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Brief and not-so-Brief opinions: Part 4

"I saw it a little while ago, but, um…yeah, I remember, uh, you know, it was…I liked it." -Carl from Enemy

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 8 months ago Updated 8 months ago 28 min read
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Beautiful creatures, 1408, Order of things, Witches, Swallow, French Exit, The Man of God, and Velvet Buzzsaw.

The 'brief and not-so-brief opinions' articles are my outlet to rant about or appreciate movies, shows and their elements. I will express my thoughts while watching and after or only after watching, it depends. I will not be rating. These are not spoiler-free for the most part and no research will be made for or about them(unless curious or accidental which would be mentioned). They are in no particular order of recent watching as well. However, the opinions are in order of viewing the movie or show (for the most part). This wouldn't be as structured or detailed as well and there would be no set number of picks per article, it would be just as things go. It is intended to be casual. So think, conversations about movie plots, characters, topics-so something like that. 

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A sensitive topics(including suicide, mental health etc.) warning is in effect!

Beautiful Creatures (2013)

Image Credit: Screenshot by me
  • "You can't pray in class." I didn't expect that. Plus the timing and delivery of it makes it hilarious.
  • Wow, their house is clean. The interior of the Ravenwood Manor is immaculate. 
  • The movie has an incredible cast and it is surprisingly interesting. 
  • We are focused on the Mortals and Caster of their world within the love story of Ethan Hawke and Lena Duchannes shaped by the effect of her upcoming birthday.
  • Oof…but several points were made by Sarafine. She said, "Love's a spell created by mortals to give their females something to play with instead of power."
  • There are interesting tests of faith and the importance of balance is expressed. 
  • Aww, he remembered! Yay.
  • So happy for her. His remembrance of her helped to keep her grounded as we see her eye colour revert back when he shouted her name. 
  • It was beautiful. I enjoyed watching this. I don't know what I expected but it was good.
  • Wait, how old is he? His determination to love her was amazing. 
  • Love that Macon helped out! Also, love Amma's support and presence.
  • Macon had said Mortals amaze him because we have no powers yet still believe in what we feel. Ethan responded by saying he should have faith.

1408 (2007)

