The Raccoon City Incident

Chapters 4-7

The Raccoon City Incident

This is a work of Fan Fiction. The original characters/story/pictures, copyright is held by Capcom International. There are some additional fictional characters added by me. This story has a mixture of everything. From the games to the comics and some scenes from the films, and of course from my own imagination. Many thanks to capcom for creating a fantastic franchise and thank you for the excellent remake of Resident Evil 2 & 3. If anyone wants to contact me please email me at [email protected]

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Chapter 4

Dario Rosso looked out of the coach window as they sped over the Ravens Gate Bridge. Its 9.40 am He looked out seeing the skyline of Raccoon City. Houses in the distance. A huge whiteboard is seen as they approached the city. Welcome to Raccoon City it reads. A huge red and white logo of the Umbrella corporation is dotted in the middle of it.

“Finally,” He said

“Were here now” Violet Rosso said

It’s been a long two-hour journey. The roads are busy with commuters. Yellow taxies taking fares about it is still morning in the city. The sun is shining down onto the city. Everywhere they look they can see the Umbrella Corporations logo.

“Bus Station” He heard

The coach turned to the left pulling into the central station. A streetcar line runs passed it. The brakes hissed on. Dario got up stretching his legs. A small convenience store is seen in the station. He rubbed the wallet in his pocket looking at his daughter as she got up.

“Oh god my legs”

Dario walked down the bus.

“Thanks,” He said to the driver

The suitcases are dropped onto the ground by the driver. Dario locked his eyes onto the store. He strolled over to it holding onto his wallet. A few green dollar bills are hanging out of it. The bell jingled as he entered. A coffee machine is against the wall. The milk cartoon half-empty from the morning commuters who have cut through to get to the skyscrapers. He strolled down the aisle looking to see the newspaper aisle. It is the Raccoon Press that dominates the shelves. He picked it up feeling it ruffle in his hands.

“More Missing Arklay Mountains”

Dario stares at the missing people's pictures on the front page. He opened it up. But something catches his eye to the left. Some note pads and pens are stacked up next to one another. He picked it up, it has a picture of Raccoon City skyline on the front. A plastic pen with a picture of the city is on it as well. He picked them up followed by the newspaper. A small foldout leaflet is on the counter. His wife and daughter are outside waiting for him. He held onto the plastic bag.

“What is our hotel,” She asked

Dario looked up.

“The Apple Inn”

Dario unfolded the map looking around the city center.

“It’s about a mile from here,” Violet said “Look bus stop six”

“No taxi,” He said “I hate buses”

“No come on let’s take in the sights,” She said “We are only here for five days”

Dario picked up his case. His daughter Lucia standing quiet. They looked to see bus 6 in the stop. Ready to go in about a minute. Dario climbed onto the bus, reaching for the dollar coins in his pocket, the plastic bag hanging out of his pocket.

“Apple Inn,” He asked the driver

The driver nodded as the dollar bills are put into the machine.

“Take about ten minutes” He replied “I’ll give you a shout

“That’s good enough for me”

Dario sits next to Violet. She unfolds the map looking down at Raccoon City. The bus pulled out of the depot onto the street. Violet looked down at the map as the bus continued through the city.

“Look,” She said “A zoo”

“What do you want to go to the zoo for”

“Why not” She replied “Don’t be so miserable”

Dario felt the notebook in his pocket.

“Apple Inn” The driver called

The bus hissed to a stop.

“Thank you,” He said to the driver

Dario picked his bag up walking down the cobbled street towards the Inn.

“Thank god,” He said “I’m hungry”

“Me to” Violet replied

Dario walked up to the entrance to the hotel. Grasping to his bag in one hand. He pulled the door open. The receptionist lifted her head. Watching the family walk into the hotel from the outside.

“Welcome to the Apple in,” She said

“Hello” Dario replied “Rosso family, have a family room pre-booked”

“Yes I have you here” She replied “I need your credit card for room guarantee”

Dario pulled out his credit card from his old tatty wallet. A small notepad and pen suddenly dropped from his coat pocket.

