The Raccoon City Incident

Chapters 1-3

The Raccoon City Incident

This is a work of Fan Fiction. The original characters/story/pictures, copyright is held by Capcom International. There are some additional fictional characters added by me. This story has a mixture of everything. From the games to the comics and some scenes from the films, and of course from my own imagination. Many thanks to capcom for creating a fantastic franchise and thank you for the excellent remake of Resident Evil 2 & 3. If anyone wants to contact me please email me at [email protected]

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Chapter 1

“It was Raccoon City’s last chance, and my last chance, my last escape”

Raccoon Forest. The moon gleamed down onto the Gardner family house. It’s a small house. Only a family of four reside. Bryce Gardner, father of the Gardner family arrives at the dining table. He is a factory engineer. Works at the water purification plant within Raccoon City. The house they live in used to belong to his father before he passed away in 1985. He looked at his youngest daughter Ebony Gardner. Aged sixteen soon to be heading to college in New York State. His son Brett Gardner, plans on joining the US army shortly. It’s around a thirty-minute drive into the city from their location. The family is happy living in the Raccoon Forest. Peaceful, and not many visitors.

“So how was your day?,” He asked

“Fine” Ebony said

“Looking forward to college,” He asked


Ebony slowly eats the meal her mother Joanna Gardner has prepared for her. She is struggling with Parkinson’s disease. The college prospectus all piled up on top of one another on the tip of the couch.

“Here this come as well,” Bryce said

Bryce handed Ebony the College Of New York State envelope.

“Open it,” He asked

Ebony opened the envelope. She pulled the prospectus out.

“I have heard that is a very good college,” He said “For what you want to do?”

“Brett you have one,” Bryce said

Brett took hold of the envelope. He opened it up.

“What is it,” He asked

Brett pulled out of the envelope an A4 document.

“What is that,” Bryce asked again

“Its nothing”

“What is it” Bryce demanded

Bryce looked to see it is an application to join the US Army.

“I told you,” He said “You are not joining the army”

“Dad it is my choice” He replied

“I don’t want my son heading off to some warzone”

“Dad just because you failed the training,” He said “Doesn’t mean that I am”

“Hey” Bryce snapped “I didn’t fail, I was let go due to medical”

“Dad” Brett goes “You failed, admit it”

“Stop,” Joanna asked, please

Joanna suddenly keeled forward.

“Hey,” Bryce asked softly “What’s wrong”

Joanna held onto her arm.

“My arm,” She said

“Have you had your injection?” He asked

“No, not yet”

Bryce looked at Brett.

“Run upstairs and grab your mum’s serum,” He asked

Brett got up heading to the stair that leads upstairs. The stairs squeaked as he climbed to the next level. He entered his mum's room reaching down under the bed. He looked out of the window onto the dark Raccoon Forest close to the Arklay Mountains. He pulled from underneath of the bed a silver container. He hit the button in. The four dials in each corner span clockwise allowing the box to be opened. It revealed a syringe and some capsules. The Umbrella Red and White logo are imprinted on the capsules. It’s a light green fluid in a swirly capsule. Brett got up holding onto the syringe. He walked over to the window, a light fog has started to form already. He looked out into the distance, he blinked his eyes. Something has caught his attention. He looked to see an animal. One he has never seen before. Gorilla shaped. Green skin. Just standing within the fog. Razor-sharp claws.

“Brett” His dad called

Brett looked out again into the distance. It has gone. He walked down the stairs holding onto the syringe.

“What you doing”

Brett took another look into the distance through the downstairs window.

“Sorry” He called “Coming”

Brett arrived back downstairs.

“Give me that”

Bryce grabbed hold of the injection from Brett.

“We will talk about this later,” He said


“No ifs, no buts” His dad intervened

Bryce injected Joanna with the serum. He looked at the circular dots from where the injections have been given in the past.

“Is that better”

Joanna held onto her wrist.

“Yes,” She replied “Sorry!”