Image Credit: Screenshot by me
  • I like the car headlight transition into the title.
  • I'm not one for horror so I'll see how this goes. According to the YouTube trailer comment section, I do know that there are two endings to this movie.
  • Oh wow, he's a ghost/paranormal writer. Interesting.
  • Oh, he switched niches.
  • Lmaooo I almost thought Jackson was Adam Scott.
  • We love a loophole, haha.
  • Samuel L. Jackson!! (I'm watching this mostly because of him)
  • Haha, not the diss against writers.
  • If you're being warned this much, might as well not do whatever it is but not everyone likes warnings or themselves. This could be based on intrigue or whatever but there has to be a level of logic.
  • Ha, he read him.
  • Oh, he liked his first book too. Hmm…father trauma. This is the 2nd time it's been hinted in connection to his first book.
  • Michael doesn't believe in supernatural beliefs or creatures. He also doesn't believe there's a God to protect people from them.
  • He said, "It's an evil fucking room." Ha!
  • Sam Jackson speaking French! Rare but brief (that I've seen).
  • We get more answers necessary for him and the audience during their elevator ride.
  • Hmm, Michael says 'stay scared' often sort of like as a tagline. I wonder why he wants fear. Could be related to his trauma. Wanting to feel something so he tests the limits?
  • They part after a last moment with Mr. Olin which he uses to still beg him not to do this. Michael should have seen the sincerity and regret in his eyes. Yes, people forge the truth to sell things but Mr. Olin's conversation compared to the couple Michael spoke to at the other motel is alarmingly different.
  • He looked at the book of deaths as he walked to the room. He is so bold I could never.
  • Did he walk in a circle?
  • The cigarette is his coping mechanism and test? Like to see if it moves?
  • You don't throw a Bible…but he doesn't believe.
  • When he dies, how will they find his recorder?
  • Lmaooo he's unsettled by the first round. "Honey, You've got a big storm coming." He ate the ghost chocolate? Crazy.
  • It's crazy how you can see him already unraveling. He's not as dry, witty and confident. He's extremely shaken up.
  • Is it his wife who lives in New York? Who does?
  • Yeah, you believe that call? Olin talked about how they only enter there once a month and follow protocol but the cheerful desk receptionist on the call was not unusual…especially when the first thing that was asked was whether he was ready to check out. This could be a test to question him like, "Do you still not believe? Are you done or do you want more?"
  • Oh, it's a real person? Nahhh, no way. Is it?
  • Called him a jackass haha. This could be the ghosts' (or whatever it is)opinion of him and the other people who stayed in the room.
  • The repeated song of they've only just begun is smart. At first, I thought it might be something sentimental or from his memory to haunt him subtlety but I guess they're warning him.
  • To be fair, he could open the door when the engineer came in to help with the thermostat. Despite his trouble, he was able to open it and was probably able to leave as he considered following the engineer to give a tip but didn't. Probably his last chance to leave.
  • I was right the phone call did not have a real person on the other side and that was his last chance to leave that room, through the door at least.
  • Lmaooo, is he talking to himself? Creepy.
  • Shit! That was insane.
  • Wow, the lamp disappeared. Huh?
  • Uhn Uhn, you couldn't pay me and he still has 46 minutes left. Most people don't last an hour in the room.
  • Lmaooo, he deduced that it could be the booze and chocolates causing all this which isn't a bad deduction but how do you explain the axe murderer who was behind you? Oh, hallucination hm.
  • A video of his daughter and wife shows up and he cries. 
  • Before taking more alcohol, he sees ghosts of the former victims jumping out the window and the first one looks at him as if to say that's the only way or what he has to do.
  • He sees his dad and he says some eerie things about Michael ending up like he did. He seems institutionalized. I thought the dad was going to try strangling him tbh. They say Michael was traumatized but how? Was it due to his dad's sickness changing him?
  • He tries remembering all he did to get there but it all seems foggy.
  • Creepy cracking wall and flowing blood. Is that blood or coffee? I think it's blood (subtitles say it's blood).
  • There's a map but the fact that it's there shows it's not an actual escape plan.
  • He decides to walk on the ledge of the building to get into the next room.
  • Let me guess there are no windows for the next room?
  • Ha!
  • This is deeply horrifying, tragic, traumatic, everything.
  • The lady who jumped disappeared
  • Yikes, the map changed. Oh, this is…Dear God!
  • Huh, he still has his recorder.
  • His daughter, Katie died. She did not pull through in her health battle and that's why he doesn't believe in God anymore. 
  • Oh, this is horrible.
  • Huh, he has a phone.
  • And laptop?!
  • Huh, it worked? I guess to talk to Lily before he dies. Questionably considerate…hm.
  • Lmao, what? He just left. He didn't even divorce her? Yikes, but I guess the trauma of losing their daughter was handled differently.
  • Huh, I wonder if things will look normal when he dies? Like the water and all, will it disappear?
  • Huh, he finds a way into the air vent.
  • What the actual? He sees him, Katie as a baby and Lily in the other room. Wait, isn't that the same lady he saw in the lobby before entering the room? Did the ghosts hear he was coming and prep for him? Ha!
  • He screams, "Jesus Christ!" and tries to get away but something grabs his leg. He escapes and ends up back in the room.
  • He's manic after seeing a ghost (or something)of Olin who asks him what he's searching for, why he came to this place and why he enjoys shattering people's hopes.
