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Shanita's Formula For Great Movies

Thirteen "Must Haves"

By Beautiful IntelligencePublished 3 years ago 2 min read
Shanita's Formula For Great Movies
Photo by Ahmet Yalçınkaya on Unsplash

Since ancient times, the notion of capturing dramatizations in a fictional or nonfictional way has been one of the most essential features to our existence. Whether to have an experience of escaping the realities of life, or to, in some way, feel supported by relating to the scenes, people cannot resist the fascinating effect television has on them. In fact, television is so impactful and imperative, majority of technology in today’s world are made with a screen. Whatever the motivation behind the appeal, there are thirteen basic “must haves” in which I use as a formula to be considered a great movie.

1. Great Acting

Certain actors or actresses stand out and are noticed, admired, and rewarded by their counterparts. All casts in the film usually are Oscar, Grammy, or Emmy winning winners or candidates. If they do not have an award, they will soon.

2. The Motion Picture Arouses A Feeling, Evokes Emotion or Action

The storyline or acting is so powerful, it arouses a positive or negative feeling, evokes a positive or negative emotion or action. Depending on your personality and/or the genre of the film, there are a variety of reactions to give. Some popular reactions are to cry, laugh, smile, excitement, shout out at the screen, feel squirmy, shaken, scared, elated, or create a business using the theme of the movie, etc.

3. It’s Enjoyable

Despite whether you agree with the scenes, or the result of the movie, overall, you enjoyed it.

4. The Motion Picture Is Recommended

It is so good, you recommend the movie to friends and family. It is the highlight of your day and you can not stop talking or thinking about it.

5. The Motion Picture Is Nominated

The film world has taken notice of the film’s extraordinary work. If the movie is that amazing it gets nominated before it even hits theatres.

6. It’s A Book

Every good movie usually stems from a really great book instead of a script.

7. High Rating

The movie has great reviews and is rated at least seven out of ten stars.

8. The Motion Picture is Worldly

The movie makes such a profound statement, it attracts other countries to watch and love across the world.

9. It Stays Relevant In Topics For At Least A Couple of Years

The movie continues to win awards for the next couple of years and remains the topic of discussion amongst newer movies.

10. It Stands The Test of Time

The movie is loved by generations now and for those to come.

11. Critics Take Quotes And Create Memes

The movie generates a list of quotes and reenactments, modeled from the television world to family and friends having fun during festival activities. The internet world creates memes (funny, serious, etc.) from the movie.

12. Movie Theatres Will Bring It Back

The movie will feature again in theatres on occasions no matter how old it is.

13. The Motion Picture is Remade

Lastly, the movie is remade, has a continuation of sequels, or even a tv show series following its success. The movie may also be recreated as a cartoon.

This is my “if this, then that” equation for great movies.

The following are a list of movies, meeting my criteria.

1. Titanic

2. The Lord of Rings

3. Lion King

4. Star Wars

5. The Shawshank Redemption

6. Black Panther

7. Band of Brothers

8. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

9. Scarface

10. The Godfather

11. Soul


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