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Talking With: Bryan McClure Star of “In Other Word”

by Bea Jones 2 years ago in entertainment
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Interview with actor Bryan McClure, who channels his own inner tech geek to bring his latest role to life.

This edition of Talking With focuses on actor Bryan McClure, who stars as the romantic lead True Andrews in the indie comedy feature film “In Other Words.”

Directed by Patrick Perez Vidauri, the film centers around tech geek True Andrews, who after landing an investor for his matchmaking app discovers it matched him with a woman who doesn’t speak English. To prove his algorithm actually works, he sets out with his buddies to Mexico to meet his beautiful mismatch.

This Iowa native has racked up a bunch of roles since landing in Hollywood. On the small screen, he recurred on the Netflix series, “Mindhunter,” and will be returning for a new second season of Marc Zicree’s “Space Command.” Previously, he appeared on FX’s “Atlanta,” HBO Max’s “DC Doom Patrol,” BET’s “American Soul” and CBS’s “Hawaii Five-O” to name a few. His big screen credits include Takashi Doscher’s “Still,” alongside Colin Hanks in “Lucky,” and several festival standouts.

At this point in his career, we are Talking With Bryan McClure about starring “In Other Words,” true love and being a techie.

Why did you want to play True Andrews?

Byran McClure (BM): This was a dream role for me. I'm pretty techie myself, so I really could understand True's perspective. It was such an easy decision. The script was phenomenal. The creators were so kind. The cast that they attached to the project was top notch. If I would have passed, I would have been crazy!

Bryan McClure and Edy Ganem in "In Other Words"

As an actor, what helped you the most in bringing this character to life?

BM: My own experiences in real life as well as just preparing for the material. Having thoughts about everything. Specific feelings and meaning about the even in the script and just being prepared.

There seems to be great chemistry with all of the cast. Was the film as fun in-between takes and it appears on-screen?

BM: This set was seriously the best! The other actors were all such kinds, funny soles and it was such an honor to share the screen with them. Not to mention, Cristina and Patrick really made a welcoming set and worked hard to make sure everyone on set felt welcome.

Do you have a favorite scene from the movie? And, was it also your favorite to shoot?

BM: many fun scenes! I'd guess if I had to choose, I would say working with comedy legend Chris Kattan in both the boardroom scene with we're going back and forth or when I was on a skype call with him and Benny (played by Rishi Arya). At times I'd pinch myself not to laugh and ruin the take. There were times when the camera was over my shoulder on Chris that I literally closed my eyes because I didn't want to laugh and break character and ruin his comedy genius!

What do you hope moviegoers take away from the film?

BM: I hope movie goers take away a feeling of joy and happiness. Additionally, I hope they can take away a few lessons and perhaps even inspire them to find love :)

Brian McClure, Joseph Nunez and Rishi Arya in "In Other Words"

Where do you start when preparing for a role; and does that change depending on the genre?

BM: I might start with the logline/synopsis because they usually lets me know what the tone of the movie is going to be. Then, as I read through the script, I have a very strong imagination, so I start to see things unfolding in my head. I sometimes get lost in the story; the visuals, the feelings, etc. That's when I know its a good story when I'm really engaged like that. The tone of the project can also help dictate the pace. A multi-camera comedy is much faster paced that say a horror film. After all that, I start working on the inner life of my character.

Bryan McClure and Natasha Esca in "In Other Words"

Do you think true love can be found with an app?

BM: I'd have to say that yes I do. Not because of the film itself, but because I have friends that have found their spouse through dating apps. Of course, True's app would definitely have the highest success rate if it were real ;)

Are you a tech master or failure in real life?

BM: I'm actually very techie. I got my college degree in Graphic Design and worked as a professionally graphic designer at a company. I actually still own a web/graphic design company. Fun fact, the first rendition of the In Other Words poster that started to make its way around festival circuits was designed by me.

Bryan McClure

What app would you build if you could?

BM: This is a good question. Is it possible to build an app that can make me food in the kitchen and bring it to me? :) All kidding aside, I'm not sure. I'd like to think I'd come up with one that would help people.

Finally, is there anything else you’re working on that we can watch for?

BM: There are few projects in development, one of which is another Rom Com the lovely Natasha Esca from In Other Words wrote. We're planning to make it happen next year. Additionally, my projects Dr. Bird's Advice for Sad Poets and Rightful should be releasing soon, though I don't know the release dates yet and we're planning to film more of our sci-fi series Space Command in the coming months. There are several films and tv shows I have in development with some talented people as well that I look forward to sharing when the times right.

Keep up with Bryan McClure at: , Instagram: @bryanmcclure, Twitter: @bryanmcclure , Facebook: /ActorBryanMcClure


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