  • I like that they show us his perspective and reality in many shots to show it's something he's experiencing but to a point not really there or returns to normal. We see this in the scene of him and his dad. His father appears to him as seemingly institutionalized in a room and it is shown that he is in his hotel bathroom touching the edge of the bathtub despite the thought of him touching the sides of his dad's wheelchair. 
  • He asks what Olin and to an extent, others (the ghosts or just in general) want from him.
  • He decides to drink and read the Bible saying It wins or rather that God wins but the Bible is blank. As he tears the pages he sees the conversation he had with Lily and Katie about the afterlife and God. He told Katie he really believed in God. She asks if there are people where she's going (this aligns with what Olin talked to Michael about as he said people would have something to be hopeful for in the afterlife (ghosts) and he shatters it). Katie dies and he tells Lily that they should've helped Katie to fight more instead of filling her head with stories. Lily said that Katie liked those stories but he walked out saying he wanted to get some cigarettes and I believe that's when he left and didn't return.
  • The fax sent Katie's dress. That's just rude. 
  • He's experienced different temperatures so far. Hot, warm, cool and cold.
  • Oh, he started a fire. He's still with his recorder though.
  • Hmm, they allowed him to talk to Lily again.
  • The cops are there in 1408 but there's no one there. SHUT UP!!! Where is he?
  • Oh no, poor Lily. She would feel like she couldn't save two people.
  • Wow, they interrupt his video call to Lily. They create another square of him and use it to tell her to come to him and just go into the room. Ah! And it winked back at him. Nooo, what did she do? She doesn't deserve that. 
  • It's kind of funny how their video is so much clearer than his though.
  • Ah! When they took over I was confused but I was also confused they allowed him to do this. The words from their video started off nicely. I thought they wanted to show him that he should have apologized to her all this time but if they're telling her to come to the hotel, not talk to anyone and head straight to the room, then I guess they either want her to see him dead, or they want to kill her (or make him think he's killing her. This would make him feel like he didn't do enough for Katie, and wouldn't be able to anything for Lily)
  • Huh, the room is destroying. He's getting rain and thunder, he's hearing the sounds and voices from the painting as the room floods.
  • We go back to the beginning when he's washed out and was on land.
  • Hmm, where's this going? No way this is real.
  • Is this…? Nah, no way.
  • We still have 24 minutes of the movie, so let's see.
  • Lily thinks he's ready to deal with Katie and other things as they spend the day together after his discharge from the hospital.
  • But we saw 1408 on the banner so, hmmm. "coincidence? I think not."
  • Dear God! Hahaha, this makes more sense though. This was dramatic, awful, and twisted yet brilliant. Showing you what it could be like. 
  • Why does the room look burnt? 
  • They gave him hope and snatched it away. That scene was traumatic, my God! It's the perfect example of shattering hope though.
  • Oh, hell no. I'm not asking for that door to open. We hear the preacher that we heard in the beginning again.
  • The door vanishes and we see Katie.
  • Poor guy. He knows that's not really her but he's in so much pain and loved seeing her.
  • Shit, they made her crumble into ashes. That's fucked up. Damn, this room is evil.
  • That's just vile. They made him lose her twice. That's beyond messed up.
  • He has only a couple of seconds left and he vents. He breaks and tears things apart as the countdown continues.
  • His seconds end and it starts again.
  • Oh wow, they said they wouldn't kill him since everyone has free will to either relive the hour or take "the express checkout system" as he sees various nooses.
  • Hey, they cheated! He lasted an hour and won this twisted game but they cheated.
  • Hm, the alcohol and cigarette from the beginning are back.
  • That's cold. What kind of…? They really put his grave beside his daughter's. Their audacity is scary.
  • Oh, he decides to not die how they want. He wants to be engulfed in the fire as he smokes a cigarette. 
  • Wow, this really happened. The fire alarm in the building goes off and people evacuate the building.
  • Oh, poor Lily.
  • They try to stop his way but he prevents that.
  • The firefighters are able to go to him and get him out of the room.
  • This could be a representative of his idea of hell as he talked about the stages early on.
  • Ha! Mr.Olin says " Well done" to him while sitting down with a cigar and a scotch.
  • Hmm, is he a part of the ghost brigade to teach him a lesson?
  • Samuel L. Jackson was perfect for this!
  • He burned down the room. So maybe that's what Olin was saying "well done" for but he was too relaxed about the fire as others scrambled.
  • Ahhhhh Michael got out for real. For real, for real and he's recuperating in the hospital.
  • The Dolphin Hotel is closed and Michael decides to not do ghost stories anymore as he said he's checked out but that day saved his life.
  • He and Lily move in together. He's working on a book but tells Lily to give him the recorder he had while in the room because you can't always get rid of bad memories.
  • He searches through it. He hears his conversation with Katie, and Lily hears it too.
  • Did they give him this as a gift or reminder? because I don't think he was even recording that moment.
  • I'm confused about the end. What does his smirk mean? Is it to confirm his experience and to tell her he told her so OR is she in the room now?
  • I saw in the YouTube comment section that in one version he dies and in another version, he doesn't.
  • The movie was incredible
  • Huh, I wonder what would've happened if he hadn't taken the booze or chocolate haha.
  • John Cusack killed his performance, everyone did well, and Samuel L. Jackson was great per usual.

