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Sylvie's Love is hopeful

"I think you very well could be the next John Coltrane." -Sylvie

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 8 months ago Updated 7 months ago 11 min read
Image Credit: Screenshot by me

Nnamdi Asomugha, Tessa Thompson, Aja Naomi King, Regé-Jean Page, and Lance Reddick are part of the cast of Sylvie's Love.

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Sylvie's Love is a 2020 Amazon Prime Video movie. We follow the lives of summer loves, Robert and Sylvie as they navigate their professions and their relationship. Several topics such as career, tokenism, classism, power, and more are involved in their story. The movie appreciates the art of music, performance and television. This is evident throughout the movie. We see this in Robert's performance as a member of the 'The Dickie Brewster Quartet', in Carmen's performances, in Sylvie's love for television, in Mona & Sylvie's favourite songs for moments, and more. As the characters persevere, we hope for their success.

Brief and not-so-brief opinions.

Image Credit: Screenshot by me

*This was originally planned to be in my "Brief and not-so-brief opinions" lineup. These are my descriptions and opinions while (and after) watching the movie.

  • Honestly watching this for the cast.
  • Starts 5 years later and then goes 5 years earlier to explain the importance of Robert and Sylvie's meeting.
  • Carmen's, "breakfast is served" is killing me but the accents are pretty good(based on my basic knowledge haha).
  • Creativity comes when you're broke, haha. Her dad's solution of using the TV with only pictures as well as the other with only sound was smart though.
  • Regé's character, Chico is a rake haha.
  • Aw, he wanted her to notice him. I'm already rooting for them.
  • She's engaged?? He's away in Korea.
  • Her mother runs a finishing school.
  • She really told her life's business to explain the sign hahaha.
  • Robert still got hired lol. Chico points out that Robert would be able to get extra money and get closer to her.
  • Their band, 'The Dickie Brewster Quartet' is in Harlem for the summer only.
  • Her dad (Mr. Jay)gave up on his dream to be a saxophonist but he remains tied to music by the record store he owns. Sadly, he doesn't believe in Sylvie's dream that a "coloured girl" could run tv one day.
  • Oh, hm. She's getting married to Lacy because they were caught messing around. 
  • So, then again, I am rooting for them. The scene in the shop basement supports it. They both have a French light on their cigarettes meaning they're going to fall in love.
  • The looks when she said her fiancé liked Little Richard took me out hahaha.
  • Mona is Sylvie's cousin. I love their friendship.
  • Robert is a Saxophonist and he's really good. He's passionate about music and he's knowledgeable about it like Sylvie is.
  • They're such a beautiful cast.
  • Awww, they're so adorable.
  • Well, that was a grip.
  • Aww, he tried to see if he had a shot.
  • He is pulling out all the stops. He doesn't want her to leave despite her attempts to resist.
  • They have good conversations.
  • Aw, the way he ran up those stairs at the slightest show of hope haha.
  • Yikes, her mum is…wow.
  • She tried to back him up to her mother. 
  • Lol, she still came to what he was going to invite her to. Fate…?
  • She said she's engaged and he said that's the least most interesting thing about her. Bwahahaha.
  • Oh, he's petty. He went to dance with Connie (who shaded her before).
  • They have good communication.
  • Great music selections.
  • I like the couples.
  • I love the vulnerability in their conversations.
  • I love how they hold each other in high regard.
  • They're full-on dating now.
  • Her mother scares her. Mr. Jay had to let Robert go too.
  • Robert stays taking his chances.
  • She's preggo and she couldn't tell him but Mona was there for her.
  • He really waited for her but she decided against going to Paris with him. The band got a big opportunity there and he didn't want to leave her so he asked.
  • 5 years later.
  • She's working in television. She's married now and has a daughter.
  • Yay, she became a Production Assistant.
  • We finally see Lacy (the fiancé now husband)and he's inconsiderate.
  • I love that Lucy gave her the meal she made on the show for Lacy's meeting. Girl power lol.
  • She's unhappy.
  • They (Robert and Sylvie)cross each other's paths. He and the guys are in New York recording an album and she was out to attend a concert with Mona who stood her up. He sees her wedding ring. They attend the concert. We see their internal struggles.
  • Ikyflllllllll. This is the first affair I've ever rooted for but I don't this would end well.
