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Tales From The Void

by Nathan Cleve Durham 2 months ago in literature

Gabriela And The Mad Dragon Part 4

Gabriela set about really going through the things she had taken from the snake creature that had attacked her. Most of the trinkets were silver or gold cups, some jewelry, and scant amount of coins. There was however a bracer that caught her eye. It was high tech with a readout display that popped up when you tapped it. “This could definitely come in handy.”

It had an automatic adjuster, which meant that it can fit who ever wore it. It also contained a tremendous amount of data already, including what appeared to be a map of the catacombs underneath the castle. She couldn’t be certain if they were still accurate, but she could hope.

Interestingly it also had a scanning mode. Turning it toward the chemistry table it began to identify all the chemicals, possible mixtures, and their uses. There were enough supplies to make a few healing tonics and three acid grenades. Those would welcome additions to her pack sense she had no idea what other foul creatures waited for her.

It took thirty minutes to mix and craft what she needed. She also decided to leave the cups, which might alert any hostiles to her presence. She instead just kept the jewelry as it wasn’t as heavy, and didn’t clank around as much. After repacking her satchel with including a hefty amount of the dried meat and fruit she was ready to continue this strange journey.

Slowly Gabriela peered into the hallway though a crack in the door. Noting so far. She opened the door to a tunnel the walls were covered in thick blue moss that was slightly iridescent. She expected it to smell foul, but it didn’t, it smelled almost like mint. She had never seen moss like this before. taking a small pouch from her bag she took her dagger cutting a clump she placed in the pouch. Botanists would pay a handsome price for anything previously undiscovered.

As she trekked down, she began to notice the air was getting slightly wormer and there was a slight breeze. After a few more meters she could hear rushing water. “Gabi you must be getting close to the river, which means your one step closer to finding a way out of this place.”

Not long after hearing the water she could see an expansive cavern, the stalactites, and stalagmites are so big they met making it look like a colosseum. Like crown jewel almost in the center was river. There were all sorts of flora and fauna. Most looked rather benign, but there were a few that seemed to be on the hunt for food. A giant centipede for one, she had fought one some years back and was only able to kill it by a grenade set to a trip wire.

Sneaking down to the river she couldn’t help but to take in the rather sweat odder of the blue florescent fungi that grew up the stalagmites. It grew in sort of a blanket that had the texture of sponge. Being carful not to alert the centipede she took a small sample, then moved on to try and find any sort of pathway. She tapped the bracer pulling up the scanning function then put it to work. It only had a range of one hundred meters, so she had to move several times to avoid detection by the predators she had spotted.

It finally pinged finding a small mostly rotted dock, hopefully though it would at least provide her with a sense of direction for now. Everything was fine until she spotted fast movement in her peripheral vision. There was a small stone hut next to the dock from what she could tell. She had a choice to make at this point. Move like a bat out of hell to get to the hut, or walk like nothing was wrong and hope whatever it was wasn’t hungry. She didn’t have to wait long for an answer.

a human sized raptor jumped out from behind a cluster of rocks Gabriela instinctually flashed her new sword. Swiping it across the creatures front shoulder tearing through with little resistance. The raptor shrieked in pain. Now she had no choice but fight while trying to make it to the hut.

As she turned to make a short sprint an arrow zipped past striking the wounded creature in the neck. Then another which hit it squarely in the chest. This time though there was wet pop, as the right side of the chest is blown open.

“That went surprisingly well,” says a smooth deep voice from the shadows.

“Who’s there, show yourself,” Gabriela demanded.

Out steps a strapping young man about her height. He is wearing a thick padded tunic that mimics the surrounding terrain. He has short brown and red beard with a shaved head. His eyes are a blue, gray and he walks with the sort of swagger that most would find annoying. But given the fact he may have just saved her life she would reserve judgement.

“Most would say thank you rather than make demands.” He says with a smirk.

“I’m sorry it’s been a rough few days. Thank you. My name is Gabriela what’s yours?”

“Theodore, Hercules, Edmond, Geffrey, Oscel, Arun’, Thellin the third, and I am at your service madam if you so desire my aid.”



Nathan Cleve Durham
Nathan Cleve Durham
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