“Shit” He mumbled

“What is that,” His wife asked

“Oh” He replied “Nothing”

The receptionist swiped the credit card looking at Dario.

“That is confirmed sir” She replied

“Right I’m hungry”

The receptionist looked at Dario,

“We have Grill thirteen about a five-minute walk from here,” She said “Great prices”

“I can live with that” He replied

“Family suite is the top floor”

Dario climbed up the stairs grasping to the suitcase in his left hand. He felt the pen and notepad in his pocket. He slipped the shiny silver key into the door.

“I like this,” He said

Dario put the notepad and pen down onto the table in the corner walking over to the window at the same time. He looked out into the distance of the city. Police sirens can be heard through the window as Lucia walked over to her bed. Violet looked down at the leaflet.

“There is a lot to do in this city,” She said “We have the zoo, the Umbrella Building, Clock Tower”

“I’m hungry, I want breakfast, I’ve been stuck on that bus since four-thirty this morning,” Dario said “Where is this Grill Thirteen”

Dario looked to see a figure storm up to him.

“Excuse me,” He said “Have you got today's paper”

“Yes here” The receptionist replied handing him the paper

Dario watched as the man barged straight passed him.

“What’s his problem,” He said

The receptionist looked at the family as the man who just barged passed them. He is dressed in a long brown coat. He has a notepad sticking out of his pocket. He turned looking around the city. He just disappeared.

“It's about a ten-minute walk,” The receptionist said “Straight up the street, if you thereby ten-thirty its ten percent of”

“Come on lets roll”


Robert stood in the store. He looked at the weapons all stacked up in the glass cabinet.

“Mr. Kendo,” The mailman said “Hope you are doing well on this lovely day”

Robert turned to the mailman.

“I have a few deliveries for you”

Robert is handed a small box.

“Agh,” He said “Thank you”

Robert signed the sheet of paper entering the shop. He slid the paper cutter through the brown taper. It revealed some basic ammunition he has ordered to go on sale. He placed the red packet of bullets on the shelf. He looked overseeing his telephone has started to ring.

“God” He mumbled

Robert strolled over to the telephone looking to see the small red light is flashing on and off.

“Kendo’s,” He said

“Hello is this Robert Kendo” He heard

“Yes” He replied “How can I help you”

“Good morning my name is Amelia Fletcher,” She said “I am calling from Raccoon Central Bank”

“Oh yes” Robert replied

Robert put his hands on the back of his head. He looked at the pile of statements on his desk that have been sent from the bank.

“Mr. Kendo” She spoke “You have been overdrawn on your account for a while now”

“Yes sorry” He spoke “The cash flow has been a bit down these last couple of days”

“Its been in the overdraft for around three months”

“Yes” Robert goes “Can I call you back I have a customer”

Robert put the phone down onto the receiver. He rubbed his forehead looking at the pile of bills behind the counter.


Dario, Violet, and Lucia arrived at Grill 13. It’s a quiet road, cobbled as the same as Apple’s Inns. He opened the swing door. The strong smell from the American Diner wafted out. Mainly bacon.

“Oh smell that,” He said “Food”

Dario smiled looking at the tables. Already filed with customers. One of the waiters walked over to the table.

“Hey,” He said “My name is Trent”

“Hey Trent,” He said “The Raccoon Brunch please”

“Me to” Violet replied

“Sure” He replied “Where you from?”

“Minnesota,” He said

“Cool,” He said “Welcome to Racoon City”

Dario watched at Trent walked off to the kitchen. Dario sat back in the seat as Violet pulled out the leaflet on Racoon City.

“You still got that?” He said

Violet looked at the map of the city centre. All of the locations in and around the city.

“We must do the zoo,” She said “And maybe the umbrella building”

“Umbrella” He huffed

“Hey stop it,” She said “They have created a load of work for people that organization, a majority of the people of this city work for them”

“I wouldn’t,” He said “Don’t trust them, how does a pharmaceutical company eight point nine trillion us dollars on pills it doesn’t work like that”

Dario’s placed his hands down the side of his pocket. He pulled out the pen he purchased from the bus station when they arrived earlier. Violet looked at the pen as he pulled the small notepad out of his shoulder bag.

