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Six of the Worst Dragon Ball Theories Ever Thought of

by Tyler Callaway 2 years ago in tv

I've seen some things on the internet that make me truly question what goes on in the minds of anime fans. Six of them are on this list.

Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and now Dragon Ball Super combined have created the most popular anime series of all time and have a fan base that engulfs almost every country with access to a TV.

It's the perfect mix of comedy, emotion, and badassery that has made a rabid fan base with a sprawling community across the internet, and anytime you have a massive fan base you're always going to have those special individuals that think they may have stepped into the writers and creators minds and found secrets to piecing together lore and story plots.

Sometimes fans are on to something and have come up with a well thought out argument with plenty of facts and proof to back up their claims.

Unfortunately, the internet is open to anyone who thinks they have a bright idea and fans can get a bit ahead of themselves sometimes.

I've got six fan theories on the Dragon Ball series that are scarce in logic.

6. Super Saiyans aren't special.

I'm gonna start out slow because I don't want to send you into shock too early. This theory states that being a Super Saiyan is a basic transformation that any Saiyan could achieve, but were never pushed to do so until Goku.

Essentially, because the Saiyans we're a race of emotionless space pirates, they were never pushed to reach the emotion that is required to become a Super Saiyan.

This theory isn't insane, but it undermines the entire Saiyan and Namek saga plots and when you start to think that Goku turning Super Saiyan isn't that special, it ruins most of the epicness that was Dragon Ball Z.

The basis for this theory was that Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and the Universe 6 Saiyans were all able to turn Super Saiyan easily, once they learned of its existence.

Series creator Akira Toriyama has since come out with the midichlori... I mean S-Cells explanation that states that only Saiyans with a certain number of S-Cells are able to go Super Saiyan and that Goku and Vegeta, along with their children all have a high number of these cells. The Universe 6 Saiyans we met also conveniently have a high number of these as well.

Even without the S-Cells explanation, it would've been awful to watch the series thinking that turning Super Saiyan was nothing special.

5. Mario exists in the 'Dragon Ball Z' Universe.

The author of this theory admits he was drunk when he made it, so I'm not going to go too hard on him because I see what he was trying to do, but this one was just silly from the get-go.

Because there are giant monkeys, mushrooms, and fish in each series. Along with Yoshi being a Dinosaur and Mario shooting fire from his hands which he calls his "Ki blast," the Reddit user believed these two properties to exist in the same universe.

I think at best, maybe Akira Toriyama borrowed some ideas from Mario to add to the aesthetic of the Dragon Ball world, but at the same time, it all just seems like a coincidence to me.

4. Goku Black was actually Goten.

A theory started circulating during the Future Trunks arc of Dragon Ball Super and claimed that instead of Goku Black being an alternate version of Goku, it was actually that Universes Goten.

It really isn't a bad idea, and arguably could've been a much better story than we were given, and lead to some amazing and desperately needed character development from Goten.

A big problem though, Goten never existed in Future Trunks' universe. Goku died of a heart virus before him and Chi-Chi conceived Goten.

The author on Reddit attempted to say that this Goten could've come from an alternate universe, but by then the theory was reaching far too hard to ever come to fruition.

Again, a cool idea so I can't give the originator too much heat, but it was never gonna happen and got a lot more attention than it should've.

3. Bulma Wished for a boyfriend and started the 'Dragon Ball Z.'

Remember how Bulma's arc in Dragon Ball centered around her desire for a boyfriend and that being her main goal for wanting to collect all of the dragon balls? Well, this theory claims that between Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z she accomplished this and it kicked off the events of Dragon Ball Z bringing Vegeta to Earth.

Creative? Yes. Logical? No.

  1. We're really stretching here with a scenario that would've happened off screen and was not hinted at actually happening at all.
  2. When someone makes a wish to Shenron and he can make it come true, it's an instant grant. We've never seen Shenron grant a wish in the form of multiple coincidences.

It's an interesting thought, but never had any legs to stand on.

2. Cell created the Cell Jr.s thanks to Android 17 and 18s anatomy.

Jesus. This theory moves Akira Toriyama really close to a George R.R. Martin form of twincest writing.

The theory states because Cell absorbed 17 and 18, both of which have their respective reproductive anatomy still intact, he is now able to use both of their anatomies to produce offspring. So, essentially the Cell Jr.'s are the offspring of 17 and 18.

Hell no.

While I guess the offspring of two twins would look more like a cell jr. than Joffrey, this is a theory I will never get behind. It's gross and there are much better explanations.

Cell is a bio-organic organism, simply being able to reproduce asexually really isn't too far of a stretch. There was no need to to make this theory.

1. Gohan is Yamcha's child.

I really don't even have the energy to start on this one. I can't believe a human being actually had the motivation to put this into the world. Yes, this actually has a small place in the bowels of the internet.

The theory goes that Gohan is actually Yamcha's son because Chi-Chi got lonely with Goku out training all the time. The only basis for this speculation being that adult Gohan looks similar to Yamcha, that's it.

First, red flag obviously being that Yamcha is not a Saiyan and Gohan can obviously go Super Saiyan, so he must have Saiyan genes. Someone went on to theorize that Chi-Chi got Dr. Briefs to inject Gohan with Saiyan cells because that obviously makes sense.

This one is silly and is really only good for a laugh if you find completely idiotic things that don't make sense and would completely ruin the entire plot of the series funny.

Tyler Callaway
Tyler Callaway
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