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'Stranger Things 3' Predictions

by JCxlli 2 years ago in tv

We can't wait for season three.

'Stranger Things 3' Predictions

Okay, so I am going to start this week off by listing four predictions for next season. These predictions are what I believe have the best chance of happening next season. Each post will also consist of what I would like to happen next season, and also what my followers want to see. Each weekly post will also include its own special features.

This week I will discuss the upcoming SAG Awards, Critics' Choice and the Golden Globes which is happening as I write this post.

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Now, let's get into the good stuff.

My First Three Season Three Predictions

Things are about to get juicy.

1. Dr Brenner is still alive.

This first prediction might not come as a surprise to anyone who was paying attention to episode eight in season one and episode seven in season two. Dr Brenner is 100 percent still alive, I'm positive of that. Let's look at the facts.

First of all, we didn't actually see the Demogorgon bite him, let alone kill him. As a matter of fact we never actually saw the body after that scene either. Dr Brenner was one of the most important characters, if not the most important, in Eleven's character development and the story development. So why would his 'death' scene be the Demogorgon jumping on him? Season two doesn't speak much about Brenner until episode seven. Eleven is on the brink of killing one of Brenner's ex employees until he says he knows where Brenner is, if this is true Eleven will most likely find Brenner in season season using her power to seek people in the 'between world.' If that isn't enough then the following is from an interview that Sean Levy had.

"Whether or not people feel [episode seven] was entirely successful, the Duffer's want to take some swings, and they know that they're not gonna please everybody," Levy said. "But that feeling of the world getting a bit bigger, especially coupled with the fact that it now seems clear that Brenner is alive, Brenner is out there."

So now we all know that Brenner is alive, with one of the shows main directors approving it, I can get into how I think Brenner will be a part in season three.

I think that Dr Brenner will play a fairly huge part in season season in a few ways. I think the biggest way he will develop season three is by bringing the show out of Hawkins for a few episodes.

Let explain my prediction. Eleven has a special connection with her 'Papa' and she now knows he is alive. She is obviously going to go out and find him. This could take a few episodes to do for a few reasons. Along the way she might find '008,' who now also knows Brenner is still alive. Whilst Eleven can just find her with her powers, Eight knows the ex employee who knows where he is hiding. I predict there will be three different ways the hunt for Brenner will happen but I'm almost positive it will lead to the crew leaving Hawkins to find him, it would give the show more depth and take it out of the comfort zone like episode seven. I will list the three ways I see it happening, when I think it will occur and my reasons why.

1. Eleven becomes curious as to whether or not he really is still alive after finding Hopper's files.

This prediction takes place at the beginning of season three (episodes two/three?).

So we all remember when Eleven found all Hopper's files in the basement, the same place she found the files about her Mamma. And we all remember when Hopper got into the car at the end of season one. We never actually found out what was said to Hopper in that car.

I believe that Hopper was picked up in that car regarding Dr Brenner, and I think that Hopper knows about Brenner's situation. Hopper knowing about Dr Brenner is a prediction within itself and could lead to different situations. But for the sake of this prediction I believe that Hopper will have files in the basement about Dr Brenner.

Eleven will most likely get curious and begin to question Hopper about the files she finds. Hopper will either tell her to stop the chance of a serious argument or she will use her powers to find him without telling Hopper she knows. This is a far-fetched prediction because the reason Hopper got into the car was most likely regarding where Eleven was after fighting the Demogorgon.

2. Eight comes to find Eleven to tell her she now knows where Brenner is.

This prediction would take place in the middle of the season and would serve as a great way to develop Eleven as a character even further. Because no one knows Eleven's powers better than Brenner. I have a, theory which I will discuss later, which is tied to a fourth way we could see Brenner, but it's a theory and not a prediction. Anyway, back to the prediction.

I think Eight will come to find Eleven, persuading her to come and find Brenner, hopefully Eight has learnt a few lessons from Eleven. I know we will see Eight again, but I think she will have changed as a person, you could see how upset she was when Eleven left.

Eight will want to find Brenner for answers most likely, but she'll definitely need Eleven along the way and will probably want her there with her.

3. Eleven's powers aren't strong enough for the shadow monster or any other monster.

This is the prediction I hope doesn't come true, but at the same time this is the prediction which is most likely to happen. I mean, the climax this would lead to for a season finale would be amazing. The second to last episode would consist of Eleven being protected by the crew, whilst she can't fight anything herself. This flips Brenner's character to be the guy that everyone needs, since he will know how to further her powers.

This would lead to Brenner becoming the character we all would like him to be. It would also lead to another Eleven ending, which would mean every season has climaxed in the same way. However, it would be done in such a way that it wouldn't just be about Eleven, it would be about the whole crew coming together to save the hero. In return, Eleven will be saving them, it works both ways. Everyone's a hero again, like every season. I could go into a lot more detail about this theory, and I will do next week. I will be putting this as its own theory once I have put more thought into how the plot could seriously happen. This was just a quick prediction on how Brenner can still be alive.

2. We will see at least one new test subject

That's correct. We are definitely going to see at least one new test subject. I've got several predictions on different ways we will see them but I'll start this week with a simple one.

I think in this season we might meet a test subject that is evil. We've got a human antagonist now in Billy and we have the main evil character in the shadow monster. But if there is at least another nine subjects, one of them is going to the type of character that uses their powers for bad. Even worse than Eight. I mean you can understand Eight, she wants revenge.