“What,” He asked

“Why did you buy that?,” She asked again


“That,” She asked “You have been twiddling it since we arrived”

“Oh,” He said

Dario looked at Violet awaiting his response.

“Ok,” He said “I am going to fulfil my ambition in becoming a novelist”

Violet looked at Dario.

“Good for you,” She said

Dario looked up. His daughter sat there looking at him.

“What?,” He said

“Of course I'll support you,” She said “I know you have always spoken about it, many times”

Dario looked seeing Trent return. He has the full breakfast on the white plate

“Well let's celebrate,” He said “And I cannot wait for the zoo”

Violet smiled as the family began to eat the meal.

Chapter 5

Len Jackson, the twenty-eight-year-old serving member of the Raccoon City Fire Department, sat in the staff canteen of the fire station in downtown Racoon City. He glanced out of the window while twiddling the piece of bacon his fork. He is seven to seven shifts. It was a quiet night last night. Not many calls came through. He watched as Battalion Chief Wallace Atkinson walked into the canteen.

“Do you ever stop eating?” He asked

Len looked up at him

“Have you ever been on a diet”

“Hey” He goes “I’m fifty-seven, how old are you”

“Half yours” He joked

“Hey I remember your first-day kid” He joked “The day you strolled into this station”

“How is your wife these days”

Wallace tapped him on the head. Darren Swanson smiled as he sat next to Dean McGregor, also eating a full breakfast prepared. Angela Blankenship and Camile Norton entered the canteen both paramedics based at the station.

“Morning gentlemen,” Angela said

“And how is a fine young lady like you today on the wonderful summers day” Len spoke

“Happy to see you of course”

“I can feel the tension,” Wallace said with a smile

The alarm suddenly raised.

“Truck eighty-one,” It said “Squad three, ambulance sixty-one, road traffic collision, Seventh and hope street”

“That’s us” Len called

“Saved by the bell” Wallace intervened

Len and Charlie ran to the fire truck sitting in the station. He slipped his thick trousers on jumping into the vehicle. The red lights on the top of the engine started to spin and shine as they pulled out onto the main street. The truck sped through the city.

They entered the city centre. They are about ten minutes from the Umbrella Headquarters. They looked to see the truck. It has smashed into another car. Wallace pulled up next to the traffic lights. It’s a delivery truck, the engine is hissing. Len and Charlie stepped down out of the fire truck.

“This idiot,” The truck driver said in anger “Just came out of nowhere, look at the state of my truck!”

Wallace looked at the driver.

“We’ll let the RPD deal with that” Wallace said

Wallace tilted his head towards the back of the truck. He can hear some hissing coming from the inside of the truck.

“What’s your payload,” He asked

The driver started to hesitate.

“I,” He said “I can’t say it’s in my contract”

Wallace stormed over to the man. Len and Charlie just look over.

“What is inside this truck” Wallace demanded with anger

The driver lowered his eyes.

“Liquid Hydrogen”

“Liquid hydrogen,” Darren said “Who in gods name?”

“The Umbrella Corporation,” The driver said “I deliver all the time to them”

Len grabbed hold of the cutters. He cut the padlock on the back of the truck. He swung the back shutter up. A slight squeaking hiss is heard. Hydrogen is leaking from the tanker in the back. The valve on the top has been damaged. The hydrogen continued to hiss out of the damaged valve.

“If” The driver spoke in pain “If that gets too hot, it will blow”

“How do you mean” Wallace demanded

“As it gets hotter it expands” The driver stated “When the whistling stops”

Wallace looked at the valve as the thermometer on the side started to increase.


“Chief what do we do,” Charlie asked

“We can’t evacuate four blocks” Darren Swanson spoke “It would take to long, judging by that needle we have about seven minutes before it hits the red”

Len looked at the buckled truck. He turned his head looking to see a pickup truck, used for recovery of broken-down vehicles.