“Hey,” He said softly “Don’t be sorry”

Bryce looks at Brett as he rubs Joanna’s arm. Ebony sitting quietly. A sudden crash is heard from the outside. He got up reaching for the flashlight from the wooden table near the window. He clicked it on shining it through the window. He looked around the forest as it surrounds the house.

“Probably just a Raccoon”

Bryce turned around walking back towards the dining table. He heard a sudden shuffle across the top of the roof. It went straight across the top.

“The hell” He uttered

Bryce reached for the pump-action shotgun. He slipped the shells over his shoulder opening the door.

“Wait here” He ordered

Everyone just stood up looking at him. He opened the front door walking into the forest. The trees gently swayed from left to right as he clicked the flashlight on. The trees shuffled with the light breeze. The lights from the skyscrapers can be seen in the distance.

“What is it” Joanne called

Bryce turned around lowering the shotgun. The forest is silent again. Joanne looked up to another shuffle on the roof that can be heard. Bryce shone the torch around the forest. It has gone silent again.

“It’s nothing,” He said after he turned around

A snarl is heard. Bryce span his head forward. Walking towards him is a creature. He has never seen it before in all his life while living in the Racoon Forest. His eyes opened with fear, its brain is bulging out the front of its head, a long tongue hissed out the mouth, razor-sharp teeth, walking on all four legs. Bryce trembled with fear as the creature slowly walked towards him. He slowly walked backward lifting the shotgun. His hand shook as he stepped onto a stick. The crunch is loud. He lifted his head quickly. The creature looked up. It started running towards Bryce. Bryce squeezed the trigger in. It missed the creature. Bryce span around. Running towards him from all corners is the creature.

“Get in the house” He screamed

He looked at the house. Joanne yelled as he was suddenly pounced on. Bryce fell onto the ground. He spans his body around looking through the site of the shotgun. He didn’t have time to shoot. The creature slammed its teeth into Bryce. He screamed in pain as the bloodshot from the gashing wound onto the ground.

“Bryce” Joanne screamed

Joanne slammed the door shut. Ebony and Brett hugged up to one another as the creatures surrounded the house.

“What are they” Ebony screamed

Joanne ran to the kitchen. She pulled out a revolver handgun from the draw. She trembled while pointing the weapon at the door. The crashing continued; it suddenly went quiet. Ebony and Brett looked around the house. Nothing can be seen or heard. She walked up to the window, looking into the dark forest.

“What happened?,” She said

A crash is heard. Brett and Ebony stepped back from the window. The window shattered. The licker reached in. Joanne yelled as the lickers claws dug into her body. She is pulled through the window.

“Mom” Ebony screamed at the top of her voice

“This way” Brett yelled

Brett grabbed hold of Ebony pulling her by the arm. The creature crawled into the house. The back door opened. Brett ran out with Ebony. They sprinted into the long grass away from the building. He turned back looking at the house. He squinted his eyes looking at the creature as they crawled along the top of the house.

“What do we do?” Ebony asked hugging up to her brother

Brett just looks over at the lickers as they crawl onto and around the top of the house.

The entire table of Umbrella Personnel looked up at the screen from their Tokyo facility in Japan, as it showed the bird's eye view of the Raccoon Forest.

“As you can see sir” Oswell E Spencer heard “The infection has escaped from the Spencer mansion into the Raccoon Forest”

Oswell didn’t reply.

“Do we have any contact with of the scientists from the Spencer Mansion”

“No sir” James Marcus replied “No-one survived that explosion, only a handful of the STARS team, but Chief Irons has disbanded the entire force”

Oswell sat silent.

“We can only hope” Oswell spoke “That we can keep this contained, and Chief Irons remains on our side”


September 24th, 1998, Raccoon City. The sun started to climb out of the east. The city is coming to life. Home to the Umbrella Corporation, and a population of 135000. Lieutenant Marvin Branagh’s eyes shot open after the night's sleep. He looked at the flashing alarm clock next to him, it is a minute until 6 am, one hour before his shift begins at the Raccoon City Police Department.