I'm talking about a character who only wants to cause mayhem. Someone who becomes a problem alongside the shadow monster. This would make fighting the shadow monster even harder for the crew. It would make some great storytelling if the gang had to fight two different kinds of evil superpowers, since Eleven won't be able to fight both alone. This is another way Eight could come to help. There's loads of paths I can go down with my predictions which is why some weeks I will be coming back to my old predictions and changing the outcome. Predictions are constantly changing in my mind. At least it makes for a good story for you stranger things fans to read.

That's one prediction about the test subjects, it won't be the last one you hear. In fact, I believe the other test subjects are going to be a massive part in season three in different ways.

It's time for my last prediction of the week.

3. Part of the shadow monster is still in Hawkins.

Ending Scene in Season Two

Obviously, this isn't going to surprise anyone. We all saw part of the shadow monster leave Will's body, but we never saw it leave Hawkins. In fact, we never saw where it went, we just saw it fly off into the distance. So here's my prediction with how I think we will see this part of the shadow monster return.

I'm going to link this prediction with my second prediction, because I think this missing piece of the shadow monster is going to be the one that brings us a new test subject character. As of now there is no possible way the shadow monster can get back to Hawkins, it doesn't have the power to create the portal. But a piece of it is still there, which means it can basically still spy on Hawkins whilst being in the upside down. Could this be how it knew the kids where at the Snowball? Has the shadow monster already claimed his next victim? Is the test subject in the room with them?

I'll answer all three questions with one word. Yes. In my opinion, there is no other possible way the shadow monster can know where they are (for the sake of this prediction anyway). So how does this tie in with a new test subject?

Well, I think that one of the test subject kids attends Hawkins middle school, but has been keeping their powers a secret. For this prediction, I think the shadow monster has secretly taken over this character and is keeping on the low, spying on the kids without them having any idea. I mean, it's only a small part of a big monster, so if Eleven found out it was still in Hawkins, it wouldn't be hard for her to destroy that small fraction.

Here's why I think the shadow monster is keeping a low profile to spy. By staying close to the kids it can find its best moment to attempt a take over of Eleven's mind, which in short-term would make Eleven use her powers. By using her powers to fight this monster she could accidentally open the portal again, allowing an entrance for the rest of the shadow monster.

Either that, or the shadow monster has found its next victim who has already opened the portal door during that final scene, which could explain why the shadow monster was on its way to the school.

I'm sure you will see more theories in the coming weeks about this part of the shadow monster still being in Hawkins and how I think it will play a role in season seaon.

4. We get to see more of Hopper's time in the city.

Now I know this might not seem interesting to the normal viewer who just wants the main plot and nothing more. You could see from episode seven in season two that some people didn't like being taken away from Hawkins, but the producers and directors loved it and said the show will eventually leave Hawkins at some point. Something I think we will see in season three and something I hope we see is more background as to what Hopper did whilst he was in the city before coming back to Hawkins.

There's so much we could explore with Hopper, as well as all the other characters. With the box in Hopper's basement, we could learn so much more about his past and so many unanswered questions would no longer be unanswered.

I don't think season three will give us the answer to the question that everyone has, "What actually happened to Hopper's little girl?" We know nothing about it, we just assume it was the big horrible C word. I think big questions like that will be answered in the final season since I think Hopper and his daughter play a bigger role than what is currently being shown to us.

For season three I think we will find out some more information about Hopper and his wife, either how they met or what happened between them after the 'death' of his daughter. I would also love to know what made him move back to Hawkins.

There so much we don't know about Hopper!!!!!

What would you like to know about Hopper or any of the other characters, feel free to tweet me your ideas.

Things I Would Like to See in Season Three

This isn't going to be featured every week because it is very similar to my predictions but more towards what I would like to see rather than what I think will actually happen.

For this week I will tell you 2 things I would like to happen. I would also love to know what you want to happen in Season 3 so make sure to tweet me or send me a DM.

Eleven and Max Friendship

I think I speak for everyone when I say a Max and El friendship is 100 percent needed. El will most likely be attending school because season three will be set a year after season two. If this is true she can't just be with Mike all day, she needs a girl friend to talk to. They have such good chemistry in real life so it would be great to see it on screen in season three.

Steve and Hopper Partnership

This is something which has a 50/50 chance of happening but I think the Dad's of the group should partner up. I would love to see Hopper take Steve under his wing as a trainee. I mean Hopper has no one on his team that can help him with the upside down. Steve is the only logical partner for Hopper, they're both protectors and would always sacrifice themselves if they needed to. David Harbour was also a big fan of this when being asked what he wanted to see in season three. So maybe we could expect the partnership of the year, well second best. No one will beat Hopper and Eleven, not even Milleven.

'Stranger Things' January Award Show Talk

I'm going to keep this part short and sweet. I won't really mention the Golden Globes since I am not really a fan especially after they robbed Harbour and Millie of their deserved awards. Their time will come to win the Golden Globe award but this year wasn't to be.

I will happily talk about the Critics' Choice after Harbour's victory. He deserved it. Simple as that. And he even deserved an award just for his speech. As I am writing this the SAG's are just over a week away. Below you can see a picture containing Harbour's speech from the night.

Hopefully, I will be speaking about their victory at the SAG awards.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, make sure to check out my profile and read any other stranger things stories. And don't forget to follow my twitter.

Critics Choice Award Speech

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