“Fuck it”

Wallace looked over as he ran to the truck.

“What’s he doing”

Darren watched as Len arrived at the pickup truck. The door is locked. He used the window breaker on the window. He has undone the door climbing into the driver’s seat. He ripped the underneath out looking at the mixture of wires. Charlie arrived.

“Like what are you doing,” He asked

“I’m driving that to the river”

“Shit” Charlie mumbled

The truck came to life. Wallace watched as Len sped over to the buckled truck. The needle continued to climb towards the red.

“What are you doing,” Wallace asked

“I’m taking this to the Raccoon City River,” He said

Wallace just looks at Len and Charlie. He turns to the RPD officer.

“You,” He asked “Escort them to the river”

“Yes sir” The officer replied

Len hooked the hook onto the back of the buckled truck.

“See you in a while” Len smiled

“Good luck” Wallace called

“Let's go” Charlie called

Charlie held onto the fire extinguisher. Len hit the gas. The RPD squad car pulled in front. It's about a five-minute drive to the river. Len pulled onto the main road. The traffic is picking up, its still early morning rush hour.

“Shit” Len mumbled “No, no, no don’t do this”

They slowed down as the traffic has increased in the city centre.

“Come on” Len called

Charlie looked down at the fire extinguisher.


He has undone the door.

“Wait” Len called “What are you doing”

“What does it look like I’m doing”

“You can't!”

“If that gets too hot it will blow”

“I’ll pull over”

“No” Charlie snapped “Keep going, do not slow down at all”

Charlie undid the door. He climbed along the back of the pickup truck. He looked down at his watch. He has two minutes until it blows. The truck swayed from left to right as Len sped towards the river. Charlie reached out trying to grab hold of the chain. Len looked into the wing mirror at Charlie as he reached for the chain. He cannot slow down as they are in a built-up area of the city. Charlie held onto the chain, he arrived at the truck, he slid down the roof landing into the inside of the truck. The hydrogen continued to leak out of the damaged valve. The needle is nearly in the red area.

“You in there” Len called on the radio

“Of course” Charlie replied

Charlie aimed the fire extinguisher at the valve. He sprayed the hissing valve, the needle started to pull away from the red area.

“How far we?” Charlie asked into the radio.

“About two minutes”

“Can you go any quicker?” Charlie asked “I only have a few seconds left”

The extinguisher hissed. It is almost out. Len turned to the right, they entered an area of wasteland. He can see the river in the distance. A small wooden fence is in the way,

“Shit” He yelled “Charlie”

“Yeah” He called

“We got to bail”


Len held the accelerator down to full. The engines screamed as it pulled the truck along.

“On three” Len called

It is silent for a few seconds.

“Three” They both said together

Len and Charlie leapt of the truck slamming into the dusty ground. The truck slammed through the wooden fence. It traveled through the air. The valve needle hit the red.

“Down” Len called

The truck erupted in the air. They both hit the river, smoke hissed up from the river. Len and Charlie slowly staggered up the ground. They felt a slight tweak of pain in their legs as they strolled towards the river. The steam hissed away.

“Ha” Charlie laughed

Charlie and Len both hugged up to one another watching the small flume of smoke disperse into the sky.


David King grasped his tool bag as he slammed the back of his van shut. He looked to see Raccoon South subway station. David looked at the barriers to see Jim standing there. Jim lifted his head to see David walking towards him.

“Oh hi,” Jim said “Are you here to fix the leek”

“I sure am” David replies subtly

“Right this way”

Jim walks with David to the men’s restroom. They entered looking at the washbasin in the corner. David looked at the tap seeing the water running out of it.

“All yours” He replied

Jim looked down at the Raccoon Newspaper on the bench next to the scene.

“More people missing,” Jim said

David looked at the newspaper.

“I know” He replied

Jim looked down at David as he began to work on the washbasin.