Velvet Buzzsaw (2019)

Image Credit: Screenshot by me
  • Watching this because of Jake Gyllenhaal, the fact that it's from the writer & director of Nightcrawler, and because I was interested by the trailer. 
  • Hoboman is creepy. What if he started doing what wasn't coded or planned? His eyes are creepy too.
  • The movie follows the "art speaks to you" route. Art is a medium, literally. Art interacts with you emotionally and physically.
  • That was horrifying. Bryson died.
  • Ventril Dease is a flawed man and genius artist but through some mysterious power (or spirit as Morf called it)beyond the grave, he interacts with people in possession of the art he desperately wanted to destroy.
  • We learn a bit about his life. 
  • Ah! Jon died.
  • Oh, no. 
  • I knew Hoboman was scary asl.
  • Oh, dear God. Noooooooooo! I wanted Morf to survive.
  • The scene of the paints fusing with Josephine's body is so good. Crazy, but good. It is tragically beautiful as she turned into a mural and it's the most peaceful death in the movie. She didn't seem affected by it until she saw it.
  • I can't believe she saw this place open out of nowhere and decided to explore but oh well. It could also be that when she first arrived, she was so busy she didn't notice it didn't exist.
  • Coco kept finding the bodies. How traumatizing.
  • Rhodora is the only one alive and she got all the art removed to save herself.
  • Coco is traveling out. Good for her. 
  • Oh shit, Rhodora still died. Wow, I was wondering how they would do it if they were going to kill her but the art on her body was utilized.
  • Wilddddd. The curse of his work lives on as it's still being sold on the streets. The cycle will not end.
  • It's a good movie.
  • The artists, Piers and Damrish got to live their lives.
  • There are several topics including; the conflicts of being a reviewer, the power of art, the need to mind your business, artistic struggles, the need to honour people's wishes, the effect of desperation for your dreams (the hunger for it), and the importance of warnings.
  • Wait, coco took his cat. That can't be good.
  • This would have been a great series. A series would have the opportunity to build the Ventril Dease character a lot more. We would have gotten to know how he has this spirit, why he's able to take control of art (and other things), whether he was killed by his art, why his art moves, and why he killed the art enthusiasts(/thieves).
  • Hmmm…maybe his spirit bonded with the art. This would explain the blood running during the inspection of his paintings. Therefore, he's able to hear and see everything before assigning consequences OR is he just the overseer of his art but the art has a mind of its own? This would explain why he wanted to destroy all of them without a trace.
  • His being is encapsulated in this limbo state overseeing the results of his represented life and those painted experiences come to life.
  • He only killed certain people though. There are so many questions and so many possibilities.

The Order of Things (2022)

Image Credit: Screenshot by me
  • A realistic topic(despite the slightly irrational portrayal) on cultural and individual beliefs many share. 
  • It is an unfair but sad reality for some as Tunde said he had lived with it since they were young.
  • At the party in the beginning, they were unnecessarily mean to Demilade. He was not disturbing anyone but they said he was 'killing the vibe.' Instead of looking elsewhere, they set him up and beat him. Crazy.
  • Ah, Toyin from RHOL! 
  • I'm happy Tunde relaxed his life scheduling a bit to just be and let things play out. 
  • Happy for both couples. 
  • Why do we keep going back to this "death is all about perception" vampire cult? Haha, it's so random too.

