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The Family Star Review: Not Worth Your Time or Money

The Family Star Movie Explained

By Ayush VermaPublished 3 months ago 5 min read
The Family Star Review

I welcome you all. In today's review ride, we are going to talk about Vijay Deverakonda's or Mrunal Thakur's Telugu film, i.e., The Family Star, which was released in theaters a few days ago.

So The Family Star is a movie that can work differently for everyone. If you do not care about the character development, the feelings they show, or how the drama is being built in the movie, then these things won't bother you. 

But if you watch those contents where character development is good, there are good emotions, and good concepts are present, then The Family Star isn't the right pick for you.

I'd advise you to utilize your time somewhere else because this movie won't meet your expectations. I wouldn't recommend watching it.

How is The Family Star Movie?

There are definitely some scenes and moments in the film that are funny and bring a smile on face.

At the same time, if the first half of the film is seen according to the theme of this film or according to the director's previous disappointing film, then the first half was decent.

There is also a good interval twist. Yes, that is a different matter. If you brainstorm too much about the interval twist, then logically it also appears without arms and legs.

But without going that deep, if you are watching the film, then definitely the twist of the film, which comes in the interval area, overall makes the first half a decent watch, and till then the film is not disturbing anywhere.

I would say that the basic theme of the film that we, the audience, got to see was good: how people living a life of luxury try to judge middle-class people from a distance.

If they are being stingy somewhere or trying to save money, then they are given some tag or another without understanding the core reason behind it.

On the other hand, middle-class people pass some or another statement after seeing the rich; they also try to judge them and do not try to understand what the problems are behind their life of luxury.

So this is the thing that the film deals with.

This was a basic theme where understanding has to be developed from both sides.

At the same time, by showing the clash of love and ego, the drama of the film should have progressed by capturing all these things.

But once the film enters the second half, if we skip the first 10 to 12 minutes, the way the film starts making fun of the middle-class family on its own theme means where is the director? I would like to touch their feet.

This film does not show even one percent sincerity towards its own subject or its own theme.

Anything is happening anytime in the second half, like at one time the characters maintain love for each other, and then at another time ego comes in.

And whatever efforts have been made to show a middle-class boy in the film, whatever was shown related to her in the first half has no address in the second half.

Now think for yourself: There is a middle-class boy whose focus is to move ahead in life. If the so-called status of his family is to improve, then he will obviously work with sincerity.

At least he will not take such a step that such a big job that he has got goes away from his hands, but just listen to what our dear Vijay Deverakonda does; he goes to the USA and roams around shirtless wherever he feels like.

He is roaming around not only because he wants to make his character look natural, but also because his motive is to harass someone else and satisfy his ego.

If a person who left a big job a few years ago just for the sake of his family joins that job again today to improve the status of his family, then he will obviously do that work with sincerity. He will not commit any such acts for which he can be fired from the job at any time.

Yes, that is a different matter. If you tell me that you are expecting elements like logic and sensitivity in Parasuram's film, then it is your mistake, and I accept that mistake as mine.

Overall, I just want to say that the effort that has been made to show the middle-class family or middle-class boy in the film through the character of Vijay Deverakonda does not feel natural or relatable, not even by 1 percent.

Things don't become relatable just by filling a tank with petrol worth 20 rupees or by imposing restrictions on children's food and drink.

To make them relatable, things have to be grounded, from the way of talking to body language to how to behave in every situation.

If all those things connect naturally, then we can say that the film was relatable.

And in the climax, Mrunal Thakur's character says so many great things about Vijay Deverakonda's character that, for a moment, even Parasuram Ji would doubt that I had not written as much as is being said.

In the climax, let me tell you that Mrunal Thakur is getting married to someone else, and when you see the reason behind that marriage, you will say to yourself that even if I am sitting here till now, there is no bigger donkey than me.


Yes, one thing I would like to mention is that the film is not boring at all. It happens that sometimes some films become such that you don't even feel like watching them, so that is not the case with this film.

You can take this movie like a kind of guilty pressure where, especially in the second half, you let the movie go as it is and enjoy yourself.

Let me tell you that there is also a song in the film Kalyani Vaccha Vaccha that was good to listen to.

Overall, I would like to say that instead of creating relatable situations, if a relatable character was developed here and if it was performed in a natural way, then at least The Family Star could have become a good one-time watchable film. 

So this was my overall opinion about The Family Star movie. If you have seen this movie, then how did you like it? Please tell us in the comment section.

See you soon.

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