“Call me if you need me,” He said

David dint reply, he just focused on the task in hand. Jim arrived back on the subway ticket area. He looked to see Chester Mills, a homeless person in the city, spends a lot of time going through the garbage.

“Spare some change”

Jim slowly walked over to him.

“Hey Chester,” He said

“Hey Jim” Chester replied

“Hey man I’m sorry,” He said “You know I can't allow you to begin here”

“Hey come on man,” He said “Please I’m hungry”

“I’m sorry” Jim replied “I am going to have to ask you to leave”

Chester turned walking towards the stairwell that leads back upstairs into the city. Chester stopped reaching the top of the station stairs. He walked over to the water fountain. He staggered up to it. He held the small button in feeling the cold water hit his mouth He slurped the water down.


Chapter 6

Marvin sits in the canteen. He has been twiddling the last bit of bacon for the last couple of minutes.

“What’s up,” Officer Stella Westbrook asked

Marvin continued to twiddle the bacon.

“Lieutenant” She then spoke

Marvin lifted his head looking at Stella.


Marvin lifted his head looking at the late aged officer. She has been with the department since 1970.

“What?,” He said again “Oh nothing”

“Come on,” She said “Cop to cop”

Marvin out the fork down on the side of the plate.

“It’s all these people going missing,” He said “Getting to be a bit being a lieutenant, the Raccoon Press on our case the whole time, demanding why enough isn’t being done”

“I feel ya” Stella replied

Stella slowly stood up from the table. She turned looking up at the screen in the far-right hand corner of the canteen. It showed the pictures of Len and Charlie after the incident this morning in the city.

“Hats of to the two”

Stella tilted her hat.

“Well,” She said “I’m off, I’m over in the St Michael area”

“Have fun” Rita replied

Stella got up heading towards the parking lot.


Len and Charlie arrived back at the station. They got out of the fire truck as it was reversed into the parking spot.

“What a day,” He said

“It's only just begun” Charlie replied

“You two” Dean called “Canteen”

Len looked at Charlie. They walked through the station towards the wooden doors that lead into the canteen. They swung open. A huge round of applause is given to the two firefighters.

“Well done” They heard “My hero

“Hey,” Charlie said “Just doing my job”

Wallace opened the door to the canteen.

“You two” He ordered “My office at the double”

Len looked at Charlie as the canteen went quiet. They arrived at Atkinson’s office. They gave a gentle tap.

“Come” Wallace is heard from the other side

They entered Wallace’s office looking to see Fire Commissioner Alonso Fletcher. He is in his uniform. Not a speck of dirt is on the black tailored suit. Medals shining in the September sun. Cap dead straight on his head. He stood next to Wallace sitting at his desk, hands down on the table sitting up straight.

“What you two did was reckless” Alonso spoke

Wallace smiled at them.

“But damn brave”

Len and Charlie both looked up.

“You saved over a hundred lives and injures” Wallace intervened “So we have someone who wants to meet you”

“You can come in” Wallace called

Michael Warren the mayor for Raccoon City entered the office.

“I thought id come a meet the two brave heroes of this morning’s heroic actions” He spoke

“Pleasure to meet you Mr. Mayor” Charlie spoke

“No please,” Michael said “Michael, I should be calling you sir”

Charlie smiled, he didn’t know how to respond to the mayor's compliment.

“Has Atkinson told you?” He said

“Told us what,” Len asked

“I am putting you two in for a bravery award” He spoke

Len and Charlie both opened their eyes in shock.

“I look forward to seeing you” He praised

“When,” Len asked

Michael just looks at the after issuing the award.

“Tomorrow,” He said “Look forward to seeing you”

Len and Charlie both smiled at one another.


Stella sat in her patrol car. The roads in the St Michael area are quite. She watched as the people go about their day by day basis. The sun is high in the sky and beaming down onto the city. She held onto the paper coffee cup in her right hand. Flashing forward to her retirement. See her family in Chicago on her vacation as well very soon. Her radio on her right shoulder suddenly went static.

