Eight Years Later: Game of Thrones Contest
Eight Years Later: Game of Thrones Contest

Sansa & Ayra: Tales of Sisterhood

by Chloe Gilholy about a year ago in tv


Despite the disappointment from many fans of the Game of Thrones TV show, one thing that a lot of people seem to be happy with is Sansa being Queen of the North and Ayra being alive. A lot of fans are pretending season eight doesn't exist and that their favourite character is sitting on the Iron Throne drinking wine. The world has enough negativity as there is, so I wanted to make a small tribute to two of my favourite characters that survived Game of Thrones: Arya and Sansa Stark.

The A Song of Fire and Ice book series has been the magnum opus of George R.R. Martin for years. With the TV show finally over, fans are more excited than ever to see the books to be finished and hope to see the conclusion to be different from the HBO show. Other than that, I think the Stark sisters really stand out because they've grown a lot in terms of age and characters. The winters are harsh, but the Starks endure, so I think it's only fitting to have them come out on top, and it's nice they still include Jon Snow in the family. I think the rest of the Starks will be looking down on them with pride.

Nobody is safe in Game of Thrones. And I believe that just because some of the characters are alive/dead in the TV show, it doesn't seal their fate in the novels. Though I always had this feeling that Arya and Sansa would be saved, even though at times they may drop dead in the same page. I like the anyone can die trope in George R.R. Martin's novels because it helps give me a feeling there this is a real war going on. Helps make me care about the characters more and spices things up a little.

The way women have been handled in the series has been flawed, but I think Sansa and Arya are great characters and great role models for women, and I think they can still teach us things that we sometimes forget. Despite the trials and tribulations, nothing feels more special than a family unit. I think the Starks symbolize the family unit well. They include loyal friends and their wolves all part of the family.

Sansa being Queen of the North was very satisfying for me. She's been scrapped around a lot. Had to watch her beloved pet Lady get killed by her own father. Joffrey was a smooth talker with promises she'd be Queen one day only for her to be abused in public. But Sansa got the last laugh. Years of being pawned about, she came out on top. She's the definition of a badass character.

So is her younger sister, Ayra, who defied tradition and became the legendary superhero that everyone wanted her to be. I think all of their fighting scenes were great, especially when she was first in training. One of my favourite scenes with these two together is when Littlefinger comes to his demise. They don't take any of his shit and take him down.

Ayra takes a different path to Sansa and heads on a boat for a trip of a lifetime. I like how they've developed and how the two contrast. They still fight, but they're still close sisters. I'd love a spinoff series to that, but I think HBO said it's out of the question. Oh well, at least Sansa and Ayra will have their parents, Robb, and Rickon to look over them. I'm sure they'll reunite with Bran and Jon again. The tale of the Stark sisters leaves tales of hope and motivation, and what you can't make a blessing, you can turn into a lesson.

Chloe Gilholy
Chloe Gilholy
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