The Geek Girl's Recap of 'DWTS' Season 28 Week 3

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Who's cha-cha had clout, and who's waltzed out?

The Geek Girl's Recap of 'DWTS' Season 28 Week 3

Monday Leaderboard (the night's scores only)

Ally and Sasha (32/40)

Kel and Witney (32/40)

Lauren and Gleb (32/40)

Hannah and Alan (32/40)

Sailor and Val (31/40)

James and Emma (28/40)

Karamo and Jenna (28/40)

Kate and Pasha (26/40)

Sean and Linsey (21/40)

Lamar and Peta (20/40)

Bottom Two: Lamar and Peta, Karamo and Jenna

Eliminated: Lamar and Peta

What's New—this week's guest judge and next week's show

As part of ABC's "Cast from the Past" week that's offering special guest appearances by many of the networks old stars in their primetime lineup, DWTS alum Leah Remini was invited to serve as a guest judge this past week. Leah participated back on the show's seventeenth season in the fall of 2013 with partner Tony Dovolani. They were eliminated at the semi-finals, so she is no stranger to the underdogs and under praised hard work of the show's competing cast. With that in mind, she boosted many scores for this week, and did her best to acknowledge praise where it was due.

Next week's show is the popular Disney Night, with an opening set right in Disneyland, and a full night of dancing to Disney movies and themes.

Geeking Out

Sean and Linsey

Sean and Linsey were given a Paso Doble to perform and were given 21 out of 40 points for their efforts. Len claimed the dance wasn't great technically, and Carrie Ann honed in on how he could have been more expressive. Leah even straight-up claimed Sean wasn't a dancer, and her score offering is the couple's biggest difference between last week and this week, but she also voiced the common theme of his praise: the fact he is committed to this experience.

Ally and Sasha

Sasha and the Fifth Harmony singer jived this week to Tina Turner's "Proud Mary," and earned 32 out of 40, keeping them locked into the first place ranks of the leaderboard. Their routine packed a punch! It seemed quick and short, but didn't seem to cut corners based on the judges' remarks. Bruno claimed she had command of the stage and the dance. Len said he was proud to watch her. Carrie Ann, articulating that expectations are high with a performance set to Tina Turner, asserted that she nailed said expectations. Leah recognized the jive was a hard routine.

Based on combined scores between the past two weeks, Ally and Sasha take the lead with 56 out of 70.

Kel and Witney

Witney and Kel were given a cha-cha this week that scored 32 out of 40, setting them in second place this week! Also giving him his first "eight" scores of the season, as he seems to be developing and adapting well for the competition by now. According to Bruno, he had the hip action and musicality down, and Leah said he owned the dance.

In terms of combined scores, Kel and Witney are tied with Lauren and Gleb, right out of the top three with 52 out of 70.

Kate and Pasha

Kate and Pasha danced a tango this week, and scored 26 out of 40, falling from grace, mostly in scores. A sensual character was needed for the dance, which both Len and Leah recognized her struggle with, and Bruno saw she lost balance, but this was overall a good attempt.

James and Emma

James and Emma quickstepped this week, and earned 28 out of 40, situating them in third place this week. While Len called it clever choreography, the "veteran judges" are anxious to see more from him. Len would have liked more in hold. Likewise, Carrie Ann noticed the partners were out of sync, and Bruno advised he work on finer details now.

Hannah and Alan

Hannah and Alan had a Paso Doble this week, that earned 32 out of 40, tying for second place this week. The judges share expectations they have for Hannah as those similar to what they have for James. Both have been early front-runners, and now "next level" performing is what the judges desire. Len liked the aggression mixed with control he saw in Hannah's character for the dance.

Lamar and Peta

Lamar and Peta were given a waltz this week, and they earned 20 out of 40. The highest contentions of the night brewed over these scores, as Bruno and and Len both threw up "four" paddles—whereas Leah claimed to "even things out" at first with giving him a seven. Leah was quite obviously outraged in the moment. As mentioned, she recognized his hard work the most, and even the show has emphasized Lamar's challenges over the last few weeks. He hasn't been given more than straight fours over the last few weeks though. He was announced in the bottom two again at the end of the night, and was eliminated.

Sailor and Val

Sailor and Val were assigned a cha-cha this week, and earned 31 out of 40 for their performance, setting them in second place for the second time over the last couple weeks. On the combined leaderboard, they sit in second as well with 54 out of 70. The only critique articulated was for Sailor to find consistent footing, but she garnered all kinds of praise. Len calling her "terrific," "on a roll," and "well-executed," and Bruno said she, "shines brighter every week." Sailor was even compared to having a "Bindi Irwin vibe" for her blossoming personality and performance.

Lauren and Gleb

Lauren and Gleb danced a foxtrot this week earning 32 out of 40, tying them for first place this week. Carrie Ann called it her dance.

Karamo and Jenna

Karamo and Jenna were given a tango this week and earned 28 out of 40 for their performance, landing them right out of the top three this week. He's also close to the average on the combined leaderboard with 44 out of 70. Given a unanimous second chance by the end of the night, Bruno said Karamo was tuned into his leading man role and had few mistakes. Leah claimed he owned the performance, and Carrie Ann called it her favorite dance of his (while being the "lift police" at the same time).

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