Witches (1990)

Image Credit: Screenshot by me
  • Watching this for Anjelica Huston.
  • Lmao, not that they never wear pretty shoes (just plain sensible ones). A lot of people wear sensible shoes hahaha.
  • The locked-in-the-painting thing reminds me of Locke and Key.
  • This is a ridiculously terrifying story to tell a child at night which the mother points out but wow, even I'm spooked (probably because I know it's going to be a reality for him)but apparently not him because he asked for more.
  • Is Grandma a witch? oh, never mind.
  • Hm, this is kind of the perfect stranger-danger movie for kids.
  • Slayy. Too excited to see her(Ms. Ernst). She looks amazing.
  • Ahh, good to see Rowan as well.
  • Oh, she makes the people stuck in the paintings go away? Hm.
  • Oh, good God!
  • How come they couldn't smell Luke? nevermind.
  • Bruno's English accent is sooo English hahaha.
  • How traumatic.
  • This woman(grandma) has been through far too much stress.
  • Uhn uhn, not Mr.Jenkins being ready to risk it all for her and quite shamelessly too.
  • I like the train-to-shawl part of her dress.
  • Oh, she's nice? that's cute. I wasn't expecting that. I thought she might be there for the Book of Witches.

Swallow (2021)

Image Credit: Screenshot by me
  • Follows loan worker Tolani and her roommate, Rose as they navigate life in Lagos.
  • Rose accepts bravely to never face poverty again so she tells the man she's seeing, OC that she can do what he does.
  • There are several topics explored in this movie including relationship expectations, fragile job states, financial security, drugs, sexual harassment and the effects on women, and more.
  • Tolani and Rose work at the same place. Rose worked close to their boss, Salako until she was fired after her non-compliance with his sexual harassment. He chose Tolani to take that position for selfish reasons. 
  • He takes Tolani's walking as an invitation or act of coyness to carry on. She does not slap him as Rose did (she tries to break free from him)but she also does not say anything as the office gossips about her. It weighs on her mind and she remembers her mother's words of you knowing your own qualities.
  • The HR/clerk (Ignatius) is hesitant to file her claim against Salako.
  • She asked for time off (vacation) and talked about his unfair treatment as she said to him that if he had a daughter he would not like it. He answers by saying that his daughter "will never comport herself the way you do around here. And if she does, ah, she will face the music herself." This absurd statement refers to his judgement of her thinking she was walking seductively to entice him. People like this think everyone wants them and everything is a sign of it. They become angry when it's not true.
  • Lmaoo, I forgot that it was said earlier that he's a married man.
  • After she said that he assaulted her, he suspended her for two weeks and claimed insubordination. The continuation of his abuse of power is not shocking but continually disgusting. The older woman, Margaret is surprised by Tolani'e reluctance to ignore this. She feels that even if the boss is difficult why make all this fuss? She questioned, "What is wrong with you young women of today?" This shows the trail of compliance which may not be due to acceptance or ignorance but is of desperate survival.
  • She also makes it known that Tolani's report (claim) was not given to her. She said that there was a lot of work and she would surely review it. However, this is an unnecessary statement because there is doubt about the true effort to help Tolani. Previously, Rose had said that since she works under Salako, she would not do anything to help.
  • Truly a disgusting man and a horrifying experience.
  • Eventually, fed up, she curses Salako and his children. She gathered some feathers and other things to curse him with the power stemming from the gods of her father. She said she would take her leave in the next week and he would not fire her. Yessss! I was so happy for her, hahaha.
  • Tolani is in a relationship with Sanwo. She struggles with the fact that she and Sanwo have been together for three years but not at certain points she expects. They spoke about marriage a year ago and he said it would happen soon but they're not where they want to be financially yet (not necessarily stable). 
  • She questions OC's intentions to marry Rose after three weeks. Rose made her expectations known to Tolani as she said that if after six months, the man was not talking about marriage she would be talking to someone else. Rose looks down on her relationship with Sanwo.
  • Sanwo talks to Tolani about an opportunity but he expresses the lack of funds he needs for it. She gives him out of her savings to speed up his business. She hopes it will become profitable and stable which would allow them to get married.
  • However, Sanwo was duped(lost the money) and could not pay her back. She broke up with him and continued to persevere.
  • They wonder about the essence of drugs. Rose said that every man has their vice as Tolani expressed her fears about considering and accepting to work with her. At this point, they have no job or savings and their slimy boss definitely wouldn't give them a reference letter to help them, so they resort to trying drug trafficking.
  • Tolani tries swallowing the test product she was given but it's not working. She had said that if she couldn't, she'd go back home (to Makoku) to join her mother's business of making and selling Adire.
  • We learn that although her dad was an Ifa worshipper, her mother was a Christian. Godwin invited her to his Church and she accepted. Tolani leaves after a while of attending and Godwin follows her to make sure she's okay. 
  • She said that the pastor is brainwashing the congregation because he's rich but they're still giving him money as they sit there listening to his nonsense. She also says, "Ah! It's already good enough that you're a Christian, but why must you…I saw you there! Pretending to speak in tongues. Why? As if it's not bad enough, he's still condemning everybody else's faith and saying one way is the only way. Why? Look, me, I'm going home." Stunned, Godwin responds by saying "Bitch!" (which shocked me)
  • She realizes that people at the top will always take advantage of people like her and Rose, so she tells Rose she cannot do it.
  • She tells her that she's concerned about her and they will find another way but this isn't worth it because they see her as replaceable.
  • Rose is not willing to stray from her plan.
  • At work, she apologizes to Godwin. They make up and he says "Anyway, Jesus still loves you."
  • Rose has to transport some drugs to the United Kingdom. However, she and Tolani make up before she leaves. Rose says that her life and experiences have made her act irrationally but she's sorry for their last discussion. She weighs the possible punishments of transporting to different locations and she says that England's punishment won't be so bad. 
  • Rose dies on the plane from a burst bag and OC comes to warn Tolani. He said that she should disappear before daybreak.
  • Tolani cries because she warned Rose and is sad that the worst happened. She crafts a plan to leave swiftly.
  • Mama Chidi talks to Tolani about the drug issue getting serious because a lot of people want to be rich immediately. She said that they are not patient enough to wait for God to bless them.
  • We are taken back to the beginning of the movie when she arrives at her family home in Makoku.
  • Sanwo visits her. He asks how she's doing and shares the good news of his new job at a consulting firm. He also gives her back the amount she loaned him when he needed it (I'm happy he did).
  • I love that this part was in the movie. They get back together. He returns to Lagos after they spend some time together and the movie ends. Deyemi stays booked and busy hahaha. It was a good watch.

The Man of God (2022)

