Six Steps To Cosplay

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Get To Know Cosplay Before Cosplaying

Six Steps To Cosplay

Cosplay is short for costumes cosplay. In modern times, the form and content of cosplay generally refers to the use of clothing, trinkets, props and makeup to play anime, anime, games, etc.

The general flow of cosplay

Many people have a passion for Cosplay, but don't know how to get started. In fact, if you want to Cosplay a role you love, there are no more than the following 6 steps, you can really make the success on cosplay!

1. Do your basic homework of cosplay

To cosplay just like role is not enough, you must first to do a comprehensive understanding of the role, such as the role of personality characteristics, inner thought activity, often appear body movements, the change of the expression manner, even with the surrounding the role of relationships, etc., are well understood, this is a very important step, is based on the role of a good one.

2. Design drawings of role-playing characters

In the process of preparing costumes and props, a complete process plan needs to be listed to help with the production, at which time the design plan plays an important role. Can copy the original comic and animation image in the concept, character set figure related to the role of the important elements, print or download the image collection, have interest and ability can still draw set figure, graphic to full display the characteristics of the role of clothing and the place of detail, can reference drawings to prepare, after production, perfect clothing.

3. The production of cosplay costumes

With reference to the design, can go to the mall or clothing store in the procurement of clothing materials, parts and accessories, different materials, different clothes need according to the cloth material to choose close to the role of clothing fabric, capable to sewing, can consult garment master manual is not very strong, and let the tailor to make the clothes you want. Making clothes is the most important step of Cosplay. If you sew the clothes by yourself, you will have a greater sense of achievement.

4. The production of cosplay props

For the role of props need to cooperate, display of props is also needed in the design manufacture and perfect, on the basis of comparing the ready-made similar gun props can be found in the toy shop, if there is no ideal in accordance with the original items that will be created by our own hands, can make props and model on the network searching related data, to prepare the material according to intelligence, general prop materials have all kinds of paper, plastic, wood, plastic, white latex, acrylic paint, paint, etc.

5. Prepare cosplay wigs, styling tools, and makeup

Wigs, hair accessories, styling tools, and makeup are essential for hair and character styling. Wig of choice can be found to the store or online store, now there are many specialized sales cosplay wigs shop, in which you can find the right wig, looking for less than with the role of hair, can go to order, or according to the drawings with modelling tools themselves DIY, cooperate with the role of good makeup, makeup look collocation wig're done.

6. Be Brave when cosplaying

Finally get everything ready, finally get everything ready, put on the makeup, put on the wig, put on the clothes, pick up the props, dress up, in front of the mirror to try to imitate the character's expression and action, can also add their own lines, when the dream of the hero appeared in front of their own, and they are the leading role of the feeling must be very good! At this time can go to participate in Cosplay activities, and everyone together to communicate, share your production stories and fun, but also can make a lot of friends!

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