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The 3 Best Archie Comic Crossovers 

Everyone's favorite redhead pairs up with some unlikely people in these insane crossovers.

By Jason SchwartzPublished 7 years ago 3 min read
(AP Photo/Archie Comics)

When you hear about classic comic book characters most people don't consider Archie and his friends in that mix. However, Archie has been around since 1939 and shows no signs of slowing down. Just like other comics Archie has a long and storied history that people connect with. Even the people that don't consider Archie a "real" comic can't deny how influential and far-reaching the brand goes. Archie has been featured in comics, television shows and there are even rumors about a potential Archie Broadway show. While all of these credentials are impressive, the biggest sign of Archie's legitimacy as a comic book are the crossovers. Crossovers have been a staple for comic books since Marvel launched their first major crossover event, "The Secret Wars." Crossovers are common in comic books, they're a way for superheroes to interact with one another in a way that was previously seen as impossible. Just like any other truly great comic book, Archie has his fair share of crossovers. Here are my personal top 3 Archie crossovers that you have to check out.

Archie Meets Glee

Courtesy of the Glee Wiki

The second Archie Meets Glee was announced I knew it would be a good idea. The wholesome attitude of the Riverdale gang is very similar to the characters featured on Glee. The story is set up as follows; Dilton creates a device that allows him into other dimensions. This device leads him to Brittany from the Glee universe. Dilton develops a crush on her and tries to go to their universe, but an accident leaves some of the Glee kids in Riverdale and some of Archie and his friends in Lima, Ohio. This leads to some very interesting interactions between the two universes. Kevin, the first openly gay character in Archie comics, is intrigued by Blaine, Jughead and Sue butt heads, while Josie and the Pussycats try to recruit Mercedes to their band The characters work seamlessly off each other in way that feels very natural and that alone is reason to read this four part series.

Archie VS. Sharknado

(Archie Comics)

If you enjoyed the Syfy mega hit known as Sharknado then this is the comic for you. This one part crossover is everything you love about Sharknado but with Archie and the gang. The makers of Sharknado teamed up with Archie to create the crossover you never knew you wanted. The comic came out the same day as Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! This comic doesn't have the most complex storyline, but it does have Archie and the gang fighting flying sharks. I don't think I need to convince you further.

Archie Meets The Punisher


This might be the most famous crossover simply because of how absurd it is. This crossover came out in 1994 when Archie rarely had any crossovers. While some superheroes are known for their No Killing rule, the Punisher is famous for being a vigilante that is not afraid to kill for his cause. The Punisher's brutality is a strange compliment to innocence of Riverdale, but that's what makes it work. The plot to this comic is what you'd expect from an Archie/Punisher crossover. The Punisher has made a deal with the government to hunt down a notorious drug dealer named "Red" who is hiding in Riverdale, the caveat is he must capture him, not kill him. Red looks a lot like Archie so at first the Punisher tries to apprehend Archie. When he realizes his mistake he teams up with Archie to bring down Red and save the kidnapped Veronica. The strange mix of characters seems like it would be a failure but it somehow works beautifully. The blend of characters, the clever plot and cameos from Sabrina and Wolverine make this a must read. I would recommend reading all 3 crossovers on this list but if you were to only read one make sure it's this one.

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