Image Credit: Screenshot by me
  • DSF!
  • Osas!
  • Samuel is traumatized. Good for him for standing up. It's extremely bold, so good for him.
  • He's a good musician actually. Great performance.
  • Oh wow, he's really hurt and rejecting this by all means.
  • Sam and Reks are a hustling couple (as it seems). Rekya is territorial but he's fawning over Joy and he asks Teju to give him her room number but she doesn't agree.
  • He still finds himself with Joy and they talk about music. Despite Sam's strict Christian father calling Fela's music, "devil music", Joy listens to it. She confronts and negates his upbringing as she asks that, so because she's a Christian she won't listen to Fela?
  • Joy seems sweet and talkative about her love for music which they both share as he wonders why he's so drawn to her.
  • She does not accept Sam's profession of likeness and he proposes that they be friends instead (for now).
  • Wait, his father is alive? Why were we seeing him as a ghost haunting him in the beginning?
  • Sam abandons Reks and spends more time with Joy as Teju sees them.
  • After Reks says that he's punishing his mother by not communicating or visiting her, Sam expresses himself. He says that he told her to forget about him. He says that he is named 'Samuel', a biblical prophet and that's not him.
  • Damn, he almost slaps Reks for bringing Teju into things. He said that he loves her and would do anything for her before warning her to not bring up her name again.
  • Wow, Pastor BJ desecrates Sam's name as he says that he's a disgrace to his father's name, a pain in his mother's heart and a performer of devilish music. Joy is offended that Sam didn't tell her he was the son of such a big Prophet. She says that they should stop seeing each other as she wants to focus on her faith.
  • Reks buys a house and tells Sam that she's been hustling while he's reading books. She asks for reassurance that they're together and he confirms. She tells him to drop out of school but he doesn't agree.
  • He writes his first letter ever to Joy. He expresses his feelings for her.
  • He says he loves her (she said she knows lol) and he makes promises to her including that her God would be his God and her people be his people.
  • Mawuli!
  • Sam is not graduating with Joy but she promises that they will still share their destiny of being together, traveling and preaching the gospel. 
  • However, it's threatened by their distance. After a couple of months, he gets no response from her. He asks for assistance with getting in touch with her but notices a hesitation. He confronts Pastor BJ who finally says that she's married and to Pastor Zach no less (who Sam thought was a fake pastor but she felt otherwise).
  • Yay, Teju's back! Aw, she helped him.
  • Oh, they got married? Wow, hm…okay.
  • Oh, he's a minister. Wow, he's still being monitored about his passion for performing and dressing. Ha! The Bishop liked his performance but he couldn't show it too much.
  • They're cute but I know they won't last.
  • Yikes…huh, he didn't say Joy's name out loud?
  • Reverend is an aggressive Christian, good Lord! 
  • I like Sam's Ankara suits and Teju looks beautiful.
  • He's criticized for being too friendly. This aligns with his womanizer tag from before.
  • He's offended by Teju, shouts at her, and tells her that he cannot endure a marriage without trust. He says that the marriage was a mistake from the beginning(after telling her it was the best decision he's ever made and that he can't believe she would believe them over him). This seemed like a lot maybe even a red flag but hm.
  • Are you kidding me, it's true?! Hahaha. He is so pretentious. Why did he do all that then? Yeah, he was being defensive but he caused Teju so much pain. 
  • Reks comes back and he visits her. They talk and catch up. She advises him to be a hypocrite, not focus on things too much and then he'll be able to get a lot of money doing "this church thing."
  • After that, he tells Teju that he heard from the Lord. He said that God called his name three times and he's ready to accept. Was he solely lying because of the money or was a part of him accepting what he believed was his path regardless while looking at his version of the bright side?
