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By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 12 months ago 3 min read

I finally got to see Barbie and damn it Greta Gerwig did it again. Every film she has ever made has made me cry but this one was even better. Now this film was highly anticipated by just about everyone and the fact that it was released the same day as Oppenheimer only made it more interesting. As of right now Barbie had the 24th largest opening weekend of all time and the highest grossing opening weekend of any film from a solo female director.

First of all I want to say just how beautiful Barbieland was. All the sets were practical and you could tell. It was a little girl's perfect playset and the self awareness of the movie was so fantastic. “No one wastes time walking down the stairs, you just pick up your Barbie and put her where you want her to go”. Or the fact that you get a weird barbie by playing with her too hard. Greta was fully aware of how destructive little girls are.

A point of genius kicked off the movie, Gerwig’s frame by frame 2001: A Space Odyssey reference. Now this reference was not an accident, it was not a cool aesthetic, it was something very deliberate that showed just how deeply Greta Gerwig understood this story. Barbie simultaneously helped womanhood and hurt it, perfectly illustrating the real world paradox women have to live through.

I also just want to address the guitar scene for a moment. Literally most women that I know have been in a situation where a man thinks playing the guitar and/or singing at her was a good way to impress us (with literally that song, Wonderwall or Hey There Delilah by the way). And all it really does is make us wildly uncomfortable, it's never cool or cute and the fact that so many men do this is deeply troubling.

And then there’s the fact that when Barbieland was run by the Barbies, the Kens just existed. They were not oppressed, sexualized or subjugated; they were just simply there. But when the Ken’s took over the Barbies were servants, and oversexualized ones at that. A prime example of how matriarchy and patriarchy, misandrist and misogynist will never ever be the same. Women simply want to be free, men want control. And we go ahead and add to that that at the end of the movie Barbie was the last thing acknowledged. She apologized to Ken…one more time SHE apologized to HIM for not being in love with him (something women should NEVER have to apologize for. She did not lead him on, she was very very clear that she was not romantically interested in him and he wouldn’t leave her alone.) and he didn’t even acknowledge that he had harmed her, or her friends. No recognition from him or the other Kens that patriarchy is bad, just a whiny little bitch reaction to Barbie not loving him. Barbie’s ending was an afterthought, I would argue this movie focused equally on Ken and Barbie (if not a little more on Ken) which is a little ridiculous for a movie titled for Barbie but I get the point.

Unfortunately many have missed the point of this movie despite it being spoon fed to you. The movie is brilliant and Greta Gerwig is certainly carving out her place among some of the most brilliant directors. Barbie was a perfect 10/10 and we will absolutely be going to see it again. I love seeing how this film really bonded women together, from the going out in groups wearing bright pink to the overwhelming online analysis, Barbie is a win for women everywhere.

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