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Ranking Disney Movies By Era

Revival Era

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 24 days ago 3 min read

The Revival Era of Disney includes all of the more current or modern Disney movies, though a clear era post these films has not been defined I’m going to keep clumping them in with this one. However for the purposes of this list we will only be talking about the 6 films that fall into this specific era. Much like the eras before it the ranking is kind of arbitrary, there are no bad movies only less good.

In last place we have Winnie the Pooh. I love the cast of characters, it's a perfect kids story. They are sweet, cute, adorable stories that I love to relive over and over. However it is a remake. They attempted to recreate the magic and comfort of the original Winnie the Pooh movie, now obviously it's different little stories but it just doesn’t hold quite the same charm and warmth.

Next up from the bottom is Frozen, I’m so sorry but it was overhyped and overplayed when it was first released and it's overhyped and overplayed now. The story is fine, I love the sisterhood aspect but Lilo and Stitch did that better. I liked the internal aspects of it but quite frankly the sequel was so much stronger in that regard that the original just seems a little weak by comparison.

Moving on up to Wreck it Ralph. I actually really love this movie. The characters are rather unconventional for a Disney movie. We have a sweet, big male main character and a misfit little girl and they work so well together and develop just the sweetest of friendships. I truly love this movie and there are no flaws, the rest of this list is just that strong.

These top 3 are going to get me some heat and I do not care. In third place I am putting Princess and the Frog (HEAR ME OUT PLEASE) I love the music, the animation is beautiful, but the first chance Disney had to pull some representation into it's roster and she is an animal for 90% of the movie. That’s copout representation, not real representation and it's weak. Hopefully we can get a sequel for Tiana and they can do better.

In second place is Tangled. The music is obscenely catchy and I swear Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi are such an incredible match. The animation is beautiful and as amazing as this movie is please do not live action it. It's been rumored for a while now and people fan cast it all the time but I really need people to leave it alone. None of these live actions has increased the quality of the original movie, we’ve had lateral moves at best and steady declines on average. Do not live action this movie.

In top spot and I really won’t be defending this is Big Hero Six. If you have seen this movie then I shouldn’t have to explain why this isn’t only the best Disney movie of this era, but one of the best Disney movies period. For those who haven’t seen it, if you loved the emotional sisterly love of Lilo and Stitch and like being emotionally punched in the gut then oh boy is this the movie for you.

Again another completely solid era for Disney. Truly no bad films, there are very few Disney movies from any era that I actually have critiques on and they are all either sequels or live actions. This era was phenomenal and simply doing this list made me want to re-watch Big Hero Six.

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