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Saint treasures: The beginning of new guardian

by Carla Cucurella 9 months ago in fan fiction

The new guardians is choosen

My name is Stella, and this is the story about how my vision about the supernatural change in one night, everything started with the dead of my dad’s uncle, his name was Antoine Gardein. Since he never got any children’s himself, he and my dad were always close. Has I grown up I don’t remember talking with him, the little I remember is that he always had a black book with him. The only thing I knew about my dad’s uncle Antoine is that there was a big mystery surrounding that uncle and his little black book. Also, although I never saw any proof of it apparently, he was rich my dad always used to say how he travel but he never mentions a job.

Everything start in November 15 of last year we were in our house when my dad received a call. My dad received a call informing him about his uncle’s dead.

In one second I saw how my dad past from be happy to be surprised and sad. The next day my father booked a private flight to Colombia. I always wanted to go it’s a beautiful place, I liked the food and the culture.

As soon we got to Colombia my dad took a car that was waiting for us at the airport and went direct to my uncle’s house. The truth is that I was hoping to see a simple house but has we we’re getting closer you could see at the distance a big house. I was very surprised how my dad’s uncle had that kind of money without any job. The house was in the middle of the big ranch it had two floors. Behind the house it far, it seems to see a garden closed with a fence. I was curious as to how it could be inside. The rest of the day went by without a problem

Later at night I was sleeping fine but the I don’t know why I woke up at 3:00am it was weird cause I was tired but some reason I woke up at that time. At first, I didn’t think anything weird but then for some reason I felt like something was watching me. Then for some reason I looked out the window where I can saw the road and at the distance, I saw the entrance of the ranch. When I looked at the entrance of the ranch, I paralyzed I wasn’t sure if it was human. It was to tall to be a person, it was wearing like a black long cape and it had this red eyes. Every second I spent looking directly to that thing it was a second that I felt sick. The more I saw him the sicker I feel. I look at that thing and I was sure that he was looking at me. Suddenly the curtain closed as if someone didn’t want me to see that thing watching the house and me, I quickly tried to open but something was holding it.

Suddenly the curtain opened, and I look at the gate where thing was supposed to be, I couldn’t find it. After that I spend all night looking for that monster, but I didn’t saw it again. I end up sleeping when the sun came up.

The next I couldn’t stop thinking on what I saw that night on what the hell was that. I spent all day thinking if I should tell my parents but how to start explaining what I saw. That day my parents and I went for ice cream. We got home like 5:00pm, my dad tall me that he was going to go to prepared somethings about his uncle funeral for the next days.

It was about to be 2:00am when suddenly my dad came to my room and drag me out of the bed, I didn’t know what was going on, my dad took me down the stairs. Suddenly when we got down the stairs, he told me: run down that corridor, run and don’t lookback you are the most important thing now. You and this black book. Now go!!!

He pushes me to the corridor a side the stairs. I start running when I look back and a big monster came out of nowhere behind my dad. At that precise moment some type of sword appeared in my dad hand and he attack the monster. I try to get to him and bring it with me. I was about to get to him when something starts pulling me to the hallway. I tried to get free myself, but I couldn’t suddenly I saw how the hallway closed. I looked trying to see who or what was pulling me, and it was a woman. She had gray eyes, white hair and elegant work clothes.

-Hey who are you let me go.

-No, let me go I have to go get my parents.

She drags me through the hallway until we got to some big old library. I try to get out when she let me go but she stopped me. I try to pass but then women pointed at me with her finger and I could move anymore.

-Listen kid you stop screaming and stop trying to get away or I will make sure you stay like this forever. Now come down.

She put down her finger down and I could move again.

-Fine I come down but tell me who the hell are you and what is happening out there.

Since begin there have existed angels and demons and magic. Thousands of years ago human race has had in its power treasures like the arc of the alliance the saint grail and the lance of destiny. And since the beginning of this there have been guardians chosen by God to protect them.

-That is impossible and what does that have to do with what’s happening?

