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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: The romantic possibilities in Italy

Fans are wondering who will get together and who might break up by the time they return from Rome.

By Cheryl E PrestonPublished 11 months ago 3 min read

Forrester Fashions goes to Rome

Some great episodes are coming soon on The Bold and the Beautiful because at least 6 of the cast members recently filmed episodes in Italy from May 15 through May 17. No details have been revealed and the episodes with this footage from Rome will not be available until June. Soaps in Depth has revealed that B&B went on location, for a very special remote Italy shoot and fans want to know about the storyline twists that took place that will play out on the screen.

Details are being closely guarded and the plot is being kept under wraps. Although the actors who were involved shared beautiful pictures they remained mum about what will happen with those who were in attendance. The Bold and the Beautiful cast on location were Thorsten Kaye (Ridge), Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke), Annika Noelle (Hope), Matthew Atkinson (Thomas), Scott Clifton (Liam), and Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter). Jackie Wood (Steffy Forrester) is in the photo so obviously she goes along as well. Let's look at some possibilities of what might happen in Rome. Forrester Creations’ Hope for the Future line will have a glamorous fashion but what about off the runway?

Liam is still whining about Thomas

Liam is naturally tagging along to keep tabs on Hope and Thomas and Brooke will probably attempt to do the same. Steffy will have told Liam that Thomas is not pursuing Hope but she is after him. This week Liam will confront his wife but it's not clear what her answer will be. On Tuesday Dollar Bill Spener (Don Diamont) told Liam to keep tabs on Thomas and not to let up. it's as if everyone is forgetting that Hope has a mind of her own and is able to make her own choices.

The Thomas bashing is getting old and viewers want to see the look on everyone's faces when Mrs. Logan/Spencer finally cracks. There is trouble brewing between Brooke and Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) because Brooke withheld what Hope said about Thomas. She also did not reveal that her daughter is falling for Taylor's son. Fans will be wondering if Taylor might show up in Italy or if she will trust Brooke not to get romantic with Ridge. Once everyone is in Italy who will be the first to squeeze in some time for romance?

Who will find love in Italy?

Will Liam try to sweep his wife off her feet and remove any thought of Thomas or will Brooke and Ridge possibly reconnect and admit they are still in love? During an interview, Kaye said that no matter how things play out on screen Brooke will always be the love of Ridge's life. The big question on everyone's minds is what will happen between Thomas and Hope. Will they find themselves alone at some point and will she admit she is falling for him? Will Thomas reciprocate her feelings or will he turn her down?

Spoilers tease that a major blowup between Lope will soon take place that could break them up but will it be related to Thomas? Be on the lookout for updates related to Italy to find out what happens when the B&B ast arrives. Will this be the end for Hope and Liam and is it possible that Steffy and her ex possibly might hook up again? Steam has been in close proximity a lot lately discussing Thomas so a wounded Liam might reach out to his ex. Be on the lookout for spoilers, breaking news, and updates as the trip to Rome draws near. The Bold and the Beautiful is sending these specific individuals to Italy for a reason but is t for a fashion shoot alone? Stay tuned to find out.


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