporation is trying to catch him. it is going to be a long hour back into the city. He kept his hand on the ID card. Scared to even lift his head and look out of the window.


Oswell looked at the screen. The streetcar rolled into the city centre.

“Is he still on the streetcar?”

“Yes sir” The operator replied

Oswell locked his eyes at the screen.

“We need to find out who that is,” He said “And pass it onto Irons”

Ben looked up as they arrived in downtown Raccoon City. He glanced out the corner of his right eye. He looked to see a streetlamp. He raised his eye looking to see a camera. It is looking down the sidewalk. The camera suddenly started to turn to the left.


Ben lowered his head sitting back into the seat. The streetcar started to roll again. The camera followed the streetcar. The sky is now dark.

“Were losing him” Oswell angered

Ben looked to see the streetcar is about to make a right-hand turn. The porter tunnel came into view. It heads through and underneath the city. This is where he has to lose them. The streetcar turned right heading into the tunnel. He looked to see another camera.


It was too late, it caught his face.

“Sir we have something”

Oswell looked up at the screen. It’s not a clear picture of Ben, but it is something the corporation can work on. Ben stood up as the streetcar sped through the tunnel. A stop is in the middle of the tunnel. He jumped down of the streetcar looking down the tunnel. He looked to see a yellow taxi on its way.

“Taxi” He yelled

The taxi pulled up next to him.

“Apple Inn”

The driver nodded. Oswell looked up at the screen. The streetcar turned to the left. Ben looked at the streetcar knowing that the corporation is going to be following him.

“Hey,” He asked the driver

The driver looked into the rear-view mirror at him.

“Can you make a right hand turn up here please”

“Why is that?” The driver asked

Ben looked at the driver as he kept his eyes on him.

“I’m from out of town,” He said “I haven’t seen this part of the city yet”

The driver nodded pulling right out of the tunnel. Ben watched as the streetcar disappeared into the distance. He glanced out of the window into the clear night sky. The two small dots are still above the city. Ben closed his eyes looking to the right.

“Thank god” He uttered

“Excuse me,” The driver asked

“What?” Ben goes

“I thought you said something?” The driver asked

“Oh no nothing sorry”

Be clutched to the id card in his inside pocket. He lifted his head looking to see a sign on the wall. It points in the direction of the Umbrella Corporation Raccoon City headquarters. He took a long deep breath. They pulled into the city centre.

“Here” He goes

Ben handed the ten-dollar bill through to the driver. He stepped out looking to see J’s Bar. He opened the door walking up to the counter.

“What can I get you?” The waiter asked

“Something strong”

“One of them says,” The waiter asked

“You can say that again”

Ben felt the ID card in the inside of his pocket as a double whiskey shot was handed to him. Ben drank the drink down quickly.

Chapter 10

September 26th

Ben stood outside of the Umbrella Headquarters in Downtown Raccoon City. He reached into his pocket. He felt the plastic ID card he found at the destroyed house yesterday. He puffed on the cigarette feeling his handshaking. It’s late morning.

“Excuse me,” Dario Rosio said

“Woa Jesus” He replied

“Sorry” Dario replied, “Did I scare ya?”

“Just a bit” Ben replied

“Are you hear for the Umbrella Headquarters tour”

“Excuse me” Ben frowned

Dario looks at Ben holding onto Lucia’s hand.

“What?” He asked again “Oh yes sorry”

Ben stamped the cigarette out looking up at the skyscraper building. A huge red and white logo of the corporation is above the entrance. He turned walking up the steps followed by Dario, Rosia, and Violet. The doors rotated allowing them to enter. Dario reached for his notebook. He looked at the spidergram of his novel he is going to write.

“What’s that?” Violet asked

“Oh the plan for the book” Dario replied “It is always good to have a plan”

Violet smiled holding onto his hand.

“You’ll do it,” She said “I know you will”

A few others joined the group ready for the tour. Ben walked up to the counter.

“Hello,” The receptionist said

“Hi” Ben struggled to say trembling

“Are you hear for the tour?” She asked

“Yes” Ben replied quickly

“Good” She replied “You need to go through security first, then you will go on the tour of the facility and learn about Umbrella”

“Security” Ben asked

“Yes” She replied “It’s just a precaution we take for everyone who visits the headquarters”

Ben turned to his right looking to see the metal detectors. A small plastic box for lighters is there. He reached into his pocket feeling the id card. He struggled to unclip the id card from the metal clip.

“Come on” He uttered

Ben broke the ID card away from the metal clip. He through it into the box while he took his jacket off. The plastic tray rolled through the Xray machine. Dario did the same thing. Ben strolled through the Xray machine, nothing. Thankfully he left his dictaphone at the hotel. He picked up the jacket. He looked to see a young girl walkout. She has a plastic tray.

