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By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 11 months ago 3 min read

Sunday, our last day of comic con was the slowest day of the weekend (which was a good thing because I was absolutely exhausted from the rest of the weekend) but it was also an amazing ending to an amazing weekend. We got to spend more time in the exhibit hall and we got to experience some more amazing fan experiences.

The first thing we got to do was the Women of Marvel panel. I got to hear 5 incredible women talk about what it’s like to create female characters as women. We got to hear a lot about Escapade, the newest addition to the New Mutants team, featured in several New Mutants storylines. As well as hear about Iman Vellani’s new Ms. Marvel comic. Who better to write for Ms. Marvel then Kamala Khan herself? Especially as they have decided to make Ms. Marvel a mutant (a decision that is largely rejected by the internet and Ms. Marvel fans) there’s no way that Iman was chill with that decision so I respect her need to take some control over the situation. I got to ask how these amazing women handled the inevitable backlash that comes with being a female creator. Really what their answers boiled down to was; ignore it. The audience your art was meant for will find it, and connect with it and everyone else doesn’t matter.

For the middle part of the day we wandered around the exhibit hall and I got the amazing Frank Cho to sign a Black Canary comic for me. My dad had also bought me a few of his Harley Quinn prints and had them signed for me. As someone who often talks about how women are depicted, Frank Cho is not terrible, I wasn't wild about Jungle Girl but Fight Girls was great so we’ll consider it a wash. I absolutely love his drawings of Harley and Ivy. My father convinced himself that if he bought stuff for me instead of him that he wasn’t actually spending any money so it worked out for me.

The last thing of the weekend was a Buffy the Vampire sing along to the musical episode, Once More with Feeling. My father and I watched that episode and nothing but that episode all the way from Elk Grove to Los Angeles. So ending the weekend in a room full of Buffy fans singing along to the most amazing musical episode was so much fun. The poor girls behind us were diehard Dawn fans, and Dawn got yelled at and bullied through the entire episode. That’s what happens when unpopular internet opinions meet the real world.

San Diego Comic Con was an incredible experience. InterMyth and Temple of Geek are incredible and I can’t thank them enough for the opportunity to go to my first SDCC and take my dad. I feel like overall we planned really well and hit all the panels and stuff that we wanted to hit. For those of you planning on going next year I will highly recommend getting a hotel nice and close to the convention center. Now of course in order to accomplish that for under a million dollars you will have to book so very early in advance. Getting a hotel room close will allow you to drop off all the merch you will inevitably buy over the course of the weekend so that you don’t have to carry around the 2 million square foot convention center. SDCC was incredible and truly the best nerd experience an aspiring comic book writer could have asked for.

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