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Talking With: Roz Drezfalez host of paranormal podcast “GHOSTED!”

by Bea Jones 2 years ago in celebrities
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Interview with drag queen comedian Roz Drezfalez, who talks spooky stuff, celebrities and hosting a paranormal podcast.

Roz Drezfalez host of "GHOSTED!"

This edition of Talking With focuses on Roz Drezfalez, who has been putting her drag queen comedic sense of humor to work sharing stories about the paranormal world in the podcast “GHOSTED! by Roz Drezfalez.”

Each episode, Roz sits down with celebrities, experts and listeners to dish about their true experiences with ghosts and other beings from the spirit world. And, there have been a lot of Hollywood celebs who have shared their spooky stories, including Wendi McLendon-Covey, Karen Kilgariff, Harvey Guillén, Busy Philipps, Jack Osbourne, Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira), Nicole Byer, Margaret Cho, Jonathan Bennett, Bridget Marquardt, and an array of drag queen superstars from "Rupaul's Drag Race."

Based in Los Angeles, Roz has also become known as “The Bargain Bin Beauty” and host of Ross Mathews’s "Dragtastic Bubbly Brunch" and "The Once-Over" at The Hollywood Improv. Her big hair and, just as big, upbeat personality has been showcased on Buzzfeed, Bravo, Hey Qween TV, and commercial spots for Google.

Since this is the perfect time of year for spooky-but-fun stuff, we are Talking With Roz Drezfalez about hosting “GHOSTED!” and more.

Give us a quick overview of your podcast GHOSTED!

Roz Drezfalez (RD): Well, I sit down every Thursday with a different celebrity, expert, or everyday person to talk about their real-life experiences with the paranormal. I am a full-time drag queen comedian based in Hollywood, so the vibe of the show is very...Hollywood. I keep the show fun but spooky, it definitely ain’t your daddy’s paranormal talk show.

Have you ever been spooked yourself?

RD: Yes, tons of times. I grew up in a house that was pretty much haunted. I continued to have unexplained experiences into my adulthood and now I actively seek out ghosts by paranormal investigating. Mainly, so I can have stuff to talk about.

How did you get interested in sharing these ghost stories?

RD: Working in Hollywood for over a decade now, I learned that many creative types have had these experiences. Since I know so many people that are performers and artists, who better to hear stories from than professional storytellers. That was the original concept but now I have branched out to “experts” who help me to understand the unknown, and I do listener call-in episodes because I like to show that these events can happen to anyone of us, no matter our backgrounds.

Why do you think celebrities are so willing to tell you their experiences?

RD: I’m not a celebrity but my full-time job as a working actor, comedian, and podcast host in Hollywood is the same job description as a lot of people that are considered celebrities. I work alongside celebrities, many of my personal friends are considered celebrities. So, we speak a lot of the same language. I know from getting interviewed a ton myself that all public figures get asked the same questions over and over again. Many of my guests have told me how excited they are to talk about their ghost stories, which is a topic that they have never (or rarely) publicly spoken about before. I completely understand that and also each week I am genuinely excited to hear something new from someone that I enjoy. I think that really comes through when you hear our conversations on the show.

Behind the scenes of "GHOSTED! by Roz Drezfalez"

Who has been your favorite guest so far and why?

RD: Well I only have on people that I like so that is really hard to say, but OMG -- my number one idol Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira Mistress of The Dark) came on. She lived in a historic Hollywood home that had an insane past and lots of ghostly activity.

What’s been the strangest story you’ve heard?

RD: The fashion designer Gunnar Deatherage of Project Runway told me a story during his episode that involved a sinister group of people that somehow got into his dreams. I don’t want to give the whole story away but it truly keeps me up at night and many listeners have told me it is one of the scariest things they have ever heard.

Why do you think people are so fascinated with paranormal tales?

RD: There are many reasons. Most people know a person personally that has had a paranormal experience, if not they themselves. These accounts have been shared since the beginning of time. So, there must be something to these stories, right? I think many people enjoy hearing them whether they believe or not, mainly because there is a chance that it could happen to them.

How do you deal with the non-believers?

RD: I completely understand them. There are lots of things in this world that I haven’t experienced and I don’t necessarily believe in. It’s not my agenda to change their minds, but hopefully they can be respectful of people that do believe. I’d rather create a safe space for people to share their stories, knowing that majority of the audience is on their side. Who are any of us to say what is or isn’t real? But I find that anyone that likes horror will also enjoy hearing the stories, even if just for the silly entertainment.

"GHOSTED!" podcast host Roz Drezfalez

RD: Honestly, finding guests with great stories or insight every week. Somehow, I manage to pull it off though. It turns out that not everyone has a story. Also, a lot of people, specifically celebrities, are nervous to share these stories because they are afraid that people might judge them. I spend a ton of my free time randomly asking people “have you ever encountered a ghost?

You also happen to be a prominent drag queen and a comedian. That’s a fun combination; how did that all get started?

RD: I’m really just a comedian that likes shiny things and big hair. Some times that leads me to performing in the drag world, sometimes I’m doing standup at comedy shows where I’m the only drag queen as far as the eye can see. It got started I suppose the same way it does with all comedians; open mics, hours and hours of writing and performing for all kinds of audiences, eventually I had my own show at The Hollywood Improv comedy club for a few years, and now I entertain the spider in my apartment.

What’s been the best part of being a performer and public persona?

RD: They give you free food on sets and people help you touch up your makeup. Also, it is a true honor to hear from people all over the world that tell me that my show has helped them to not feel alone. Because we aren’t alone on this planet. Wait, what’s that behind you?!

Lastly, what’s coming up for you next?

RD: I have an eye exam next Wednesday. Oh, and I’ll be continuing to release new episodes of “GHOSTED! by Roz Drezfalez” every Thursday at Starburns Audio or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Drag queen comedian and host Roz Drezfalez


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