“One more week” He uttered “Just one more week, then I will be on that beach”

Marvin sat up, his black suitcase in the corner already packed ready to fly out to Honolulu for the two-week vacation. Marvin stepped out of bed stretching his arms wondering what on earth the next twelve-hour shift is going to bring to him. Marvin entered the shower. The steam rushed from the top of the shower. His uniform hung up, ironed, not a crease in it. Marvin walked down the steps to his apartment. It’s a nice area of the city he lives in. Around a twenty-minute drive into the city centre. He stepped into his automobile switching om the engine. The radio came to life.

“This is Raccoon Radio” He heard “As it’s another beautiful day here in Raccoon City let’s start with forget me not Patrice Rushen, enjoy”

“Hell yeah,” Marvin said

Marvin reversed onto the street. He tapped his foot as the gentle of Patrice Rushden's song came on. He looked into the distance as the city is coming to life. Buses are already running. Trucks on their way to make morning deliveries.

Chapter 2

Marvin turned to the right, he looked seeing the rear entrance to the Raccoon City Police Department Station. It’s an old building, used to be an art museum before acquired to be the station for the Raccoon City Police Department in 1969. He pushed the brake pedal down pulling up to the barrier.

“Morning lieutenant,” The Officer at the barrier said

The barrier opened, he pulled into the underground parking lot. In the corner Chief Brian Irons.

“Morning Chief” He called

Irons turned around giving him a brief nod as he entered, he walkway that leads to the elevator, which goes directly up to his office. The door is slammed shut quickly. Like he doesn’t want to be disturbed.

“Wonder what’s rattled his cage” Officer Rita Philips said from behind

Marvin turned to look at Rita. Only been with the force a few months.

“Hey how are you doing?,” He asked

“Not bad” She replied “The usual from my mum on the phone last night”

“What telling you to look both ways when you cross the street”

“Yeah” She replied “Likewise”

Marvin lifts his shirt looking down at his watch. It is a quarter to seven.

“Better get a ready long week ahead”

“Oh yeah” She replied “Vacation time for you”

Marvin let his breath out looking at Rita.

“I’ll see you in briefing”

Marvin watches Rita walk off.


Marvin storms into the central office of the Police Station. It’s a slight trek from the underground car park.

“Listen up” He orders

Rita Philips sits up from the desk.

“I have just had word” He yelped “The new guy, Leon S Kennedy, starts, later on, this week on the twenty-ninth, so when he arrives, let’s make him welcome to the Raccoon City Police Department, Officer Edwards, you can show him the streets of Raccoon City when he starts”

“Sir” Officer Elliot Edwards replies

Marvin held onto some A4 documents.

He lifted the page.

“There have been a few more cases of people going missing in the Arklay Mountains”

“What again” Rita gasped

“Yes” He replied “Again”

“Who are they,” Edwards asked

“Ages vary” Marvin replied “I believe Chief Irons is going to do a news conference today at nine am which is going on the air tonight on the Raccoon Seven news.”

The last of the officers remained silent looking at Marvin.

“Ok,” He said “Let’s do this”

Marvin turns around walking long to the back of the office. He entered his office looking down at the huge clunky safe in the corner. He pulled the chair out slapping the A4 documents down onto the table. But before he can sit down to finish the morning coffee he has just made. His phone rings. The bright red light on the front of the phone beamed out. He lifted the receiver.

“Branagh” He goes

“Branagh” Irons voice is heard “My office, at the double”

“Yes sir”


Marvin arrived at the door to the chief’s office. He looked at the intercom button to his right.

“Come in Branagh”

Marvin entered the office. The door bleeps open. A short corridor is on the other side. The only sound is his boots sinking into the soft green carpet as he arrives at the next green door to the office. He gave a gentle tap.

“Come” Irons called

Marvin entered the office. Greeted by several stuffed animals on his wall. Taxidermy has been a long hobby of the chiefs. A stuffed moose’s head is next to the desk.

“Shut the door” Irons demanded

Marvin shut the door. He strolled towards the desk hands by his back looking down at the chief. Hands behind his back, crossed.

