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Brief and not-so-Brief opinions: Part 3

"I saw it a little while ago, but, um…yeah, I remember, uh, you know, it was…I liked it." -Carl from Enemy

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 8 months ago 24 min read
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Dual, The Hunt, Side Effects, Law Abiding Citizen, The Debt, Catfight, The Weekend Away, and Long Weekend.

The 'brief and not-so-brief opinions' articles are my outlet to rant about or appreciate movies, shows and their elements. I will express my thoughts while watching and after or only after watching, it depends. I will not be rating. These are not spoiler-free for the most part and no research will be made for or about them(unless curious or accidental which would be mentioned). They are in no particular order of recent watching as well. However, the opinions are in order of viewing the movie or show (for the most part). This wouldn't be as structured or detailed as well and there would be no set number of picks per article, it would be just as things go. It is intended to be casual. So think, conversations about movie plots, characters, topics-so something like that. 

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A sensitive topics(including suicide, mental health etc.) warning is in effect!

Dual (2022)

Image Credit: Screenshot by me
  • Why are people watching this?
  • Not the movie, haha, I mean the battle or duel.
  • How was that hit possible? His chest was not showing (unless he moved a bit more than we saw from the other person's view).
  • Good Lord! Good for him I guess.
  • Good opening
  • Hahahaha
  • "Why aren't you happy anymore?" Oof
  • Oh my God, what happened to her?
  • This is sad
  • They said don't drink! Girlllll.
  • I think I feel worse about their declining relationship because I watched the trailer and I saw that he will prefer her double, so that's horrible.
  • Yikes, he didn't respond to her "I love you".
  • Oh, Poor Sarah.
  • This is not how you tell someone they're possibly, definitely going to die.
  • I'm happy she called him out on it too.
  • I don't know what his work is or how tense it is but if you're not in space, you can try to figure something out. She's not doing well and has been asking if he could visit her but nooo.
  • Hahaha
  • I know this is an honest conversation with the doctor but it's dry and honest nature is hilarious.
  • Replacement is really…something.
  • "dying with dignity", wow.
  • What is a five percent discount on this expensive process? but she did get something at least.
  • Karen was great for these roles.
  • Well, she obviously isn't Sarah's double and Peter who's finally there seems very unaffected.
  • Hahaha, I knew she would live but this is hilarious, I like the doctor. 
  • Well, that scream was important. Good for her.
  • Good God, Peter! That was horrible but honesty is good I guess.
  • Lmaooo this is horrible, her mother shut the blinds?! wowww.
  • THE DUELS ARE TELEVISED? Publicly?! hahaha. I thought it would be a secret elite show.
  • Well, Peter's horrid and shameless.
  • Hahahaha.
  • I'm actually excited to see how the duel goes.
  • I thought she was recovering, can she go that hard?
  • Hahaha, he did say it wasn't very good hahaha.
  • Explains why Robert's (Theo James's character) double went with that choice.
  • "And succeeded no less"?
  • I'm glad they showed her expressions instead of what was being done 
  • Well, at least Peter apologized.
  • Aw, hahaha. I love how random the dance classes are.(yes, she takes them and all but it was interesting to see)
  • Connor's adorable and well-groomed too.
  • Wait, what?
  • What the??
  • Could she legally kill her before the duel?
  • Oh, alright.
  • Lmaooo Sarah's double hates Peter and 'their' mother now.
  • Do double's age? Or are they stuck at the same age?
  • Dear God! Hoping for the best for Larry
  • 17 minutes left so either both of them living doesn't cause much problem or one of them will die.
  • Oh, they're running away? They could lie that they're twins, cause twins exist in this universe.
  • Poisoning her? Wow.
  • Oh, they're not running away.
  • Arrested?
  • Oh, they are running away.
  • Why didn't she realize something was up?
  • Oh no!!!!
  • They got Peter to swear it? Please, he probably planned it with Sarah's double ugh.
  • Why does her mother not love her? it's so sad. She said that this is 'her Sarah' which technically is not saying it's the original Sarah but the one she chooses. That's crazy.
  • This is horrible and tragic.
  • Please, Peter is getting on my nerves.
  • Hahaha, she's becoming like Sarah-hating life and all.
  • Is she going to scream like Sarah did earlier?
  • Oh, she just sobbed.
  • You did all that for what? She hates her boyfriend and mom, still can't walk well, is okay at driving, has to wear contacts every time to avoid being spotted and probably has the traumatic episodes like they talked about in the support group. An L if you ask me.