“Queen Seven One” She heard

Stella held the small button on the side of the radio.


“Reports of a downed individual” The reporter spoke “Sixth Street Avenue, medics on route”

“Copy” She replied

Stella hit the gas, she turned the sirens on pulling out of the parking bay. Stella arrived at the scene. She looked at the man lying down on the ground. Face first. He is a regular she knows. Always intoxicated with liquor.

“Hello” She called

Stella ran over to the man on the ground.

“Hello,” She asked

Stells reached for her radio.

“Where is that ambulance,” She asked

“About three minutes out” The operator replied

Stella kneeled onto the sidewalk looking at the man. He is mid-aged. Casually dressed. He slowly started to move.

“Hey” She goes “I have am ambulance on way for you”

The man started to groan. He staggered up the ground. She can smell a slight stench of liquor on him.

“It’s a bit too early for liquor isn’t it”

The man staggered up the ground. Tatty jean jacket, hole in his trousers.

“Hey,” She said “We have medics on route”

The man staggered towards Stella. She looked at his eyes. Like he is infected with someone. Saliva is running out of his mouth.

“Look,” Stella asked “Sit down, the medics will be heard in a minute”

The man staggered towards Stella. He suddenly fell into her arms.

“Look take a seat”

The man opened his mouth. He slammed his teeth into her arm.

“Agggh” She yelled

Stella fell back onto the street. The man has his teeth dug right into her arm. Stella pushed the man away from her.

“Jesus” She cried

Stella staggered back looking at the bite mark in her arm. He has stuck his teeth right into her arm. Gashing teeth marks are seen. Stella reached for her radio.

“Urgent assistance,” She asked “My location”

“Copy that” The operator replied

Stella watched as the man started to get back up the ground. She pulled the handgun out of the pouch aiming it at the man.

“Sir can you stay back please” She demanded

The man staggered towards her, blood from her bite wound is on his teeth.

“Sir” She yelled “This is your last warning”

Stella looked at the man as he staggered towards her again. She looked down at her bite wound trying not to take her eyes of the man.

“Just like the stars team told us”

Stella refused her attention to the man who continued to stagger towards her.

“Sir,” She asked “Last and final warning”

Stella heard the sirens from the incoming officers. He staggered towards her. She aimed the gun at his knees and squeezed the trigger. The bullet hit his knee. The man just snarled at her.

“The fuck”

Stella took another shot at the man, he just stood there. As if he is feeling no pain. The man snarled at her and went for her. She squeezed the trigger. The bullet shot out slamming into his head. The man fell onto his knees face first. Stella looked at her wound on her arm, as it started to seep blood. She can see the veins. Officer Elliot Edwards arrived.

“Westbrook” He called “What the fuck”

Elliot walked up to Stella. She has her hand on her arm.

“What happened”

Elliot watched as she removed her hand from the wound.

“Jesus” He gasped “What happened”

Stella looks at the man.

“He” She spoke “Just bit me”

“Bit,” He said

“Yes” She replied “He just went for me without notice, look he took two shots to the knees, and it took one to the head to take him down”

Elliot looked as the Ambulance arrived.

“Listen,” He said “Go to the Spencer Memorial Hospital, and get that cleaned up, I will call for backup”

The two paramedics got out of eh ambulance.

“Jesus,” She said “Is that a bite”

Stella nodded.

“Come on,” The medic said “We will drive you to the hospital”

“No,” She said “Stay with Elliot, I will drive there it’s not that far”

Stella felt the wound on her arms burning.

Chapter 7

Chief Irons sits in his office. He took a deep breath looking out of the window. His phone started to ring. It's an internal call from someone in the station. He lifted the receiver quickly.


“Chief Irons” He heard “Officer Stella Westbrook has been injured and is currently on her way to Spencer Memorial Hospital”

“How?,” He asked “How was she injured”

There is a pause for a few seconds. Irons's hand started to tremble.

“She was bitten in the arm”

Irons turned his eyes looking down at the small parcel that was delivered to him. The brown paper is still on the box.