“You wanted to speak to my chief”

“Are you aware of the press conference?” Irons asked “Today at nine, everyone is going to be there including that mouthy bitch from Raccoon Press Alyssa Ashcroft”

“Yes sir I am” Marvin replies “I have briefed by officers this morning”

Chief Irons just stares at Marvin.

“I am also going to prepare a team to”

“Team for what” Irons demanded

Marvin stepped forward.

“Sir,” He said “Since the STARS team was disbanded, I believe it would show the citizens of this city the Raccoon City Police, is trying their utmost best to find out why so many people are vanishing from the Raccoon Forest area”

“Listen to me” Irons intervened quickly “And listen carefully”

Marvin froze looking down onto the chief as he pointed his finger at him.

“I am leading this investigation, me, not the R C P D, not the STARS team I am, I want no officers to go anywhere near that forest until we can figure out what is causing these people to disappear, you got me”

“But sir”

“Are you listening” Irons demanded “I disbanded the entire STARS team after that fucking stupid story, fuck knows what happened to Bravo Teams helicopter, leading to that fucking story that stupid bitch Valentine made up and that stupid redhead thing Chambers, who probably fucked up the maintenance, the whole fucking lot is a liability, never again are they stepping one foot in my department, you hear me correct”

Brian just locks eyes with Marvin.


Marvin looked at Chief Irons.

“Yes sir”

Marvin turned around. He closed the door. Brian Irons sits at his desk. He glanced to his left at the stuffed animals on the wall. He reached down picking up the telephone. He punched in a small set of numbers holding to the phone to his ear.


Robert Kendo the city gunsmith entered his store located in the Downtown area of the city. About a ten minute walk to the Police Station. Many of the officers of the raccoon City department are customers of his. He lives upstairs with his daughter. He has owned this store for all of his life. It is a busy morning. He looked at the orders all lined up on his desk ready for the customers when they arrived. He has a close relationship with the now-defunct STARS team. Its 8.15 am. He looked out of the shutter window. People are already going about their day.

“Hey daddy” He heard

Robert just looked between the shutters watching the people go about their day.

“Daddy” Emma his daughter said

Robert turned seeing Emma. His daughter. Uniform clean ready for school.

“Hey sweetheart,” He said “Are you all ready for school”

“Yes” She replied

Robert opened the door to the store. His daughter stood silent, bag on her back.

“You have a good,” He said

Robert watched as she walked off. He turned his head to the left looking to see some letters. They have been in the mailbox for a couple of days now. He swiped them from the box entering the store. He looked at them knowing they are bills from the local bank and his wholesalers. Its been a bit of a struggle these last couple of months.

“Jesus” He moaned.


Jim Chapman stood at the top of the stairs to South Raccoon Street Subway station. He watched as people barged passed him walking down into the subway. Most of the morning commuters are gone. He is on a nine to nine shift today. He held onto the paper coffee cup. He has the taste of the latte in the back of his throat. He lifted his arm looking down onto the watch. It is around eight forty. He chucked the drink cup into the bin. The road sweeper hasn’t been around yet. It is overflowing with liquor bottles from the night before. He strolled down into the station. The station stinks of garbage. He looked to see his supervisor Ricky, standing by the barriers. People barging through passed caring. He looked to see a female. Short blonde hair. Red suit, coffee cup in one hand, laptop bag over her shoulder, talking into a cell phone.

“Hey listen” She called “I’m losing the signal, I am on my way to the Raccoon City Police Department for a press conference on the people going missing the Raccoon Forest area”

Jim looked at the female as she dropped her cell phone into her bag.

“For god sake”

Jim looked up and over.

“Are you ok mam?” He asked

“What” She snapped

Jim looks at the female after she has just snapped.

“Yes I’m fine, thank you”

She swiped her ticket through the reader. The barriers opened up. Jim watched as she stormed off down the stairs.

“That’s Alyssa Ashcroft,” Ricky said “She works for the Raccoon Press, rude as fuck, but knows how to tell a story”

Alyssa entered the station.

Ricky turned to Jim.