The Hunt (2020)

Image Credit: Screenshot by me
  • Good opener(hooked by the music and conversation).
  • What the actual hell?!
  • Good villain introduction for Athena. It's a good set-up too. Following the questioning of the air hostess and the murder of the guy, Athena's face is preserved as we feel her presence and await the reveal. 
  • Weird as hell but a good set-up.
  • Interesting.
  • They took Emma out first? wow.
  • This movie is intense and gruesome.
  • I loved their reaction to hearing they were in Arkansas.
  • They are sadistically happy people.
  • Glad for Snowball.
  • The jackrabbit and boxed turtle story was crazy.
  • They're not even good villains. They are incompetent (some more than others)despite their training and the coach's presence.
  • Them (Liberty) having an emotional pull for the pig more than the humans they murdered is so real. Many people care less about humans than they do for animals and this is a good example of that.
  • It makes sense that Snowball was in service(Afghanistan). The coach was a National Guard and they have the whole 'you're not a real military personnel' discussion like in Inside Job. 
  • It does explain why she had quick skills, tact and situational awareness. It could also explain her calm and emotionless(probably desensitized in her service) state to the situation while others went through a range of emotions.
  • The reveal of Athena was underwhelming (how they did it, not the woman).
  • They're killing people who believed she was killing people at her manor lolllll.
  • The movie shows that sometimes conspiracies are true. Gary was right about the set-up and people were right about the killing of the 'deplorables'.
  • Lmaoooo Athena is something. She believes she's not crazy because she knows she's crazy. She also lives in denial about living in a manor and hunting people for sport hahaha
  • SHE GOT THE WRONG PERSON??!! oh, that's hilarious.
  • Crystal/Snowball's resilience is amazing. 
  • Happy for her. It shows that there's more to people (especially since they got the wrong Crystal lol). 
  • She really took Athena's food, dress and dog ha! 
  • The actress did well. You root for her to do the same thing they believed they were doing (extermination of the 'Piece of Shit' picks).
  • It stressed me out because the people seemed like good people trying to save each other even when it wouldn't make sense to since they could just abandon them.
  • They showed they have some form of humanity beyond their social media platforms and stances. 
  • This movie is very woke wars tbh. Athena and her friends believed they were punishing people who were deemed to be evil while committing the evil of gruesome murders.
  • They believed they were better and 'othered' a great majority from themselves.
  • I remember a certain celebrity had admitted to this type of thing being a reality but that aside. This merciless sport has been adapted into different forms of media often with a dystopian lens (Hunger Games etc.) or outright like a scene in You season 4. They use the less privileged or not-to-be-remembered to their advantage(like in Manifest when the life-threatening experiments were done on people they believed would not be remembered or cared for but were saved because of Cal being linked to one of them). Similarly, these exploitations are prevalent in reality as people use the less fortunate for clicks and views, often without permission or decency. 
  • Also, the movie makes you question your true stance concerning Crystal because she could have avoided killing them and gone home but she didn't want to do that. She said she worked in a car rental company and it is alluded to that this would be more exciting or necessary. This plays into the trope of someone living a 'boring' life in need of some form of excitement which is often tied to danger. She could be seen as just like them who senselessly chose an extreme route to solve things or she could be seen as the lesser of two evils fighting for the everyday person to prevent this happening again.

Side Effects (2013)