“Ok,” He said “I am off to the hospital, keep me informed”

Brian slammed the phone down onto the receiver. He undid the brown paper from the paper. It revealed a small silver box. Four spirit levels are in each corner linked to the lock. A small piece of paper is in the middle of it. It shows the numbers “1691” Irons pushed in the digits. The four-round spirit levels opened. The box hiss opened. Lined up on top of one another are some injections. There is enough in each one to cause a heart attack once administered. Brian picked up the injection. He slipped it into his pocket putting the silver box into his draws. He left his office walking along the outside of the station. The sun beamed down onto the building as he walked to the elevator to take him down to the parking lot. The metal doors opened. Irons stormed out into the parking lot. His car in the same place as always. He opened the door up getting in. He held onto the syringe in his left hand while sitting in the car. He looked to see a shadow appear on the floor next to him. Irons turned his head. Its officer Rita Philips. She just stood there looking into the car at him. He wound the window down.

“What?,” He asked

Rita looks at the Chief.

“Sorry,” He said “I’m concerned for Stella”

“Yeah me to” She replied “Give her my love, and I will see her later here”

“Will do”

“Can I come?” She asked “She may need some female attention”

“No” Brian snapped

“Rita just looks at Irons”

“I’ve got paperwork to go over with her”

Rita looks at the Chief as he reverses out of the parking spot. Lieutenant Marvin Branagh walks over.

“What was that all about”

“Oh” She replied “Nothing”


Irons arrived at the Spencer Memorial Hospital. He drove around the roundabout pulling up in the police parking bay just outside the entrance.

“Chief Irons,” The receptionist said “How good to see you”

“Listen, one of my officers was brought in about ten minutes ago, she was bitten by someone”

“Yes” She replied “Officer Stella Westbrook”

Irons put his hands on the desk looking into the eyes of the receptionist as she scrolled through the piece of paper.

“Ward Six” She replied

Irons stormed to the elevator without thanking her. He held onto the small plastic syringe in his pocket. The plastic cover on the needle. He left the elevator as it reached the sixth floor to the hospital. Dr. George Hamilton is standing there.

“Chief Irons,” He asked

“Yes” The Chief replied “I need to speak to Officer Westbrook, who was bitten a while ago”

“Yes” He replied “She is just through there”

Irons walked over to the curtain. He pulled it back looking to see Officer Westbrook, just lying on the bed. A huge bite mark is in her left arm.

“Jesus” He gasped “What the fuck”

“Tell me about it” She replied in pain

Irons looked at the nurse, she started to clean the wound out. Huge gashing teeth marks are inside of it.

“Has C S I?” He asked “Pictured this”

“Yes” She replied “They were here about ten minutes ago, still had better days”


Irons’ reached into his pocket holding onto the needle that was delivered by the Umbrella Corporation yesterday. Stella turned her head looking at the chief as he walked over to the window. He looked out over the city and into Racoon Park. Hands still on the injection. People are going about their day, unaware of what is going on in the labs beneath the city.

“You have the afternoon off,” He said “Your on leave until that wound has healed completely”

Stella smiled.

“Good,” She said “Can spend some time with the family, I am going up to Chicago to see them soon, can I take my vacation as well”

“Yes of course” Brian replied “You deserve it”

Irons turned around sitting down onto the stool next to the officer. He slowly pulled the needle out of his pocket, struggling to use his fingers to remove the plastic needle end. The tiny piece of plastic is starting I slip off the end of it. The blue curtain is suddenly pulled back. Irons slips the needle back into his inside pocket, the plastic end is off. Dr. Hamilton suddenly entered the ward. He looked down at the wound on the side of her arm.

“Bit in quite hard didn’t he”

“He did”

“Is it ok?” Irons asked, “If we could have five more minutes privacy I need to go through some paperwork?”

“Sure” Hamilton replied “When you did call me”

Dr. Hamilton left the ward. Irons pulls out his folder,

“Ok,” He said “As you have been injured, I have to go through all the necessary shit”

Stella looks at the chief. Chief Irons starts filling gout the paper worm for when an officer is injured. He looked at the wound.