“What’s this?” Ben asked

“These are audio hearing,” She said “So you can hear me”

Dario slipped the headphone turning the black box on.

“Can you hear me?”

“I can hear ya”

“How about you sir?” She said

Ben is holding onto the ID card in his pocket.

“Excuse me,” Ben asked looking up at her

“Can you hear me?” She asked again

“What?” He said “Oh yes perfect thank you”

The girl smiled. Dario put his notebook back into his side bag.

“My names Marsha,” She said “And I will be your guide, today, to begin with, welcome to the home of Umbrella and if you are not from around here, welcome to Raccoon City, the home of the Umbrella corporation”

Ben twitched his hand thinking back to yesterday when he was the destroyed Spencer mansion. The group set off around the building.


Ben stood at the back of the group. He looked up seeing a CCTV camera ahead. Some restrooms are to the right of it. He waited until the camera wasn’t pointing at him. He entered the restrooms. They are empty. He felt his hand shaking in his pocket as he checked to make sure the ID Card is still in there. He looked around the restroom. He glanced up seeing a small vent in the ceiling of the restroom. He climbed onto the toilet pan looking at the vent. He placed his hands on the plastic rim pushing the tile up. The tile came loose. It’s a system that leads around the entire complex. Ben pulled his body up into the vent. He slipped the tile back into place. He needs to head further down into the main labs. Ben shuffled through the vents. He came to the end of it. He looked to see a sharp drop. Some small metal steps have been built into the maintenance staff. He climbed down further into the building.

Ben arrived at the bottom of the vent. He looked through the small grate to see a restroom. Some of the white scrubs are hung up on the hook.

He slipped it on over his jacket. He opened the door keeping his head down, now to find out what is going on. Ben looked at all of the Umbrella scientists. Going about their day to work. He needs to get further into the lab to try and over here anything about what happened in the Raccoon Forest. Ben kept his head down walking passed the other scientists. He clipped the id card t the scrub trying to make it not so obvious he is an outsider. He came to the end of the corridor. He looked to his left and right. No one is seen. He reached for the ID card swiping it through the reader. The door opened. He entered a lab. A huge glass window is in the far corner of it. He walked over to it peering through it. Ben squinted his eyes; it is tinted the glass. Some capsules are seen in a glass box. They are blue, shaped like a genetic strand. Nothing he has never seen before. He clicked on the dictaphone and began describing the virus capsule inside of it. Some heated talking comes from the outside. He heard the door vents his.

“Shit” He uttered

Ben clicked the dictaphone back on, he ran around to the washbasin. The cupboard on the underneath of it is open. He looked to see two of the Umbrella scientists storm in. Like they are trying to evade other people. Ben looked seeing it is a female. Blonde hair and black sunshades. She suddenly takes her wig off. She is Asian. Black hair.

“Listen to me,” William said “I don’t think you understand how powerful the T virus is”

“Try me,” She asked

William looks at her, he takes a couple of deep breaths leaning against the table.

“The T virus,” He said “Reanimates the body, it has been genetically engineered to help reanimate defunct parts of the body, but it had dire consequences”

The female looks at William as he continued to argue with her.

“What consequences”

William looks at her as she folds her arms.

“It brings the dead back to life”

She looks at William in shock.

“It brings the dead back to life?” She asked

“You heard me,” William said “It was leaked into the water supply, a few days ago, soon the entire city is going to be overrun with the infected”

“We might get through,” She said “If only the very few are infected”

“No, listen” William demanded “Once someone has been bitten, they then turn into one themselves”

She doesn’t reply.

“If this has fully got into the system,” He said “There will be hundreds of cases, and the city will be overrun”

“Umbrella already has someone working on destroying any of the infected before it gets to desire”

“Who” William demanded “Who has Umbrella assigned”

She looks at William.

“Police Chief,” She said “Brian Irons”

“What?” William asked “How do you know”

“I do?”

Ben opened his eyes after hearing the chief of police is assisting the corporation in their coverup of releasing the virus. A click is heard. The Dictaphone came to a stop with a click. William looked over.

“Hearing things,” She asked

Ben watched as she slipped her wig back on. Ben has to get out of the lab. William and Ada left the lab. Ben climbed down into the lab. He looked around the lab, looking at all of the files left on the desk by William Birkin. Genetic sequences and codes. He looked to see a small map on the wall outside of the lab. He has to turn left when he leaves to head to the elevator which will reunite him with the tour group.