Image Credit: Screenshot by me
  • Hm.
  • Oh, insider trading.
  • Ha! "Let's get out of here before they change their mind". I saw on Facebook that this is a common thought actually. 
  • They agreed on taking things slow but he's talking about getting them back to where they were hopefully with a guy that's imprisoned also (soon get out though).
  • Oh wow, yikes.
  • Jude Law!
  • Huh.
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones?!
  • I knew but I'm shocked still.
  • There's an ominous air about Victoria.
  • Good for her for trying.
  • Omg, Daniel from Suits and is that Mamie? (Meryl's daughter) Ha! 
  • Aww
  • Kind of sad that he didn't finish listening to his wife.
  • Recruit patients?
  • We see the effects of the new medication on Emily (the good and the bad).
  • Martin joins Emily for a meeting with Dr. Banks and asks if she could just stop taking medications. He asks for an alternative but she objects saying he doesn't know what it's like.
  • Dr.Banks decides that she could take a couple of drugs to balance out the negatives (*sleepwalking)of the Ablixa (which helps with her depression). 
  • Dr.Banks continues with his recruitment of patients. We see him enlist a lady who's solely on board with the study as long as she gets free medication. This felt exploitative to me.
  • Couldn't she try to let him know that she's not happy with something instead of bottling it up and making her feel worse?
  • Oh, Diedre didn't get the job? aw.
  • Martin comes back saying that she would be happy to move to Houston and that he hated the pills. He tried to talk to her but she stabbed him numerous times in her sleep state.
  • Is she acting out her repressed emotions or is she just reacting to his proximity (cause he tapped her)?
  • The conscious and subconscious effects of meditation on people differ.
  • Hmm, so now it's either him or her.
  • Lmaooo the interviewer does not like him at all.
  • Interesting, cause this topic was established in my Psychology class [I watched and wrote about this a while ago].
  • Wow.
  • She takes the deal.
  • His credibility is doubted and an issue about a previous patient comes back up.
  • Victoria is sus as I thought and he tries to find out what's going on.
  • Uhmmm is he supposed to be doing this?
  • Hmmmm interesting, she's faking.
  • Wow, he's spiralling.
  • Why are they trying to ruin him?
  • Huh.
  • Well, well. Good for him for playing his cards right.
  • So why did she kill Martin? For money?
  • Lmaooo he did well.
  • Nope. She hates that he (Martin) made her unhappy and took everything away, so maybe things would be better if he was away. 
  • I can't. A whole gang of crooks haha.
  • He agreed to let her go for a better deal.
  • She gets Victoria arrested. 
  • They may be partners in love but they are horrible partners in crime. Both folded so quickly, but am i shocked she sold Victoria out? nah, not really.
  • We finally see Jon in a bit and he plays both of them.
  • Good for him.
  • He gets his life, stepson and wife back.
  • Emily is put back in the ward and the movie ends. Haha.
  • This is the second movie(I believe) I've watched about faking a mental state for revenge. The first was Primal Fear.

Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

Image Credit: Screenshot by me
  • Watching this for Regina Hall, Jamie Foxx and Viola Davis,…and because I heard it was excellent.
  • Good God!
  • Ahhh noo!
  • He's evil, disgustingly evil. What?!
  • It's so unnecessary and the child too? Wow! He's sick! I support the vengeance.
  • Jamie Foxx!!
  • Hahaha
  • Poor Clyde. Poor, poor, poor Clyde.
  • Nick has a point saying it's not what's right but provable but I mean, see him, come on man.
  • HE ALREADY MADE THE DEAL, WHAT??!! And he's telling him afterwards? Wow.
  • You've got to be fucking kidding me!
  • The Marcus Aurelius and the servant story was good. It shows the importance of being grounded.
  • He knows Darby's a sick man but didn't try harder for his client? It's about helping your clients, acknowledging what they want, giving feedback, and trying to back up what's agreed upon. Nick is trying to reach a certain level of acclaim and he is direct about the possibilities in the cut-throat atmosphere of his job. 
  • REGINA HALL!!!! Ahhhh!!!
  • Oh, the irony. Nick is married with a child on the way. He looks happy meanwhile Clyde is traumatized and depressed. He didn't help fight to avenge them or to give Nick peace. He betrayed him with a selfish act trying to achieve guaranteed odds.
  • People normally would reach for sentimentality because he has a wife and daughter as well, not to mention the imagining of such happening to them to fuel his assistance for Clyde but he's not typically emotional in his job as we saw. 
  • He's still career-focused. Huh, after 10 years, I hope he got that promotion he wanted.
  • Watch the recording of her recital together?! Uhn uhn, what do you mean? That's just wrong. It's good to be there even if it's for a brief moment (especially if you can).
  • Sarah cancels something too.
  • Wow, well at least he's watching someone.
  • This is NOT like falling asleep!
  • Oh, this is strange.
  • Jackass!
  • They better catch him!
  • He's being helped?! Who the hell would be helping him? This better be a trick or something.
  • Clyde? Oh my God, Clyde!
  • Vengeance! Yessssssss!!!
  • Educated vengeance at that.
  • Lmaooo Gerald Butler is killing it so far.
  • Why's he recording this? Evidence! Hello?!
  • Woah, he really wasn't joking about cutting him limb from limb. Yikes.
  • Batman? Vulture? Where's that going?
  • Hahahaha he's getting ready?
  • Why is he naked?
  • I see strength in his eyes. Good for him.
  • Aww, yessss. Above the handcuffs, he has the bracelet his daughter made for him. It shows the source of his strength, the purpose of his fight and the depth of his love.
  • Oh, he killed Ames. Ha! He really said, "Death to all of them".
  • Well, we love preparedness.
  • Ahh, the recital video haha.
  • Oh wait, Ahhh! STOP WATCHINGGG!
  • Are you kidding me?!! He's using the emotional route? Now?! Cause he's a father too now! Now he wants to break the rules?! You knew Darby wasn't shit but you let him go and got the other guy killed, chances are not guaranteed but they are chances. Darby still got freed either way, so he could've tried. It was five years in prison and they said the one he went to was lenient so truly, why didn't he try?
  • Hahahaha he's not admitting directly. That can't be used.
  • Yep
  • Hahahaha
  • Yep, just like he told him.
  • I love this for Clyde. He's having fun with this after he was betrayed and traumatized.
  • They said he should take his ego out of it like he should've done 10 years ago for Clyde's case but he was working on his dreams and his 96% conviction rate.
  • Oh, her name's Denise.
  • "Nick is always okay", is not good. He is being excellent and persistent in his path but he's not taking time to focus on how he's really doing.
  • Oh, I think he wants to embarrass Nick and jeopardize the conviction rate he protects so much.
  • Hahahaha I love this for him. I really do.
  • Oh shit!
  • HE CONFESSED??!! Well, he is honourable.
  • Now he's just messing with him and I love this for him hahaha. I hope he wins but if he doesn't and he dies, I hope he's at least happy before he does.
  • Jamie's killing it too.
  • Hahaha, we love the appreciation of service hahaha.
  • I mean, let him eat first haha.
  • He got his music too haha.
  • Hmm, what else could he use as leverage?
  • Aww, they're becoming buddies.
  • Yeesh
  • Oh, he's going to kill him? Why?
  • Yeah, uhm…I don't support him anymore.
  • Come on, man.
  • Wait, he just wanted solitary confinement? Couldn't he have done something else to get it?
  • Uhm, I think they should give him back the bracelet his daughter made for him. He needs to remember things because he seems to be going off the rails now. Ahhh, the need to be grounded is similar to the story of Marcus Aurelius and the servant.
  • Uhmmm…hmm.
  • Oh, they do give him his bracelet back.
  • Hmmm, he's a killer?
  • Yeah, we get he's tactical but…oh, the cellmate's death wasn't random hmmm. So there's a plan? How was the cellmate involved in that case?
  • Well, glad to know he's not going off the rails.
  • I'm interested to see where this is going. I know Viola Davis is in this, when does she come in?
  • Lmfaooo he said you're dead if he wants it.
  • Hahaha, they're panicking.
  • Oh shit!!!!!
  • Bwahahahahaha
  • That was…wow.
  • In a twisted way, now he knows how it feels.
  • Yeah, the way it best served Nick.
  • Hmm.
  • Omg!!!! Is Sarah Clyde's accomplice? And his girl? His cellmate had asked if he had a girl but he didn't accept or deny it. She told Nick that she's been with her boyfriend Chester but maybe that's a nickname for him or something. Also, Clyde has been talking about Justice, not vengeance. He gave Nick his last chance before killing everyone. Now, Sarah's asking Nick if he would do things differently. She's asking the ultimate question about how he handled the case to sort of give him another chance but he said it's a job and they have to make choices. Hmmm. 
  • She talks about how he values his high conviction rate. Cherishing it and doing everything for it. She expresses concern too since she's associated with him.
  • Huh, what was that?
  • Hmmm, is he getting it? That this is one big lesson about your choices and the consequences?
  • Oh shit, SARAH!!!!
  • Well, I was wrong (unless she somehow faked her death).
  • He didn't want to do it? Hmm, so not a murderer?
  • What if Nick apologized sincerely?
  • Viola! Finally!!
  • Ohh, she's the Mayor. 
  • Don't make promises you can't keep Nick.
  • Oh, he's moving them, that's good.
  • I hope he doesn't kill them just for Nick to know the pain he went through (despite that being what's happening but not to his family).
  • Oh, he's freed.
  • Interesting.
  • He just said those words would make progress and all but he said he's bringing down the entire corrupt temple on his head.
  • If he did that and they were freed that would have been okay because they tried to fight but he didn't even listen to him much less help him.
  • Wow, another person asked him whether he made the right decision and said that they brought this on themselves but he said absolutely not.
  • Oh. For the first time, we see someone physically doing things.
  • Damn, Jonas had a shot to live.
  • Well, he did want to get higher.
  • Hmm, imagine if all this was a ploy to promote him that would be disgusting but an interesting twist.
  • Oh, no he wants to get his pain? 10 years later after his lousy excuse of working for his client.
  • Chester's not real, is he?
  • "Fuck his civil rights" hahahaha.
  • What if he planned for him to go there?
  • It's too easy. Uhn uhn, something's wrong.
  • Oh wow.
  • How will anyone find them?
  • This is bad. He probably shouldn't go in.
  • Oh, nooooo.
  • This movie went very left from where I thought it was going.
  • No way he'll be in there.
  • It's a trap.
  • I knew he wouldn't be in there.
  • Why does he want to kill the mayor?
  • Doesn't he need protective gear to disarm it?
  • Hahaha, not him being happy about all the effort it took to set it all up.
  • Truly he's strayed so far from his principles.
  • This reminds me of Liam from Quantico who was sick of the system and wanted to correct the system at all costs.
  • Lmaooo he said "finally". He did want to teach him.
  • Good for them for out-smarting him.
  • Good for Nick winning and learning to not make deals with murderers. He's a hard worker which I appreciate but he didn't get the point all this time, although, truthfully he didn't cause the murders like Clyde was trying to tell him but he caused the pain in him that festered.
  • What a twisted way to learn things and make changes.
  • Good for Nick. Clyde went off the rails terribly. Sarah deserved better.
  • Jamie did well, Gerald did well, and everyone did well.
  • Hurt people, hurt people and he was very hurt. As Nick said he would be transferring the exact pain he's suffering onto others
  • I kept expecting a big twist which didn't come but the movie was great.