“Are you ok?” He asked

“No” She replied “I feel a bit feverish all of a sudden”

“So,” Irons asked “What accurately happened”

Iron’s held onto the small needle. Stella started to speak. Irons put the needle into the vein in her wrist. He squeezed the needle in and down.

“What are you doing?” Stella asked

Brian looks down onto Stella, she suddenly felt a pounding in her chest. Her heart has started to race.

“My chest,” She said “What have you done”

“Hey Stella” Brian asked

Stella looked up at Brian holding onto her chest,

“You,” She said “You did this to me”

Irons looked down at Stella.


Brian turned around swinging the curtain back.

“Nurse” He screamed

Dr. Hamilton heard the Chief calling. He entered the ward looking at officer Stella Westbrook holding onto her chest. Her mouth is open and is trying to say something.

“What’s wrong with her”

George felt her pulse, feeling it racing.

“She is having a heart attack”

“What” Brian gasped “She was fine like two minutes ago”

Hamilton took a deep breath.

“She has arrested”

“What” Brian gasped “What does that mean”

“Sir can you step outside and give my team some space”

Brian stepped as Hamilton charged the defibrillator. Brian held onto his hat as the charge went through Officer Westbrook’s body. Nothing. George looked at the other nurses as they fort to restart her heart. The machine remained a monophonic beep. George lifted his wrist starting down at the watch.

“Time of death,” He said “Thirteen fifty”

Brian turned around punching the side of the metal poles.

“Damn it”

Brian left the ward, clutching to the needle in the inside pocket of his jacket. He walked into the outside looking across at the city skyline.

“Chief Irons” He heard

Brian stopped looking to see Dr. Nathaniel Bard.

“Hey Bard,” He said

Brian gave a sniffle.

“Sorry” He goes “I have just lost one of my officers”

“Who?,” He asked

“Stella Westbrook”

“Stella Westbrook” Nathaniel goes “She was only bought in a short while ago”

“I know,” He said

Brian walked out into the front of the hospital. His car in the police bay. He slipped the car into drive pulling away, he wiped his overhead speeding from the hospital.


Marvin stood in the briefing room at the station. The door came open. Chief Irons walked in, blue uniform, and cap on as well. He has polished the badge quickly. He leant on the wooden stand switching on the microphone.

“It is with my deepest to regret to say,” He said

Rita stood looking up at the Chief.

“Officer Stella Westbrook, of the Raccoon City Police Department has been killed while attending a call for help”

“What” Marvin gasped

“No” Rita cried

Irons looked down.

“Oh fuck man” An officer gasped

Rita spun around and left the briefing room. She stormed towards the female restroom. She kicked the door open looking at the trash bin in the corner. Rita hunched into the corner by the cubical. She heard a few knocks on the door. Marvin slowly entered.

“Rita,” He asked

Rita wiped the tears away from her eyes.

“Officer Philips”

Rita turned her head looking up at Marvin as he looks down onto her.

“Go home” He ordered “You are relieved of duty for the day”

“No” She sobbed “I have a job to do”

“Officer Philips,” Marvin said “That is an order, not a request”

Rita nodded slowly getting up of the ground.

“I’ll call you later”

Rita nods wiping the last of a few tears from her face.


Irons entered his office. He looked at the stuffed tiger in the corner. He walked over to his desk looking out of the window onto the city skyline. He sat down onto his desk swiping the phone of the reader. He hit the bottom dialling button. It took a few seconds for the line to connect.

“Talk to me” A slow soft voice spoke

Brian took a deep breath looking down at the telephone.

“I have dealt with Officer Westbrook”

The line is quiet for a few seconds.


Brian held the phone to his ear.

“Now what do I do?”

The line once again is quiet for a few seconds.

“Keep your ears and eyes open,” The voice said “Anyone displaying symptoms of the t virus, destroy”

Brian put the phone down onto the receiver again.

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