  • She couldn't tell him again (that her daughter is his).
  • She spills the tea to Mona and I'm scared for herrrrrrr.
  • Robert is getting (more)praise for the band and Dickie doesn't like it.
  • Lacy is…something.
  • Nooooooooo. Are you kidding me? They miss their shot (again). They look at each other at the wrong times and their understanding of getting together is misinterpreted.
  • He's with Connie now and Sylvie has seemingly given up on him.
  • The band has a struggle with publishing, copyright etc.
  • Eunice and Sylvie are besties now.
  • Aw, she made Sylvie the new TV producer. Love this for her. She didn't give up on her dream and made it.
  • Mr. Jay told Robert that he was the father of her daughter before he passed away(R.I.P. Lance Reddick).
  • She's working at the funeral? Come on now. Hmm, maybe a coping mechanism.
  • She confesses to Lacy that she's tired of trying to be someone else. She said, "I can't be the woman of your dreams while also trying to be the woman of my own." Solid quote.
  • Oh, he loves her? Really? Since when? THE WHOLE TIME? Huh. 
  • He knows she doesn't love him and he's been in love with her so he was acting out of spite. He knew she was pregnant and still married her because he loved her but she thought he was simply being noble.
  • Dickie and Robert argue.
  • Chico lets Robert know that through Mona he knows they (Sylvie and Lacy)split up and he goes to her.
  • He confronts her about Michelle being his and they talk (he left the band).
  • He meets Michelle and they're both happy.
  • "I guess just wanted you to be happy, even if I couldn't be a part of your life."
  • So happy for them! (I kinda feel bad that Lacy actually loved her. I thought they got together out of obligation and because of her mother.)
  • He's nervous. They're too adorable, please.
  • The times are changing and jazz is not as sought after. He struggles trying to get the old band together and trying to put some things in order. He was already insecure about not being a stable provider and now it's actualizing since "jazz is dead" and there's no hopeful means.
  • She offers to take care of things until he gets something but he's unhappy asking what kind of man it would make him. She was with the rich guy in business before and it would seem like she downgraded.
  • She lets Lucy be herself on TV and it's working(compared to what Eunice thought about doing that).
  • He gets a job in Detroit and asks if she could come.
  • She accepts but he goes first.
  • I'm rooting for them with everything. If this man somehow dies….????!!! Hm.
  • Tank said his offer for a job for him was not serious. He said he was lying to be somebody. Now, Robert is jobless again.
  • He remembers all his moments with her and decides to break up with her as he also remembers his statement, "I guess just wanted you to be happy, even if I couldn't be a part of your life." She is willing to give up New York and her top position to start again to even look for schools for Michelle.
  • She loves him and is willing to do all that but he loves her too much to break her heart. She's finally happy and with the man of her dreams. He lies to make things easier during the breakup so she's happy the way he believes.
  • They argue and she tells him to get out since he wants to leave. His pride and embarrassment lead him to think that this is the right thing.
  • He ends up working as a mechanic(at an auto plant). 
  • Mona is an activist and she is still a TV producer.
  • She learns that he's not doing well from Carmen who tells him he's working at the plant. Tbh, I get it. She thought the world of him as a musician and he felt he would have jeopardized her life. She doesn't feel that way and expresses her confusion (and betrayal it seems) to Mona. She said she didn't get why he couldn't just tell her. Mona encourages her to still go for him as she says "You know, most people never find that kind of love. Not even for a summer. It's well… extraordinary."
  • She goes to him and they talk. She said that statement was unfair because what if she can't be happy unless he's a part of her life? They end up back together, yaayyyyyyyyy. Too happy for them for always finding their way back to each other. 
  • We see more of their life together in the credits and they are doing well indeed.
  •  I thoroughly enjoyed this movie from the outfits, to the music, to the hope they had. It's a good calm watch.
  • Despite Chico and Mona not working, I was happy for her. Tbh, they didn't seem all that serious about each other anyway which ties into her statement of not experiencing the 'extraordinary' love yet.
  • I thought Dickie would be more sinister. He brought Connie to Robert and cheated on his wife though but I expected worse.