The Debt (2010)

Image Credit: Screenshot by me
  • Rachel is a Mossad intelligence agent. Her daughter is Sarah.
  • One of the group members decided to exit life. It was shockingly brutal.
  • The group was seen as heroes. Sarah writes a book about them. Her mother didn't want to tell her anything but Sarah got information from her father. Rachel seems to have a lot of guilt about it.
  • Rachel married the group leader.
  • Watching for Helen Mirren and Jessica Chastain.
  • Hmm, Rachel and David are kind of giving.
  • "Maybe it's not always a blessing to survive" is a simple but good line that speaks of the pain David is feeling with all his family dead. As a survivor, someone might feel guilty about surviving or be tortured by that fact. This reminded me of Joe from the 2022 movie, Our Love.
  • He had the injection ready to go? What if she rejected? If we didn't know that she lived and had a child this would be such a bad idea to agree to.
  • David is laser-focused on the mission as he said it's his dream to bring Vogel to justice and do it publicly.
  • Rachel wanted David and he wanted her but he needed to focus on their objective. Stefan swooped in when she was sad.
  • She wept when she heard David died and her now ex-husband, Stefan mentioned they met each other recently.
  • Rachel having empathy instead of being a heartless killer is consistent with Jessica's Ava character in the 2020 movie, Ava.
  • David kisses her but it's the wrong timing man, she's preggo for Stefan.
  • I guess deep down David doesn't trust him. Stefan said he knew nothing about David but part of David's character showed when he stayed behind to get Rachel despite Stefan's orders for them to leave.
  • Damn, he's ripping them apart emotionally.
  • Oh, she did fail…meaning they embellished what her daughter wrote.
  • Stefan says they have to lie because that's their only option. Like that, they are heroes.
  • A rumour springs up about an old man who claimed he's the surgeon of Burkineau and they're afraid. Stefan visited David to delegate the task of finishing him up when he finds him but David wanted to be free. David was ill and panicked. Stefan tells Rachel that she has to do it.
  • It's been 30 years since she was an agent and for 30 years they've been taking the credit for succeeding.
  • David would be right for feeling like Stefan should not be respected. Stefan says "Oh fuck David" multiple times as the years pass. He sees David and others as disposable if not useful.
  • 3rd affair I'm rooting for. David asks to leave with her but Rachel is unsure and has a daughter for her husband like in the Last Letter to Your Lover movie (article coming eventually).
  • Nooo.
  • I knew David agreeing to lie wouldn't last long and then the woman he loves was away. Looking for a purpose, he still went after Vogel.
  • Rachel is led by emotions and nobility like David (tired of betraying their country and tired of living a lie) but Stefan is led by ruthless obligation.
  • Hmm, kind of wish they showed reactions. Nah, that's not the point. The point is a vile man is dead now.
  • The movie was okay. I felt bad for David and Rachel though, not as a couple really but individually. They worked a case with Stefan who was sketchy and self-centered with no growth to his character. As a couple, David had asked if they could get back together but she said 'no' since she was hurt from not hearing from him in 25 years.