  • They work together to plan the names of the Church, the set-up and everything else.
  • Huh? He tells Reks that he didn't get into this for money so maybe he was serious the time he told Teju.
  • The lady he told to have an abortion died and her sister is trying to avenge her.
  • Oh, poor Teju, I hate this for you.
  • Ahhh, they look amazing in the orange dress and black and white suit. We love a power couple, hahaha. Even though there are so many issues, they look so good.
  • They are both children of Church figures (Deacon and Prophet) so it's expected that they get into this anyway.
  • They are really rich now with a fully furnished duplex home and a Birkin bag. We also see the growth not only in their pockets but their Church called, Vineyard of Love.
  • He has a place where he can do his performances now with no repercussions or monitoring. Good for him. 
  • Oh wow, he's got a mega-church now?
  • We finally get a reunion between Sam and Joy but Sam's glee as he saw her is insane. Even Zach says Sam's Church is impressive. 
  • Sam and Joy meet up to catch up but Joy tearfully leaves after saying that she's committed to Zach.
  • Sam's brother comes to visit him and tells him that their mother died while asking questions about what he did (left them)and why he did it. Sam apologizes and they attempt to unite tearfully but Daniel warns him of his impending destruction as he repeats the words of his father.
  • Where's Teju?
  • He's thinking about leaving the country with Reks and did not even consider Teju. THAT IS WILD. 
  • He asks Joy to come with him (to Canada) but she declines.
  • Zach expressed the reason he left the ministry. He said that there would have been too much to lose (personally). He said that he didn't plan to hurt her despite killing her dream. He also said that he should've shared it with her but he will be more attentive to her now.
  • Teju realizes that Sam has been hiding things. Rekya died and the police reached out to Sam to ask about his involvement with her since his name was on a list they believe are her contacts (for trafficking).
  • Oh, poor sweet Teju.
  • Oof, she said she thought he was redeemable. This was the same 'save him' line of questioning that Pastor BJ said to Joy earlier.
  • He says he wants to be happy which is important but is also a horrible thing to say to her. Does he really know what he wants out of life though?
  • Yikes, not "I made you". She's not wrong (to an extent)she was his support and only friend, but wow…she also believes that she can destroy him like she said. 
  • Yesss, love this for Teju. Go be happy girl! 
  • Oh shit, she did ruin him(well, technically, she just exposed him). Crazyyyyy, I thought she was not going to follow with it. Huh.
  • Wait, come to think of it…would she have done this if he wanted to run away with her? Hm.
  • He is imprisoned. After his years in prison, he comes back and is welcomed. Wish his mother was still alive to see him and embrace him but oh well.
  • This was beautiful! Everyone did well. Akah was great.
  • In the end, it wasn't because of his performance of "devil music" but his insatiable desire for more without really knowing what that 'more' was.
  • He knew he wanted to be successful and not be associated with the Church in any way. His promise to not return home and the beatings from his father intensified his anger and the desire for individuality as well as success by any means necessary. He wanted to get fast cash through the church and through Rekya's runs which we didn't know was trafficking until the ending. He wanted to run away from Rekya, his family, and Teju with the hope of something that would fulfill him.
  • The 'not redeemable' thing was interesting to me. He didn't say he wanted to be saved, so everyone put unnecessary hope in him that he didn't have in himself. Tbh, he was different around Joy and wanted to change for her but he decided it. This only causes greater heartbreak than what the person may have gotten as we saw with Teju but hey, at least she didn't say he was a project.