  • I think similarly to Robyn in The Best Man, that because they (as well as we for some time) don't see Robyn like we never see Lacy until they are wed, it alleviates some guilt as they meet blissfully with sparks of hope. It's interesting, wrong is wrong (except for the gray areas depending on who you are…etcetera) but because of his absence we fully participate in the cheering on especially since we know Michelle isn't his too (unlike Robyn in the Best Man ). It makes rooting for Lacy hard because he seems like an intruder when they could be a happy family. They (Rob and Sylvie)had a previous connection that was paused despite being during the time he (Lacy)was with her. He could leave and start anew despite having lost love. He invested a lot into it but there was no true reciprocity on her part.
  • So their having an affair and being together makes sense until we learn that Lacy actually did love her which she seemed surprised about as well because he sure didn't act like it. His early statement of him possibly having any other girl in Harlem negates the fact that he loves her and highlights the statement Mona said of them marrying because Eunice caught them together (also from a prestigious background which could be a safety net for her). So we are left to root for them and their family cause it just makes sense until he expresses that he wanted to be the man of her dreams but that spot's already taken showing that he's aware of her love for Rob which was also evident when he pointed out that he knew his band was playing when she went to see him. He knows of Rob's existence and her love for him which would always make this a sinking ship. It's not that she didn't want to be a housewife but didn't want to be for him because she was flexible for the right man, Rob.
  • She didn't want to give up her dream for Lacy but was willing to start up again in Detroit with Robert (despite their ways of asking being different as well).
  • I thought Robert was going to propose to her at their dinner. So, why was he so nervous then? (Just loves her so much? Time had passed and it felt the same but new? Just general nerves?)
  • Sylvie had said at the hotel with Rob that she couldn't join him on the road because of Michelle, not Lacy (like I can leave him but not my daughter).
  • He had said you know you love something or someone when that's the only thing that matters.
  • Not them name-dropping. For a minute I forgot this movie could not in fact have Miles Davis shown, ha.
  • Lacy really felt Coco's "so? you would do it too for a cheque" statement. The cheque from the bigots cleared though so good for him.
  • I'm glad there was no domestic abuse. I was wondering where we were going with Lacy until he said he loved her. He also seemed more respectful and understanding after he did.
  • Wow, come to think of it…we didn't even see Robert break up with Connie. He just left her? Crazy. She's been after him and got him at some point until Mr. Jay's news of Michelle being his got to him. He didn't even break up with her at least. Chico had said that he left the band and seemingly everything else rather abruptly. However, as sad as it is there was no true reciprocity on his end. Rob and Sylvie had placeholders lol (it's not funny) but it's true. Rob had even told Sylvie at the party before they danced in the street that he was just with Connie since Sylvie said they were a mistake.

"In fact, I think you're one of the most extraordinary people I've ever met." -Sylvie

Image Credit: Screenshot by me

They believed in each other. Sylvie was very supportive of Robert. He respected her opinions and appreciated her compliments. She said that she would be his biggest fan which carries throughout the movie in different ways from telling him he's good, to saying he could be as good as the greats, to saying a moment would be the last time she'll see him without buying a ticket. After things go badly in the music business, she revived his passion and hope. In the end, we see him get back on track with Jazz as Sylvie gives him her father's saxophone and he plays again.

He believed in her dream too. He supported her as she him even when her parents thought it was ludicrous to think she could possibly attain that position. He was a breath of hope she needed as they watched television and talked together. I was utterly shocked and a bit disappointed initially as he asked her to move to Detroit because she would have to start over but she considered it and was willing to start over. He knew this would hurt him to kill her dream in that way so he was willing to risk their relationship for her continued success because he knew how passionate she was about her's like she knew how passionate he was about his.

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