Catfight (2016)

Image Credit: Screenshot from Rotten Tomatoes Indie on YouTube
  • I like the opening instrumental.
  • Wow, her son (Kip) is actually a good artist.
  • His parents are haters though.
  • Hilarious passive aggressiveness.
  • We follow the lives of old college friends, Veronica and Ashley shaped by the repercussions of their interactions.
  • Ridiculously hilarious social and political commentary through the dynamics of family and frenemy relationships.
  • Different perspectives on art, faith and more topics during the timeline of the war on terror.
  • This gory slapstick results in both of them being in separate comas for two years each. 
  • Both ran out of money, lost everything and had to do physical therapy.
  • We get 2 rounds with each of them being a winner before the final showdown where there are no winners. 
  • They try to make peace and talk but a mistake takes them back to fighting. They should've just fought for money hahaha.
  • Great movie with a great ending and great performances(R.I.P KIP).
  • It's an interesting representation of jealousy and revenge as cyclical deteriorative concepts in the most extreme way. This could be seen as a way for them to release anger similar to smash rooms but they don't plan for it in that way. As one person was in a coma, the other did well in their own way. 
  • The ending shows that they could be friends but decided to stick to this unending format of their relationship. They were not patient enough to investigate the camcorder but swiftly resorted to fighting. It's the way they knew to be but it didn't have to be that way.

Long weekend (2021)

