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The Fantasy World

And Fairy tales

By Jessica HowardPublished about a year ago 5 min read
The Fantasy World
Photo by Georgia Vagim on Unsplash

Fairy tales we all remember those the classic tales we grew up like Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Jack and the Bean stalk, Snow White and Little red riding hood, these tales were made into good fantasy world movies.

Let's start with the classic Sleeping beauty the beautiful princess Aurora fell in to a deep sleep and was woken by a kiss from the handsome price Phillip now how about the untold story Maleficent that they turned into a movie. Maleficent was a fairy who was deceived my the love of life Stefan he stole her wings and announced she was dead so he could be the king, at the christening of king Stefan's daughter Aurora Maleficent cursed the baby Aurora as her revenge against Stefan. Aurora was raised by three fairies but Maleficent was always watching when Aurora was fifteen she encounter Maleficent and a bond was formed so much so that Maleficent tried to break the curse but it couldn't be done and Aurora fell into a deep sleep but she wasn't woken by the handsome prince this time she was woken by Maleficent herself there is a twist for you. Stefan tried to kill Maleficent with the aid of Aurora freeing Maleficent's wings Stefan failed to kill Maleficent but his coldness drove him to his death, this shows you that love can untwisted one of the most evil twisted heart.

Snow white no there is a tale that had tears to your eyes the eating of a poison apple that cause Snow White to look dead but once again was awaken by a handsome Prince. Snow White and the Huntsman this movie took the fairest in all the land to another level this evil queen was the fairest in all the land by stealing the beauty and youth from others, she couldn't be killed until the mirror told her that Snow White would be undoing the queen wanted to kill her until the mirror told that Snow White was her salvation as well, If the queen took Snow White's heart that she would be immortal. Upon snow White being brought to the queen she escaped into the dark forest where the huntsman was sent after her but he let her go and headed to the duke's castle together but along the way Snow White ate a poison apple but this time is wasn't the handsome prince's kiss that woke her it was the huntsman's kiss that awoke her, Snow White led the battle again the queen where she killed the queen and reclaimed her throne.

Next tale who remembers Jack and the bean stalk when Jack trades his cow for beans and climbs a bean stalk and encounters a giant I know I do, So the movie Jack the giant slayer was a adventurous movie with Knights, a princess and the unlikely hero ordinary farm boy Jack.

Jack encounters a monk in desperate need of Jack's horse which he gives Jack beans for the horse which doesn't impress Jack's uncle who throws them through the window. Later that night it rains and Jack gets a surprise visitor the princess who has runaway as the rains comes down the bean stalk grows from beneath Jacks's house taking it and the princess high into the sky. The next morning the king and his knights are searching for the princess Jack tells them she in his house and when the king ask where the house Jack points to the sky the brave knights and Jack climb up to rescue the princess the knights die one by one leaving only one left that Jack saves from the oven as well as the princess by killing the giant cook with just plain dumb luck. Jack and the princess make it back Jack and the princess part ways but Jack sees the giants coming races after the king and princess to warn them, They all race back to the kingdom Jack being the very last one to make it into the kingdom. Jack and the princess try to warn the other kingdoms while the king and his knights try to defend the kingdom Jack and the princess are attacked by the leader of the giants who found a way into the castle Jack is about to be eaten Jack drops a bean down the giants throat creating a bean stalk from inside him. Jack obtains the giant's crown which he uses to send the giants away which earns him the respect of the knight and king and the heart of the princess and our unlikely hero gets to marry the princess this is one of the most adventurous tales.

Now who can forget Little Red Riding Hood the little girl on the way to her grandmothers house encounters a wolf I do that was one of my favorite tales, the release of red riding hood in 2011 was a movie that took us in a different way. Valerie our young red riding hood and her love Peter live in a village plagued by a wolf who they feed their farm animals to in hopes of it not harming any of them. Valerie is placed in a arranged marriage to Henry breaking her sister Lucie's heart which leads to her death by the wolf with the wolf breaking the truce it stops Valerie from eloping with Peter. The village people venture into the wolf liar to kill it but to have Henry's father Adrien to be killed this brings famous witch hunter Father Solomon to the village claiming the wolf they killed is not the wolf they seek because the wolf is human by day Solomon and his men try to figure out who the wolf is. Roxanne one of the village girls's brother is taken and suspect of being the wolf to protect her brother Roxanne reveals that Valerie can communicate with the wolf. Believing Valerie to be a witch she is displayed in the town square for the wolf, Peter and Henry help her escape, Peter is captured and Henry nearly killed but it is Father Solomon who is attacked by the wolf losing his hand which then his men turn on him because he has been bitten he will be a wolf so they kill father Solomon. The wolf turns out to be Valerie's father upon learning Lucie wasn't his he had killed her in a fit of rage and wanted Valerie to come with him Peter appears and is bitten Valerie kills her father and want to be with Peter but he flees because he is becoming a wolf, this is a tale that takes it to a very different way.

Oh I can't forget the Harry Potter series of movies they are a fantasy world tales of wizards good and bad, strange creatures and the bond of friendship.

I love my classic tales and the fantasy movies they were turn into I don't have one favorite that is possible I have quiet a few that I like but can't write about the all so I just picked four to write about and I thought I chose four good ones.


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