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'The Good, The Bad and The Tennis'

YouTube Channel Production by Filmsbyq4u

'The Good, The Bad and The Tennis'
Liam Kelleher plays Rupert- a cocky tennis player

Filmsbyq4u produced their fourth short film on YouTube when they releasedThe Good, The Bad and The Tennis, a comical short film that sees Rupert (Liam Kelleher), an experienced park tennis player, meet his match when he's challenged by oddball, Dirk (Joshua Lino-da Costa).

The film opens with Rupert dominating a friendly game of tennis with his friend, Xander (Josh Dawson). In the distance we see a scruffy looking spectator following the match, carrying an old style wooden racquet. After winning the point, Rupert gloats that he is taking the game to match point, aggravating Xander. Rupert goes on to win on his serve.

As the friends make their way out of the court, arranging their match for next week, they are met by their scruffy spectator who challenges Rupert to a match. At first, Rupert appears disgusted at the idea of being challenged, refuses to play someone he does not know before being goaded into a match the following day by a confident Dirk.

The scene cuts to Dirk waiting in the rain for four consecutive days with no sign of his opponent. Eventually, a week later the rain subsides and it cuts to Dirk jumping around, practising some very poor forehand and backhand strokes. Xander and Rupert are approaching the court and notice Dirk, commenting that it was the person from the week before.

As they come closer, Dirk shouts at Rupert saying that they were waiting for days and he did not come to honour their match. Rupert justifies his absence, blaming it on the rainy conditions which Dirk does not accept. Rupert, now getting irritable tries to push past Dirk onto the court, but Dirk demands that Rupert apologise to his racquet, Felix. Xander finding this amusing, convinces Rupert to play one set on the basis that if he wins, he will never see Dirk again, but if Dirk wins, Rupert needs to apologise for the racquet. They all walk onto court.

It cuts to a broken and disappointed looking Rupert apologising to Felix. Dirk accepts the apology on his racquet's behalf before advising Rupert to train so that the re-match in a few months time goes better. The end scene sees Dirk and Felix walking into the bushes in the distance.

For an amateur YouTube film, this is definitely worth a watch. The camera work is genius, using the weather to highlight the moods of the scene. The opening scenes use sun and clouds to highlight the character's actions or conversations.

The script is easy to follow and amusing, helping one to understand and relate to the characters in the six minutes they are on film. The ego and, at times, arrogance of Rupert at the beginning of the film is then replaced by broken humility at the end after losing his tennis match. The continuity of Xander is influential as a secondary character who brings reason and modesty to the film whilst the deceptive looking Dirk remains an uncertainty that viewers can not help but like.

The casting seemed to have been based on looks rather than acting ability, but it worked well for the film it is. Rupert is an athletic, slightly more muscular, playboy-looking tennis player who was able to overcome his slightly skinnier-looking friend, Xander. However, it is the brilliance in casting Dirk, which adds great comedy to the film as a short, rugged man with a slightly plumper face than the other two, dressed in a strange camouflaged jacket, symbolic of his character camouflaging his tennis ability. Throughout the whole film, Rupert is taller and looks down on Dirk until the last scene where Rupert appears to now be taller.

At just six minutes long, this film is definitely worth a quick look!

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