Image Credit: Screenshot by me
  • Several recognizable faces.
  • Damon Wayans Jr.!
  • I love that Rachael and Doug are very supportive despite the functioning havoc at home.
  • Ah, the writing job struggles. 
  • Good Lord, he (Bart) brought the bottle to the movies.
  • A bit confused about the order of things so far but I'm still following.
  • If this wasn't going to go south, I'd say Vienna's interaction with him was nice. Although forward which could be seen as pushy or odd, it's nice because it went well(probably what he needed as well). 
  • Lmaoo if this is actually what she does to get her money and he guessed it accurately, although jokingly this would be hilariously painful later on.
  • At this moment he feels like he's got nothing to lose and even asks someone on the street if he can offer them his bank code. Wild.
  • Why was this person so offended that he called her "ma'am"? An age thing? Gender thing? Idk, he apologizes though.
  • Wild but makes sense that his mum was so much happier and freer after learning cancer allows her only a year to live. She became free of worries. She could focus on her happiness and what actually matters instead of the 'what ifs?" that often bother people. That shift gave him his idea for his first novel.
  • He's starting to wonder if she's real because everything suddenly seems well. He thinks it's all too good to be true as he asks her if she's a manic pixie dream girl. She puts his questioning to rest.
  • He's vulnerable and tells her his entire situation. She doesn't judge instead, she says she's glad she met him.
  • I now understand the timeline, it's the same. He was just having flashbacks earlier? or was it foreshadowing? Because he's sleeping and sees flashes of her face…OHHHH he's not seeing her face, it was just with the title cards to introduce what's coming for him. So he has not met her and there are no alternate timelines, okay.
  • He shares his concern with Doug and Rachael. He has so many questions and he asks her but she either jokes them off or mildly answers them. They are utterly shocked that Vienna doesn't have a phone for someone who is not a hipster or in the Mennonite community. They also raise their eyebrows when Bart says he made a connection with her but they didn't talk about her personal information. Regardless, they are just happy he's smiling again and away from his previous toxic relationship.
  • Lmaoo not them dancing with Teddy about Bart sleeping with Vienna.
  • The red flags are getting bolder! He finally freaks out and lays it all out on the table demanding answers, so good for him(at least so far).
  • He keeps guessing but she reveals that she's from the future. He's not willing to hear more from her (which is hilarious) after he begs her to leave and says she could've just taken a kidney.
  • The movie title is Vienna's favourite band…hahaha…it's a choice. Not particularly relevant or anything but a choice.
  • Haha, this man forgot the red flags. All that and that she's from the year 2052 working in an NSA special division. He kissed her after the most conflicting expression as she sang and played the guitar. His look was kind of either "I want to kill her" or "I want to kiss her" and he picked a choice.
  • Well, he believes her and is going to be spending time with her until she supposedly leaves.
  • He keeps looking at her for assurance as he opens a safety deposit box in his name. Uhn uhn sir, oh the downfall of this is gonna be so bad.
  • Doug is great as the voice of reason to all this.
  • Bart is extremely delulu but he's trying to preserve this special thing he has with the girl that makes him happy, so of course he'll go to great lengths.
  • The thing is he doesn't feel like a case with her as everyone checks on him emotionally after his previous breakdown.
  • Lmaoo he questions her again about being from the future really asking for more proof.
  • He takes her on a baecation or for closer inspection at a secondary and isolated location. She's becoming his sole anchor and I'm a little worried. He's never sure about anything when talking to her.
  • Why is he around this person he doesn't trust but feels good with? Can you truly ever feel good? I mean she hasn't given him too much reason to fear her, I guess.
  • Her stories and details of the future all sound like something anyone can predict.
  • Bart is a better person than me because after she said her dad's alive in this year, I would have said let's go see him because he is emotionally sinking now and I don't think it's going to get better. His guard is still up but they're see-through and weak.
  • Wait, doesn't he have a job?
  • Oh, so he is having flashbacks? Has he seen her before? She left him?
  • Why didn't he ask why she was crying? I guess cause she would have given him another vague answer. Is she crying because she did or is going to do something that would hurt him?
  • Welp, no more love. 
  • Well, it's back now.
  • He knows something is wrong but oh well.
  • Whoa, what's happening? Oh, it's a future and past body distortion thing again.
  • He's talking to Doug again!
  • Oh, he thinks she's…? This is kind of…hmm..interesting.
  • Wth? What is happening to him?
  • Oh, Doug sweet Doug.
  • A tumour? Crazy. Well, thank God he's already there.
  • She's not real? Yikes.
  • Everything does happen for a reason.
  • Oh, he's working.
  • He has good people. 
  • So she didn't do anything? Interesting.
  • No way! No wayyyyy! She didn't do anything? She's really from the future? Well, that was some plot twist. I expected something grander or more elaborate but this was weak and underwhelming. Hahaha, well good for him then. He did say he didn't fully trust her but for some reason, he believed her so good for his faith. I mean life is what you make of it and faith too. She gave him all the money as well. At least he feels vindicated that she was real and their love was real instead of thinking he really wasn't doing well as everyone thought.
  • I wonder what would have happened if she showed him something futuristic as proof but that's not the point…I guess.
  • I'm surprised we didn't see Whit, anything futuristic or Vienna when she returned to her place to prove it's real because then again she could've just run away, given him the money to console him or for treatment (as she saw him fall down in the hospital) and left. We just have to believe that this was a unique love story because he believes it and I guess that's okay.

The Weekend Away (2022)

Image Credit: Screenshot by me
  • Liked Beth's first interaction with Zain. It was wholesome.
  • Can't believe Kate is actually dead.
  • Happy her friendship with Zain didn't sour
  • Wow, who kills people because they're rejected? How insane and entitled.
  • Woah, never mind it was Rob. So he's a cheater, a liar, a murderer and a big-time weirdo.
  • Happy for her for listening to her heart and doing the right thing.
  • What a crazy couple of days.

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