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Spinning into Key Spiderman Comics

We'll start at the beginning and crawl our way up (to the mid-80s)

By ZEBJABPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Starting in 1962, the world of comic books changed forever. Stan Lee and Steve Ditko dropped on unsuspecting masses a story about a mild-mannered teenager who gains spider-like powers and finds out very quickly that with great power comes... you probably know that part. Spider-Man has become part of our culture through almost all media known to man, leaping from comics to animated shows, video games, and some of the most successfuly movies of all time. But it all had to start somewhere. These are some of my favorite key Spider-Man comics that you may have missed (they go back a few years).

Amazing Fantasy 15

Couldn't leave this one out! Marvel Comics published Amazing Fantasy 15 in 1962. It is the very first appearance of our (original) favorite web-head. In this issue Stan Lee and Steve Ditko introduced Peter Parker, a nerdy high school student bitten by a radioactive spider during an experiment and becomes a crime-fighting superhero.

Originally intended to be insular arc for an anthology series facing cancellation, Amazing Fantasy 15 became one of the most sought-after and valuable comics worldwide leading to creation of a multimedia franchise.

Amazing Spider-Man 149

Amazing Spider-Man 149, published in 1975, involves the clones of both Peter Parker and the late Gwen Stacy. This edition touches on issues surrounding identity, moralism and tampering with nature among others. Well you may have guessed it: this is where the clone came from in a popular arc many years later known as “the Clone Saga.”

This book has personal significance for me as it is the first comic I remember buying it, for a quarter, at a convenience store in the 70s during a visit with my parents. I still have it to this day.

Secret Wars 8

Secret Wars 8 by Jim Shooter and Mike Zeck and released in 1984, marks the climax of Secret Wars series, which involved the greatest heroes vs villains showdown in Marvel history, on a cosmic level.

In Secret Wars 8, conflict between good guys and bad ones reaches its peak as they battle on “Battleworld”, an enigmatic planet. Fights increase with some joining forces while others betray one another, while locked in a life or death battle.

Secret Wars 8 unveils the origin of an alien symbiote suit, which as far as origins go is a little stupid. However, little did anyone know that this symbiote would eventually become known as Venom, and you know how that turned out.

Amazing Spider-Man 252

Amazing Spider-Man #252 by Roger Stern and Ron Frenz was published in 1984. This is the first actual time readers got to see the new black spider suit as it came out a few months before Secret Wars 8.

Peter Parker goes back to home having just been involved in the "Secret Wars" on BattleWorld with his new suit. Peter soon discovers that his suit, which has morphed into a viscous liquid, looks much smoother than before and offers more prowess. Through putting on the new suit, he begins feeling an increased stamina and self-assurance but eventually becomes aware that it is an alien symbiote with its own agenda.

As you can tell from these key issues, it's easy to get caught up in Spidey’s web of adventures. From modest beginnings with Amazing Fantasy 15 to tremendous interdimensional mayhem via Secret Wars 8 down to cool new wardrobe piece christened Amazing Spider-Man 252, we’ve swung high and low with one of pop-culture's most iconic superheroes. Excelsior!

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