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Thanos Is Responsible For The Birth of Marvel's Deadliest Symbiote

"Thanos: Marvel's Cosmic Cupid and the Unintentional Gift of Earth's Most Lethal Alien Menace"

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Thanos' search for the Infinity Stones inadvertantly led to the creation of the Carnage symbiote.

In Venom #20, the Maker theorizes that the Venom symbiote reproduced in response to Thanos' threat, giving birth to Carnage.

Carnage evolved into a cosmic threat on the level of Thanos, over time becoming by far the Marvel Universe's most dangerous symbiote.

Cosmic Matchmaking: Thanos and Carnage's Unlikely Connection Revealed!"

In the vast Marvel Universe, few evoke fear like Thanos, and Carnage, the deranged serial killer, isn't far behind. While initially appearing worlds apart, a surprising revelation in Venom #20 by Donny Cates, Iban Coello, Ze Carlos, Rain Beredo, and Clayton Cowles, unveils a direct link between these two formidable villains.

The narrative unfolds during a conversation with the Council of Reeds, where the Maker introduces a captivating theory about symbiote reproduction. According to him, symbiotes don't propagate randomly but respond to significant cosmic events, necessitating an increase in their numbers for survival.

The Maker points to Thanos' quest for the Infinity Stones as a prime example of such an event. This cosmic pursuit triggered the Venom symbiote to reproduce, giving rise to the creation of the Carnage symbiote. The repercussions of this unexpected connection had far-reaching consequences for Earth, showcasing the intricate interplay between major Marvel players. It turns out, even in the vastness of the universe, Thanos inadvertently played the role of a celestial catalyst, giving birth to one of Earth's deadliest threats.

Thanos' Cosmic Legacy: Unveiling the Birth of Marvel's Infinite Carnage in Venom #20

In the cosmic tapestry of the Marvel Universe, few threads are as impactful as Thanos' infamous use of the Infinity Gauntlet to unleash chaos. While the saga brought together Marvel's major heroes to thwart his genocidal plan, its aftermath revealed an unexpected consequence in Venom #20—the genesis of the Carnage symbiote.

As Thanos aimed to erase all life from the universe, the Venom symbiote, sensing the imminent threat, initiated a reproduction process to ensure the survival of its kind. Little did it know that this act would lead to the creation of Carnage, a symbiote surpassing its progenitor in malevolence. From the early days of uncontrollable rampages, Carnage has evolved into a cosmic threat, rivaling the likes of Thanos himself.

Marvel's grand narrative unfolds in unpredictable ways, and the connection between Thanos and Carnage in Venom #20 adds a surprising layer to this intricate storytelling. The Mad Titan's pursuit of the Infinity Stones inadvertently set the stage for the birth of Marvel's most dangerous symbiote, with consequences that still echo through the Marvel Universe.

As the legacy of Thanos' actions continues to define the Marvel narrative, Venom #20 highlights Carnage as an unexpected and deadly implication of the classic "Infinity Saga." The dream match-up between Thanos and Carnage, long cherished by Marvel fans, takes on new dimensions with this revelation, making it a tantalizing possibility for the future.

Released in 2018, Venom #20 from Marvel Comics delves into the cosmic connection between Thanos and the creation of Carnage, showcasing how even the darkest chapters of the Marvel saga can give rise to unforeseen and thrilling narratives.

As half a decade of X-Men storytelling comes together for one massive finish, it appears that Professor X's fate will not be a sacrificial death, nor a hard-won survival. The nature and impact of Dominions have remained a persistent thread in the overarching narrative of the Krakoan Age. Recent developments point to Charles Xavier being the one to ascend from space-time to this god-like status.

Immortal X-Men #17 – by Kieron Gillen, Juan José Ryp, David Curiel, VC's Clayton Cowles – contained the latest development in the Dominion plotline. Following the events of Sins of Sinister and Children of the Vault, Mother Righteous, Mister Sinister, Moira X, Destiny, and Serafina are the only ones aware of the Dominion manipulating events in their universe.

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