“Here goes”

Ben left the lab. All of the umbrella staff go about their daily life working underground, he kept his head down walking around the corridors. He arrived at the elevators. The door slid open slowly. Inside of it is Dr. William Birkin. Ben felt the adrenaline surge through his body as he walks into it. He spans around trying to keep out of sight of William. William tilted his head to the left looking at Ben as he locked his eyes forward trying not to make eye contact with him. The lift came to the minus one level of the complex. He needs to find the restrooms. Ben walked quickly along the corridor. He turned his head to the right trying to catch sight of William. William walked slowly along the corridor looking back towards Ben. Ben picked up the pace. William stopped. He looked to see a white telephone on the wall. He swiped it off the receiver. William looked to see Ben is heading for the restroom.

“Get me security”

Ben entered the restroom. He walked into the cubicle looking up to see another grate. The same place as the one above. He dropped the lab coat onto the ground climbing into the ventilation shaft. He looked up seeing it’s a short climb back up to the restrooms where he left off with the group. He shuffled his body up the side of the vents arriving back at the restroom where he found the way into the labs. Ben climbed down into the restroom. Oswell sat in the conference room.

“Sir,” Someone said “We have found out who was at the Spencer mansion”

“Who was it?” He asked

A piece of A4 paper is handed to him. It showed a picture of Ben on the front of it.

“His name is Ben Bertolucci,” She said “A freelance journalist, he has been staying at the Apple inn for quite some time now”

“Where is he now?”

“I’ll run a check on the city,” She said “See if he is using credit cards around the city”

“Get to it” Oswell demanded

Ben arrived back at the tour. He kept his head down as Dario and his family is at the front.

“Now before we go,” Marsha said “Are there any questions”

“No one spoke”

“Come on,” She asked “Enlighten me”

Ben looks down at his watch eager to leave.

“Ok,” She said “Thank you so much for coming, there is a small gift shop, just before we exit by the café, grab a coffee it's lovely”

“No” Ben coughed

Everyone looks at Ben.

“Sorry,” He said “Slight tickle in the throat”

Oswell looked like the female returned.

“Sir,” She said, “I think we have found out where Ben is currently”

The female looked at Oswell.

“Well,” He asked, “Where is he?”

“He,” She said “Is on a tour of Umbrella Headquarters in Raccoon City”

“What” He gasped “Get me, Chief Irons, now”


Chief Irons is in his office. He twiddled his thumbs back and forth. His telephone started to ring.

“Chief Irons,” He said after he picked it up

“Chief Irons” Oswell Spencer spoke

“Yes” Irons replied

“We have a problem”

“Surprise me” Irons goes

“Ben Bertolucci,” He said “A freelance journalist staying in Racoon City has broken into the restricted area of one of our labs, we believe he has got evidence linking this outbreak to us”

“What do you want me to do”

“You know what to do?” Oswell said “And ninety thousand dollars for the destruction of that evidence”

The line went dead. Irons snatched his car keys.


Ben walked through downtown Raccoon City. He kept his hands in his pocket, keeping his head down trying not to look anybody in the eye. His hands gripping to the dictaphone. The ID card floating as well in his pocket. Ben looked to see the South Street Subway Station. He reached for his wallet. He is close to the Town Hall now. Only a few stops and he will be there. Irons kept his eyes peeled looking out the front window to his patrol car. Ben comes into view, heading closer to the South Street Subway Station. Irons switches on the lights.

“Fuck it” Ben goes

Ben enters the subway walking quickly trying to lose Irons. He needs to get that evidence to the Town Mayor Michael Warren.

“Hey” Irons goes

Ben keeps walking.

“Hey stop right there”

Irons put his hands onto Ben.

“Hey what is this” Ben demanded

Irons pulled his handcuffs from his pouch.

“You are under arrest,” He said

“For what” Ben demanded “I demand to know”

Brian slips a small bag of cannabis into Ben’s pocket.

“Do you have any weapons on you” He demanded

“What” Ben yelped “No I don’t, what is this”

Brian shuffled about in his pockets, he found the dictaphone and the ID card.

“What’s this?” He said

Ben frowned looking down at the small bag of weed.

“Of for a good time where we”

Ben stared at the small bag of cannabis in his hand.

“What?” He gasps “That’s not mine”

“Save that for the interview sunshine”

Ben has pulled away from the train station.

“I demand a lawyer”

“With great pleasure” Irons replied

Ben looked back into the station as he is pushed into the back of the police car.

“I have rights”

The door is slammed shut. Irons gets into the driver’s seat.

“I demand to be released”

Irons smirks slamming the car into drive.

“You have the right to remain silent” He spoke “So shut the fuck up”

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