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The Batman Review

The Batman Review

By Nouman ul haqPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
The Batman Review

When this movie was announced some time ago, it created quite a stir in the geek community . Well, apparently it focused its action on something far from what we were seeing in the DC Extended Universe . And it is that we had just seen an already seasoned Batman and here we were shown a more inexperienced one with a more detective approach, something unpublished so far in his film adaptations. In any case, as a lover of the stories of the best detective in the world , my appointment with The Batman was unavoidable, and now that I've seen it I'll tell you my opinion about it.

It's Halloween in Gotham , a night where crime is unleashed much more than on other days, but there is one case that stands out above the rest: the murder of the mayor, Don Mitchell Jr. At the scene of the crime, the perpetrator has left a message for the vigilante known as Batman (played by Robert Pattinson ), two years into his career as a masked vigilante. The message left by this Enigma ( Paul Dano ) is an invitation to a macabre game that could shake the foundations of Gotham.

The Batman Review

Its visual section is superb. There are scenes with a magnificent pulse, which is accompanied by incredible photography and production design, in which the costumes are found, which is not far behind. Regarding the soundtrack by Michael Giacchino , I was pleasantly surprised. Well, it's been a long time since I've heard one that fit the character so splendidly.

The cast is another of the great strengths of this film. And it is that from Pattinson , who makes Batman his own (to the surprise of the skeptics who only believe that he has only done Twilight in his entire career), to Jeffrey Wright , obviously going through Zoe Kravitz , they are all full. The address is provided by Matt Reeves , who has given us a vision of the bat that many of us have been waiting for a long time.

The Batman Review

As well as it happens to be that finally an existing film embraces an existing determining characteristic that belongs to batman : his detective side. This happens to be shown magnificently inside of the film, giving it an existing quite different tone than what we have seen before. Although focusing on top of that approach does not abandon others such during the same time that theatricality, which usually goes hand inside of hand with the character inside of comics during the same time that well. During the same time that an existing enthusiastic fan that belongs to the batman that belongs to the cartoons, every single one this could not make me happier, because every single one the background that belongs to him happens to be magnificently embodied.

it happens to be true that i had an existing few minutes that belongs to total footage left over, during the same time that well during the same time that there happen to be too dark as well as rainy moments even that is going to belong to someone such as batman that has the ability come to seem such as an existing cliché. With the exception of really every single one this fulfills an existing function that is going to belong to the narrative as well as setting, therefore it happens to be something that has the ability exist as a overlooked.

inside of short, the batman manages to perfectly capture an existing important feature that belongs to the character, which until now happened to be unpublished inside of the cinema, giving us an existing film unlike any other. That belongs to course, it happens to be the bat movie that i had been waiting that is going to belong to an existing long time, as well as that at first it happened to be going without any expectations. Inside of fact i dare to say that he happens to be my favorite, as well as i say it with full knowledge that belongs to the facts. Well, i'm looking forward to seeing her again.


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