“I have a plumber coming in to fix that leak in the men’s washroom”

“Oh good” Jim replied “It is driving us all mad”

Jim turned to enter the locker room walking over to his locker. He pulled it open chucking his bag into the top of the locker. He took one last deep breath.

“Let's do this”

Chapter 3

Marvin entered the Press Room on the ground floor. Cameras are ready to roll. Chief Irons slowly did his jacket up as he edged towards the middle seat. The cameras began to flash one after the other. The sound of silence is interrupted by the clicking from the cameras.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” He said “Thank you for attending this conference”

Marvin leant against the wall looking into the Chief's eyes.

“As you are aware” He spoke again “There have been several missing people reports circulating the city, people who have gone missing in the Arklay Mountains and Raccoon Forrest area”

The cameras flashed one after the other.

“How many people are missing” A reporter yells from the crowd

“Can I have all questions at the end?” He asked “Please”

Marvin stood up straight. He heard a crash from behind. He looked to see Alyssa Ashcroft enter the room.

“Shit” She uttered “Sorry, Raccoon Press, excuse me, sorry”

Alyssa barged passed the journalists and photographers. She has the Dictaphone in her hand already.

“God sake” She mumbled “Fucking city transport, fucking useless”

“Where was I,” Irons said “I am working with the rest of the R C P D to figure out how and why so many people are going missing”

Alyssa started writing down onto her notepad as the dictaphone recorded the chief of police.

“How many people have gone missing” She called

“So far,” Chief irons said “Around seven people”

“What actions are you taking to prevent further people from going missing”

“Right now” Irons stated “We are trying to figure out why so many people are going missing, then we will work at it from there”


Marvin left the conference room. Officer Elliot Edwards walked up to him.

“What do you think,” He asked

Marvin continued to look at the chief.

“He has been on edge recently” He replied “Still let’s find out what is causing these people to disappear, I want all leads followed up on”

Marvin walked along followed by Elliot. He looked to see a female in the middle of the hall by the information desk.

“Listen to me” She yelped “My son has gone missing”

“Oh for god,” Marvin said walking over

Marvin and Elliot walked over to the lady.

“Excuse me Mam” Marvin intervened “Would you like to come somewhere quiet, where we can talk and not be disturbed”

Marvin and Elliot walked around to the back of the reception desk.

“Mam how can I help you,” He asked

There is a short pause.

“It’s my son,” She said “He has been missing since yesterday evening”

“Have you tried a friends house” Elliot intervened

“Yes” She replied “It is not like him to not let me know what he is doing”

“Ok what is your name”

“Frost” She replied “Maria Frost, and my son is called Trevor”

“Have you tried his cell phone”

“Yes” She replied quickly “Nothing, the line goes dead”

“What was he doing last time you saw him”

“Oh god,” Maria said “He goes mountain biking up the Arklay Mountains and around Raccoon Forest”

Marvin and Elliot keep a straight face together.

“I told him not to go” She panicked, “I told him so many people are going missing from up their”

Allyssa walked out of the door that leads around to the conference room. She overheard the conversation between Marvin and Mrs. Frost.


Allyssa stormed over to the desk

She barged in “Allyssa Ashcroft, Raccoon City Press, what is the R P D doing about your missing son”

“At this minute” She pancaked “Nothing”

“Nothing” Alyssa gasped

“Madam,” Elliot said “We are going to do everything in our power to find your son”

Marvin turned to Alyssa.

“Ms,” He asked “Can you give me and Ms Frost some privacy please”

Allyssa stormed away from the conversation. She walked towards the main entrance to the station. The sun gleamed in through the window into the station. She reached in pulling out her cell phone. She selected the editor in chief of the Raccoon Press holding her cell phone to her ear. The vehicles drove passed the station. One of the city buses pulled up outside. She pulled out her ticket.

“Come on go” She is heard saying

Marvin walked towards the main office. He walked in looking at the line of officers.

“What have we got,” He asked

“Just had another person reported missing,” Rita said

“Where at?” Marvin asked

Marvin locked his eyes down onto Rita.

“Raccoon Forest”

“Shit” Marvin uttered

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