-The monsters out there are here for this book that your father gave you and for you it belongs to Antoine. Inside this book are all the treasures.


-Yes, you saw them. First the other night and then now.

Every time a guardian dies another one is chosen and now you were chosen. Your father’s uncle was the last one now you are the next one. Every time a guardian is chosen, they most go to Holy ground and make an oath declaring you as the new guardian. That way the grace of God protects you and your powers will activate. Since your parents never told you this and Msr. Antoine passed away the protection of the house that keep the demons away have fall. The garden behind the house is holy ground we can go there to be save from the demons.

-This little black book that your father gave you all the treasures are here.Stella, I know that you must be confused and afraid.

-But why my parents didn’t tell me.

-They wanted to see if they could free you from this big responsibility. If we don’t rush the demons will come for the book and for you.

I felt so confused and afraid, the only thing I was sure is that I wanted to get my parents back.


Before Laisa say another word we heard how the demons try to take down the door. Laisa open we run to it until the end. After that we got out through a hatch that left us in front of the gate of the garden, she moves her hand and the gate opened. We run inside at the second we got in a big demon very tall with scales, fangs and the face of a wolf with horns, he was stood on his two hind legs that were like hooves and going by far the height of the gate he stood right in front of me I felt a fear that invaded me. He started making a terrifying grin as he looked at me with his blood red eyes. Then Laisa took me by the arm. We star walking inside the garden when I looked back, and a tear went down my check, but I knew that I had to continue if those were demons, even if I give them what they are looking for, they will surely kill us. I start remembering the stories my father told me when I was little. The stories about the guardians chosen by God to protect his treasures here in the earth I follow Laisa to the center of the garden there was a small mound with a tree in the top it was beautiful and the energy that emanated from this.

For many years I didn’t believe the stories my father told me and for some time my faith on the supernatural descended, but it doesn’t matter I have to safe my family I have to protect my unborn brother. Having a baby brother was something that I really wanted, and I wasn’t going to let does demons took him away from me. I start walking to the top of the mound and with every step I give I felt how a big energy and power flooded in my body. I got to the top and bent on my knees and start praying.

-Okay God listen I really don’t know how to do this but I… please I beg you listen to my pray on this hour I beg you accept me as the new guardian and eliminate all these demons around us. Please I beg you help me.

-Please!!! Don’t spend your strength doing a stupid prayer your God will not help you. You are nothing.

At that moment I felt in my heart a big power running through my body. Then I saw angels in the sky around the ranch then I saw a light come out from my chest. I’m the new guardian and they attacked my family does demons where done. Suddenly I open my eyes and the light emanating from my heart grow creating me in a ball of light covering the howl ranch. Then everything turned withe after a few seconds everything came back to normal and I mean everything the house the parts that got destroyed by the demons and when I looked the demons were gone and my parents where okay. I felt how my eyes watering and at that moment I just leave everything and run to them and hug them. That night was one of the night most terrifying of my life.

-Oh Stella, we are both so sorry that you must do this. We are sorry we never told you anything of this we just didn’t wanted to put this responsibility in your shoulders, said my dad.

- if you want, we can still look for a way to get rid of your responsibility as guardian, said my mom.

-Now mom that’s find this is my family legacy and my responsibility. I will make sure to fulfil with my duty as the new guardian.

-Okay is your decision.

After that night the way I saw the supernatural change forever. The next day past quietly we visited several beautiful places in Colombia and we decided that Laisa came with us to some places to know each other better. We decided to go home, so mom could be calm while the nine months of her pregnancy passed.

The last day we were on our way to the airport, in the mountains at the distance, I saw a black figure like the demons of that night. In a moment I blinked, and it was gone. Laisa warned us that the demons could return. I admit that I felt worried but whatever it was I am the new guardian and I know that whatever happens I am not alone, so no matter what comes I will face it. No matter what

I am the new guardian.

fan fiction

Carla Cucurella

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Carla Cucurella

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