French Exit (2020)

Image Credit: Screenshot by me
  • I liked Frances' first conversation with Joan. It was non-judgemental and understanding. 
  • Malcolm and Susan break up and that went…hm.
  • Oh, he didn't know his mother until he was 12 and his dad ended his life. 
  • The scene of burning flowers in the restaurant was insane but I loved it and so did Malcolm because she defended him against the waiter.
  • An interesting relationship between an estranged mother reappearing after the death of her husband and bonding with their son. They become broke and are left with few options. Joan helps by suggesting they live in her Paris home for a while.
  • They journey to Paris. As they arrive, they form friendships, right wrongs and explore the city. 
  • Frank and Frances had a tumultuous relationship but they still cared about each other. 
  • It was dreadful that Frank did not take Malcom's pain seriously but he got to vent and let him know while his mum put him at ease.
  • I love the fact that he's not alone. Susan came back for him. 
  • They became an interesting group but they still cared for one another.
  • Joan is a wonderful friend. She kept trying to prevent Frances' decision to end her life but she already made up her mind.
  • Madeleine could not stop it because she knew that's what she wanted and she did not want to interfere or stay around.
  • It was nice that Frank found and followed her. He knew she was passing on but remembered her fondly after their deep talk the day before.
  • Frances and Malcolm understand each other. She is his mother but also his friend as she calls him 'pal'. She never liked or wanted children but liked him similar to how she never liked cats but liked Small Frank.
  • As the days go by, she does good deeds, apologizes, tips heavily etc. She defends Malcolm and tries to make him happy. When Tom punched him, she slapped Tom. When the waiter was not responsive to him, she set fire to their flowers. She got him a bike as a Christmas gift and it allowed him to explore the city. She also asked Joan to take care of him so he's not alone after she's gone. Frances didn't tell Malcom her decision but they had a heart-to-heart that helped him. In the end, he seemingly didn't help to look for her. He seemed to have known and appeared content with her decision (possibly reminiscing too).
  • Both abandoned Malcom emotionally and physically ( he was in a boarding school when Frances took him out after Frank died) but she came back and built a relationship with him which he appreciates her for.

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